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  1. First of all, Facebook is a business. Business lives exactly as much time as it brings income. And nevermind in which way this income from (advertisement, manipulating with privacy data, government investments for any purposes). So it will live a very long time. It might transform, divide into different services, have ups and downs for various reasons. But it still alive while there is income. And I am sure that there are managers inside the company who have serious expertise in ensuring that profitability not only does not fall but also constantly increases. The remaining parameters of busine
  2. @bfarber, thank you so much! I don't know about that before and this will be extremely helpful for us. We doing very complex works with cms application and this is the best option for us. There are fresh examples of what we have done with the cms app (all made inside CMS including languages, registrations, and back-end features). https://wowslegends.com/ https://wowslegends.com/promo1/ Is there any change in the future to improve other parts that I mentioned above?
  3. Features that I missed in current IPS: we can't export/import blocks from one site to another one (we doing all changes on the staging server before deploying them to the production one) block contains media with their id's. So when we upload the same media files they have different id's. It will fix if the media supports folder and filenames instead of id. We can upload a lot of media files to different websites and copy-paste pages/blocks code contains the media. It might look like {media="some/folder/file_name.jpg"} if we have a lot of pages and switches from one 'main' pa
  4. I prefer White for websites. But I totally agree that IPS must add default dark theme. There is the only reason for that - help theme developers for making their dark themes. Now if some not developer guy installs IPS and if he wants to create a dark mode the visual styling isn't enough to make it. If he changes all possible fields to the dark colors he still sees white areas. Just because their colors are hardcoded in the css files. In this case, there is no way of making perfect dark themes without CSS editing from the default theme.
  5. Not certainly in that way. In the case of millions of users/topics/answers, the update time may take a long (for business) time. Of course, this also depends on the power of the application server and the database. But overall, the ability to have command-line tools would add a lot of administration, support and deployment abilities. As an example, it would be possible to describe in some manifest file a list with versions of applications/plug-ins and with some continuous integration tool builds an IPS test instance with needed additional stuff, proceed autotests for updated app branch, make d
  6. @Sonya* activity streams can be filtered by language nodes - this is included in the main proposal of 'Forums'. Blocks - another painful part, agree with you. On Pages, I use little bit PHP code for that. Just get current user language and paste it into block calling. Very unuseful, but.. can't do in other ways. Blocks on the forum side - I don't know how to manage it now and don't see the pretty solution to solving them. It's painful, but it's a few other stories. We can't come to IPS with a lot of pains with languages and just ask for fixing it in anyways. I think the one possible way to sta
  7. For the 'comment' type of data, I see no way for any right solution. Translators always working very bad and this feature (as I think) can't be a regular part of normal using. And this looks a little bit strange to see the topic, where commenters write in different languages. Anyway, this talking might be very long and this is outside of the main proposal - adding a language selector to the 'Container' element (Forums) of Items (Topics). This way looks clear, simple and becomes like a good starting point for other useful features.
  8. Hello, IPS and community! I want to propose you to a little bit of improvement to the 'Forums' item. This option is a selector of speaking language for the selected forum (category/discussion/faq). Some big communities having their special sections for people, speaking in French, Italian, German and other languages. If we implement this selector for the forum we'll open a perfect point for making other useful stuff. There is a list of what it can be: we can create a lot of ElasticSearch indexes with a correct language analyzer. So the French guy can search something in his language and g
  9. foreach ($_REQUEST as $key => $value) { $$key = $value; } I hope this will work in the same way. And I must say, that this method looks not so well as it might be. Initialize variables from the incoming request might open unstable behavior in your program. Much better to check that operable params exist or not and run the right algorithm based on this checking.
  10. Thank IPS for made Redis status page! It is useful and good to check it without any additionals! I very appreciate these ways of helping! If you have a plan to add other parts, like the opcache status page - it will be awesome! Something like that: And thanks for your work! IPS 4.4 update was the most compatible for the themes and apps. We update our staging with a very few numbers of changings needed and a lot of stuff delivered. Best!
  11. It will be extremely powerful if you can create a special title and description in meta tags for the direct links to the special post. I mean, when somebody links the somebody post like /topic/123-hello/?showComment=123456 in some messengers, social networks or inside another topic - it will be extremely good if we will see 'Nickname's answer in topic Hello' and description will be part of his post content. Now we see just the topic meta tags, not the linked post info. Thanks!
  12. I think this request might be an old already asked request, but still. I really need the ability to export/import pages/blocks/templates/css/js/media in the same mechanism as it exists for apps/plugins/themes. We usually prefer to create some new landings on the local dev instance of IPS. Moving the ready page with tons of media items, special template, css and js become very hard to work. We need to copy-paste a lot of files, create a needed (and right named) new blocks with an id's, upload media (which id's changes of course) and etc. This feature might be good not only for preparing som
  13. I want: CLI-tools for install/build/update/enable/disable apps/plugins/themes. It will provide simplier operation many instances. Any technology, which provide staing framework in background all time. Not default PHP method of die after every request (I know about opcache and other methods, which speed up this, but mainly it's a symptom fixing, not the core of problem). Of course, this point will increase the threshold of entry into IPS. But we want to be "the best" or "just one of"? All have their price. If somebody interesting about that - there is a good article of positive expe
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