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  1. @TAMAN On the old it was already set and I found away to chnage the color, On the new however it's not changing regards the background Widget color Meaning by chnage the white background to black....
  2. busy busy time! I'm just seeing if there was any news. Rather then updating the site to 4.3 I'm waiting until major of the plugins are ready
  3. I say it's good idea to upload new theme anyway!
  4. I got to test it but my guess that this will need an update,,,
  5. double check, might be working but there might be an little error!
  6. I been working this out for an week and just came to this topic and seen it still not fixed
  7. Congratulations! and happy-b-day
  8. Does this work with any theme based, third partly
  9. I already paid for the next 6 months anyway!
  10. you might want to double check the update!
  11. EmpireKicking


    IS this going to be updated?
  12. Any Christmas updates for all themes? Like built in snow affect?
  13. Already mention about an fix : go to the profile template file and find: <div class='ipsPad'> Change to: <div class='ipsAreaBackground_light ipsPad'>
  14. I can not find it but I like to have all boards boxes with shadow
  15. After the update to 4.2.5 the ads in the sidebar decided to appear on some of my pages and yet I have no blocks on sidebar. I did refresh the ads and cache and no difference.
  16. EmpireKicking


    You need to have For it to work
  17. Doesn't get that much support since it's an demo but @Kevin Carwile will answer you
  18. Yes there are members with previews. You can use an Demo Or https://ipsguru.net/projects/collaboration
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