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  1. If you installed IPS 4.1 you can export your theme if you spent some time customizing your look and feel. You will need to install 3.4.9 from the client area and convert your WBB data. I have a guide available for 3.4.9 conversions: You can upgrade back to 4.1 after you are happy with the conversion process. If you exported your theme you can import it after the upgrade. If you have already gone through some or all of these steps (I'm not sure if you already did your conversion) you can disregard this advice, and for more in depth assistance support is always available.
  2. To clarify my early confirmation that we support WBB 4.1.x to IP.Board 3.4.9. We just updated our 3.x converters to handle the db structure changes in WBB 4.1 in September. @jacboyIf adjusting the permissions doesn't work, support will be happy to get the upgrade straightened out for you. But, do enjoy the Mentalist!
  3. Contact support and they can help you with your upgrade.
  4. Customization>Emails edit Registration Validation.
  5. This is still a support issue for the app. Have you been able to replicate the problem?
  6. You can download updates as long as you have an active standard license. If you need help or have questions about upgrading you can contact support in your client area or in the appropriate forum. Also feel free to check out this guide before upgrading: https://community.invisionpower.com/4docs/getting-started/upgrading-from-3x-to-40-things-to-know-r136/.
  7. I'm sorry I didn't see this before. Our Community in the Cloud doesn't limit the number of users online to 175. Our pricing is based on the average number of concurrent users online in a rolling 48 hour window. There may be times that your community has 500 users online, but as long as this averages out between spikes and lulls in activity your average will still be much lower than the most users online at once. We use 15 minute sessions over 48 hours to calculate your average. You could easily have many more than your average users online for 30 minutes to an hour and barely have it impact your average user metric.
  8. I like these ideas. As the Marketplace grows I would like to see it continue to evolve. I think version numbers are important information when purchasing. I would also consider compatibility information very valuable. I think the permanency of reviews is important. Its also a great example of the review option in to IPS4. Perhaps allowing 1 edit or something like that would be a fair compromise. As I have said before, I would love to hear more ideas for how Marketplace can be better for users and contributors.
  9. I couldn't reproduce any issues with a cursory inspection. Good luck @Adriano Faria
  10. ​You could develop a plugin for the payment gateway and then distribute it on the Marketplace.
  11. ​If he is unavailable we also have a place to find developers for custom work. http://community.invisionpower.com/third-party/providers.
  12. Marketplace reviews are quite different from comments or discussion threads. You can see these reviews as an option once you have downloaded a file. You only get one review. For the IPS Marketplace I would like to remind everyone of some ground rules about commenting and reviewing files. Reviews are not for support requests, or complaints about files not working before you got support. Every file will say if it is supported or not, and how to get support. When you review think about the other users who are going to be reading what you write for your opinion of the file. Mention how your support experience was if you needed support.Mention if the file performed as listed or if it was different than advertised.Mention if the file was resource heavy or changed your community's performance significantly.If it never worked and they didn't help you, then you should mention that they never resolved your issue or they wouldn't communicate with you through the listed support channel, etc.Do give us your opinion in your review, that's what everyone wants to hear.This kind of information is very valuable to potential purchasers and it will keep your review of the file alive. Reviews saying "it didn't work" should only appear if their is no support available. Comments and reviews are also not the place for feature requests. Please use the appropriate channels to request and receive support, to communicate about version changes and feature upgrades, and to review files. I think reviews for IPS4 files will really help people make better decisions about some of the awesome work Marketplace contributors have been doing. So contributors make sure you are listing your support info, and don't hesitate to message me about Marketplace if you see a review that doesn't belong. And for everyone else that likes good apps and themes, if you find your review was not approved please make sure that you weren't requesting support, asking a question, or answering someone else. For other questions, I'll try to answer them here.
  13. You can like someone's status. It is a built in feature. You can see it in action in our community.
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