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  1. Morrigan, yep! Really not exactly correct formulated, sorry.
  2. Problem is that my.name@ and m.yname@ - the same email for google, it does not use points in the name. But for the forum these are different emails.
  3. Yeah, special after people turned off (in template) annoying "new version" notification on the forum. No one could have assumed anything else would appear there. If someone sees a message about the patch, take a screenshot, at least see what it looks like.
  4. Your apology will not return the lost money and time. Tell me better what will change in customer notification policy (consider, i may not open ACP for weeks).
  5. I disabled this feature long before the problem occurred, but I don't know why i'd get information about such problems from other people, not from the software developer. So my main claim is not that I suffered any losses, but that no one informed me of the problem.
  6. I think someone was just scared to acknowledge the existence of the problem.
  7. Invision Community Team: Thousands of emails are sent without control, the site email address is recorded in spam databases and your answer is "sorry, fix in 4.5"? You 've already tired us a little bit with blue message box about the new version, why don't you warn users with a red message box about this security hole?
  8. Only for example Topic Hide Can hide topics/questions? Can unhide topics/questions? Can view hidden topics/questions? Post Hide Can hide posts/answers? Can unhide posts/answers? Can view hidden posts/answers? And so on..
  9. Thanks! FR ( whenever possible ) 1. Divide settings into two tabs (main permissions and other). Move seldom used settings like pin, feature, message, etc to the second tab, in most cases these settings not used. 2. Group settings like 3. Permissions template or "permissions copy from..."? All my TM have equal permissions, very tiresomely click-click-click for new TM.
  10. It's for "checkbox", not for "radio".
  11. Maybe will better use checkboxes? Remove 'All posts' (it doesn't make sense for "first post"), only 2 options more readably.
  12. Yep, but Sometimes TM not the author of a topic and can't edit first post. Own post and someone else's posts - big difference. Group: 1. can/can't edit own post include first if TS. 2. can/can't edit someone else's posts.
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