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  1. Say what?? they putting up the prices? that means that we going to see major plugins going up. COME ON
  2. Since we don't need this add-on since IPB does and have a option, the only thing that it doesn't have the add-on is version 16 where in profiles and post tabs it shows the username colours. Option for IPS to have it or use the add-on
  3. do we expect to see plugins that are not even supported or listed?
  4. Discord I agree but IPB having ther eown twitch channel is going to much now.
  5. My site is dead as flip, it is really dead. Yet 5 years it's still online and running. So that's something right 😛
  6. I see it all the time, they open and they close. Most don't last long. It's not easy trying to keep forums alive. Even here on IPB it has died down allot. USed to see so much addons and support from the devs. Not much now.
  7. LIttle nice site, I'm not expecting to be high but I'm at 9 Man I wish that's the real price 😛
  8. I like to see more gorth on sites
  9. You can always set it up yourself without any addons
  10. I'm happy with we tend to stick with 4 series with no bugs and with many security updates. Why add new ideas in V5 if it can be added in 4.5?
  11. After looking, yeah, the flash does show more what we tend to see than what it seems 😛 lol IS that a 1660 in your system?
  12. @CodingJungle SHould clean your pc up lol looks very dusty
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