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  1. I see and aware but your referrals offers more that the core doesn't or I'm wrong?. Like Referrals in the input box from the signup page then the referrals profile tab 🙂 Also on one other website they use the same referrals from you and it's working for them.
  2. Getting a error from this plugin: making new registers to not to join hype.. ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function IPS\core\modules\front\system\_register::_createMember(), 2 passed in /home2/empire/public_html/init.php(887) : eval()'d code on line 49 and exactly 4 expected (0) #0 public_html/init.php(887) : eval()'d code(49): IPS\core\modules\front\system\_register::_createMember(Array, Array) #1 public_html/applications/core/modules/front/system/register.php(239): IPS\core\modules\front\system\referrals_hook_register::_createMember(Array, Array, NULL, Object(IPS\Help
  3. updated and still can't make any edits and awards not even showing up on users over-hover Under post bit, size 10x10 set at 1 trophies and yet saving and editing does nothing, I have no other plugin that shouldn't affect it.
  4. Nope there isn't any other plugins regards to postbit at all. Only thing that has been changed and has always been working is <li class='ipsResponsive_hidePhone ipsType_break cfields'>
  5. Hello, As image shows in all that is white, What's the name under that in the settings to chnage the colour?
  6. I did had a template error but now that's gone I get another error. Saving and edited the seeing is not making any changes at all 😞 even set to 1 max trophies does nothing
  7. Thanks, I didn't even realize LOL looking at the front page rather then the blogs 😛
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Same https://www.baysidegamers.com/reviews-articles/
  9. Haven't posted here for sometime, Just fully update to the lastest 4.5 and with no errors. Just little things to fix but that isn't a big deal 🙂 https://www.baysidegamers.com/
  10. Nothing, I lose money from it. Even with google ads, when I get near the payout, google goes nuts and takes it away again saying It's error and the amount is wrong.
  11. Say what?? they putting up the prices? that means that we going to see major plugins going up. COME ON
  12. Since we don't need this add-on since IPB does and have a option, the only thing that it doesn't have the add-on is version 16 where in profiles and post tabs it shows the username colours. Option for IPS to have it or use the add-on
  13. do we expect to see plugins that are not even supported or listed?
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