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    I know this is not a politics forum. Yet, just my two cents, from a country in the other side of atlantic (Portugal). It is absolutely incredible what has happened in the US in the last 4 years. I am not a leftist or rightist, i would consider myself a "centerist". I was astonished yesterday seeing what was happening. I could expect that from any 2nd or 3rd world country where democracy isn't well established. I could never expect that to happen in the US. I cannot understand why the american people could just shrug and let such a guy erode what is the model of democracy for the enti
  3. Not a problem 🙂. At least it wouldn't prevent me from being a regular member.
  4. Don't abuse of link building for your site on your posts, especially if you have many... Google may not appreciate it 🤔
  5. I am testing it. I would prefer not to disable image cache as i have these pictures in blocks at the home page and it would slow it down. Let's see what happens in the next days. Thank you! I didn't know i could select the image... I've done it and for now it is working, but i'll wait a couple of days to see if the image is kept working.
  6. @Morrigan thanks, you were way more helpful 🙂 i didn't know that detail of the menu values.
  7. Be careful with that. If you do that, you don't get the "active" css class assigned that formats the menu differently when the menu is active. I've submitted a ticket but @Marc Stridgen refused to validate that as something that needed to be corrected. He says that is a "feature" and there's nothing wrong with that. Which i, with all respect, disagree. The only remedy in the face of the refusal of IPS to solve this is to develop a javascript snippet to insert icons for each particular menu.
  8. There is some kind of bug when you have IP pages creating forum topic when new article is posted. The article photo will also be present at the first topic post, with a link to the article. Topic Thumbnail detects it and shows it for some time. But for some reason, after some time it starts pointing to a non-existent photo, throwing a 404 error as the picture doesn't exist. If i try to manualy edit the thumbnail at Topic Thumbnail (the dialog where you choose if you want to upload an image or use the topic thumb) it automatically shows the photo of the topic: Yet if
  9. Sorry i couldnt pass the difficult CAPTCHA challenge twice so i cant visit your site 😞 Why so many barriers to Access a site? Do you have that many users that you can afford to lose them by boring them with dificult CAPTCHA callenges?
  10. Very nice visuals and programming. I can see you have put a lot of effort and skills, congrats! I find the advertisement a bit over the top (ex: two stacked horizontals??), even if the adblocker dialog promises it is not that intrusive.
  11. I will be launching a new community in a couple of weeks. It is highly reliant on Pages, and it is still pretty much work in progress: https://artofsmart.com
  12. Hi, i was suprised as it is now possible to get a thumb image from an entry from the blog. The DB contains the ENTRY_COVER_PHOTO field but it is for the full image. If i want to create a block for the blog entries, my only option is to set as the src of the <img> tag the full image: {file="$entry->cover_photo" extension="blog_Entries"}" This, obviously is not effective for, let's say, front page blocks, because i get the full images to fit in small divs (100px or so). Efficiency achievements could be achieved by generating thumbs for the images, as you already do in Pages
  13. Hi, i am thinking on buying Stratagem. I have some questions, as for the screenshots i can't still understand how exactly the app works: What is exactly the relationship with the clubs app? Can a project be created inside a club and appear as new tab in it? Or it is the other way around, i.e., you can create a club inside of a project? Are there plans for an integration with MS Teams? I know it supports slack, but Teams is now the king in the field... Can the sockets be implemented in my own server, or it is a remote service only? Regards
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