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  1. All of my members receive an error message when attempting to react to any post: Sorry, there was a problem reacting to this content. This only started happening yesterday or today, I haven't changed anything. Reacting is enabled and everything looks fine through the ACP.
  2. I switched from remote storage to local storage so I could install a plugin I purchased. I've found two issues I can't solve: Issue 1 First, when trying to install the mod, I received a configuration error notice. Looking in the log files, this was a result in the error log: <?php exit; ?> Wed, 24 Feb 2016 00:39:32 +0000 (Severity: 2) - /index.php?/notifications/ IPS\Ftp\Exception 0: COULD_NOT_CONNECT #0 /home/public_html/system/File/Ftp.php(233): IPS\_Ftp->__construct('185.x.x.x', 'user', 'pass', '21', false) #1 /home/public_html/system/File/Ftp.php(160): IPS\File\_Ftp->ftp() #2 /home/public_html/system/File/File.php(237): IPS\File\_Ftp->save() #3 /home/public_html/system/Output/Javascript/Javascript.php(972): IPS\_File::create('core_Theme', 'front_front_wid...', ';(function($,_,...', 'javascript_core', true) #4 /home/public_html/system/Output/Javascript/Javascript.php(939): IPS\Output\_Javascript::_writeJavascript(';(function($,_,...', 'front_widgets.j...', 'core', 'front') #5 /home/public_html/system/Output/Javascript/Javascript.php(882): IPS\Output\_Javascript::_writeJavascriptFromResultset(Array, 'front_widgets.j...', 'core', 'front') #6 /home/public_html/system/Output/Output.php(462): IPS\Output\_Javascript::compile('core', 'front', 'front_widgets.j...') #7 /home/public_html/system/Output/Output.php(283): IPS\_Output::_getJavascriptFileObject('core', 'front', 'front_widgets.j...') #8 /home/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Front.php(583): IPS\_Output->js('front_widgets.j...', 'core', 'front') #9 /home/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Front.php(70): IPS\Dispatcher\_Front::baseJs() #10 /home/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(86): IPS\Dispatcher\_Front->init() #11 /home/public_html/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher::i() #12 {main} ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The FTP connection was failing. Impossible, because it wasn't failing when updating CSS files or templates. I manually connected with the same login information to verify. Issue 2 I thought I'd switch to local storage to install the mod and then change back to remote storage after installing. I have two background tasks running. The first one is at 2890500%. Bonkers. It just keeps going up. Does anyone have any solutions for either of these?
  3. Then send grunts to do it, both 2 and 3. That's what I've been doing, I guess this will do, thanks!
  4. There are no tags in the forums I want that have 0 in the prefix column Thoughts? I recached several times, and ran your "db fix" already.
  5. Any progress on this? My forum heavily depended on this app.
  6. Is it possible to add mass replace tags with prefixes? I bought it, but some prefixes weren't restored (I upgraded to IPB4), so I was just wondering before I spawn a couple grunts to go out and do it manually one by one (though that's over 10k topics ). There isn't anything in common with each post inside, nor the title, just the tag.
  7. https://docs.moodle.org/23/en/Converting_your_MySQL_database_to_UTF8 This explains it in full, I used the commands needed from here, then you have to make sure to change all instances of the current charset to UTF8 with something like vim or nano. After that, reimport the dumped DB, and try running the upgrader again, and it shouldn't ask you to convert anymore. Your forum will go down with this change though, so I recommend that you make proper notices when doing so. This honestly can be done for any charset of any kind, and if the converter is doing weird stuff from the beginning, I suggest you ditch it and use this instead.
  8. Could you? I relied on another one when for 3.4, but nothing like it (that has ajax refresh) is in the marketplace now. Willing to pay the benjis for it.
  9. Just a heads up, I got the upgrade to work! I needed to convert the char. set via mysql dump instead, the current converter doesn't work at all.
  10. Well, my issue has to do with the starting character set, which is latin swedish (idk why it's set as that, but it is), and I think the main issue is converting from particular char. sets to another. If the board at origin has one that has been test with the converter prior to it's release, it will be fine. I don't think IPS did so with mine, therefore the issues can be fixed and they can debug what's breaking the password column in the members table. IPS support is looking into it, but unfortunately, I won't be able to upgrade my board till this is resolved.
  11. It was automatically converted by the included converter inside the IPB4 upgrader. Pretty sure it was UTF8, not UTF8m4 but I might be wrong, as your explanation seems about right. But regardless, it's something IPB should take care of.
  12. I upgraded my tables to UTF8 and when I tried logging in with my existing admin account to continue the upgrade, it doesn't work.
  13. Ya, I figured that part out. I tried again, and after the tables have converted, my admin password doesn't work when logging into the upgrader lol. Sighs.
  14. Support is taking way too long, and I've had my hopes up to upgrade for the past week, and finally got a chance to (long weekend for Canadians), but I ended up having to make my board go down for way too long. I tried: The independent converter - https://community.invisionpower.com/blogs/entry/9625-ips-utf-8-database-converter/Used the converter inside the upgrade packageBoth of these don't do the job properly. The first one, whenever I load the page for it to start, it says it's "Almost Finished" when I never clicked anything ever. Regardless, I go through the testing steps (which works fine), but when I do the final conversion, the board gives me a blank page. The second one, it goes smoothly, but then once I go back to /admin/upgrade, all I get is blank pages, causing me to rollback everything on the spot. Any help would be appreciated.
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