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  1. New IPS community URL

    I think it's because IPS Community Suite 4 was renamed to Invision Community 4.
  2. Security Patch?

    There are no 'security patches' since 4.0.0. All security fixes are in separate releases.
  3. Security Patch?

    In this case you should renew your license. All updates are provided only for communities with active licenses.
  4. Security Patch?

    Upgrade your suite up to It fixes security issue and removes big red banner.
  5. ACP Languages

  6. Joel R duplicate user at IPS?

    Simon, you also won the game
  7. Joel R duplicate user at IPS?

    We're under Joel attack
  8. Integration with

    Already requested a lot of times. In all cases answer is 'no', unfortunately. But +1 anyway
  9. New: Device Management

    New AdminCP design is AWESOME. Can't wait to try it out
  10. Marketplace API?

    Hello! When will we see Marketplace API back? I got the error The page you are trying to access is not available for your account.
  11. (RU4) URLs Transliteration

    For those having this issue - try this file:
  12. (RU4) URLs Transliteration

    Unzip and upload php file to the community root and go to If you have a lot of topics, you might see an error due to a time execution limit. In this case, you just need to run this script again.
  13. Who is your hosting provider?

    Yep. Imagine that you came to the Apple campus and asked "which is the best mobile OS?". Sounds strange, isn't?
  14. Who is your hosting provider?

    Have you considered Community in the Cloud? I think this is the best choice If you wanna get stability, support, all updates (like 'all-in-one' pack) and forget about any compatibility problems.
  15. Hello! Are you guys sure the first three lines of each support request provide us useful information? I think following variant looks much better and compact: What do you think?