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  1. Well, I did that and removed as it told me too, however still shows 11 guests accounts.. still shows as image above. Just say remove 0 amount of members. Just another join 15mins ago and got 10 points.
  2. SInce the update to 4.6 and once in a blue moon I get accounts being made with called "Guests" and after a while I have disable "Post Before Registering" and yet I still have 11 guests account. Nowhere to remove them and while looking at the profile they look the same as anyone else but with no email adress and whatnot, but what really makes my mad that those accounts gets awards from the thiredparty addon and also points from the "members store" addon. I have sent messges and support to one of the thiredparty devs to see if it's one of there plugins that is making it do so, however seems not. Looking at the errors logs and nothing ;(
  3. JUst got it and installed the plugin, si there away to recount the system so that members gets there points or they start at 0 and work there way up?
  4. From the image above that it's showing seven guests in the members list, Wasn't like that before. shouldn't see guests accounts. EDIT I did merge accounts together and so no idea that got to deal with anything
  5. No idea why it's doing it, But it shows this 😵
  6. Seems to be an error when marging accounts together. I had to disable trophies and medals to then able to marge the accounts then back to enable again.
  7. Have not updated to 4.6 as of yet, but https://www.baysidegamers.com/privacy/ footer and header looks bad
  8. There it is, something that I would not even thought off 😞 Well time to see if I can redance the size. 1.68mb is way to large but then if I lower it to under 800kb the image becomes so pixelated.
  9. In the attacment, this is the full size image needs size reduceing. PS whatever I upload doesn't show anyway.
  10. Uploaded background image, set to cover, when I change the image and colour then save, the image doesn't appear 😞 played around with different options and settings and still won't appear
  11. WIth the new built in option does not mean you have to use it 🙂
  12. All good on my end 😉 Just remember to remove the old template files 🙂
  13. Yo, So since we do not download and upload like we did back in the day where is the file 🙂 also why not edited so that we can edit the footer in the theme setting under footer 🙂 simple custom CSS input box
  14. DOes this work alone side with Basic Points addon or this has it's own system that does the same as Basic Points?
  15. Maybe ThreadStarter: Steam and also Game addons 🙂
  16. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, well hopefuly others will keep your work alive
  17. No idea it's my end or what but it's been a year. Site doesn't not remember my password and information like how other sites works. Meaning going to the logging in page and it autofills in the information for you 🙂 But for me I have to type it in and it doesn't autofill 😞 Using chrome, Seems at times it works for Edge fine. Seems it ME! LOL But other sites on chrome works just my site
  18. Any news on this yet? Will it work I mean it gotta be soon. Love to use it one day 🙂 Seems that both do not like each other but end of the day fix it 🙂 and make it like each other 😛
  19. Be cool to see advance option 🙂
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