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  1. When you put )|raw, it gets literally what it is stored at the SQL database with no parsing. The "listing" template parses it, so that's why you get the link and the thumb. Therefore, i would look into the SQL database to check what it has inside. If it is an array, you cannot directly have the url.jpg, as it has more than one item. I have never used such a field so i am not particulary familiar on how it is stored at the SQL database
  2. You should check in the SQL database what that field has inside. If it is returning an array, you need to iterate it.
  3. Thank you Adriano. I wasn't aware of it.
  4. It's not available for buying here for some reason... if i buy from your site can install it?
  5. I am seriously considering to buy this app. @CodingJungle are you planning to update it for 4.6?
  6. The problem with this is that IPS is using an early and very old version of bootstrap beneath their framework. They should update it. While they don't do it, just use an any other library.
  7. 2 Months passed. Is it really IPS staff taking this long to approve it?
  8. HI, does this app allows club admins setting one topics feature (topics) to public and another one to private to club members? mean having one public forum and one private forum at a club?
  9. @Gabriel Torres are you already seeing Google Analytics benefits of these improvements? I mean, how are the several optimizations you are making impacting your search engine traffic? I believe that IPS should implement these improvements built in. Having successful communities is of their best interest, and SEO effectiveness should be a top priority.
  10. Sorry 😞 there is no "non coder" way to do what you want, unless someone does a plugin for this.
  11. You would need more advanced processing inside the template. Remember: article content is in field $record->_content. This field is a String that contains the HTML code that by its turn, contain your article text, images, etc. As an example, if you want to set an ad after the first paragraph and before the second paragraph, then you need to edit the record display template as follows: find the first paragraph end tag (</p>). You can do it with string functions or regex. Split the the string at that position (so you will have one string with the first paragraph, (let's call it $content1), and one with the remaining content ($content2). Create a new string $adsensecode and set it as: "<p>with_your_adsense_code_</p>" Conconcatenate $content1 . $adsensecode . $content2 Instead of using $record->_content to display article content, use $yourconcatenatedcontent Enjoy.
  12. Adsense doens't like ads on sticky divs. I've tried some years ago and the ads simply did not appear. Google doesn't like any "tricks" to draw attention to the ads - although imho making them sticky is not properly a "trick".
  13. Try to understand what the error message is trying to tell you: the string "attachment_file_missing - /home/halu/public_html/Yabbse/attachments/32318_t1_ashx_attach1idRgAAAADmmEv9PKKvQ4oBqRQNZomPBwDC2fzi22fpGYTZtymL8wbDrEAADR2fin7AABdHAnbM02eT5ABpTWls3feAAAEk4LJAAAJattid0EADy2fJG2FKMNRrXCQhwtWxz3attcnt15feb5c740bb9f0b99780181b69294c07" is too long to be inserted into the column log_message. This is because... it is too long, really. I mean the column "log_message" data type is probably configured to accept smaller strings, so you have two choices: trim the string to fit the maximum allowed data type length, or modify the data type to accept longer strings. I would personally prefer the second option to avoid losing any particular useful log info. Execute this SQL query: Describe convert_logs And see what is the output. Probably the type of the log_message field is Varchar(somenumber). If it is, execute this query: Alter Table convert_logs Modify column log_message LONGTEXT And run the conversion again. From another perspective in what concerns to the conversion process: mind what the log is also saying: there is an attachment that was not found. If you end up having many logs like this, your newly converted forum will have "void" attachments. If it is just a couple of these logs, you should be fine.
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