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  1. @Alismora great idea! did you manage to do this?
  2. @All Astronauts after photo or post count would be perfect... for some reason mine appears after everything else but before a steam integration thats on here.
  3. @All Astronauts for me the date in author panel on topics is showing at the bottom, I want to move this up but cannot remember how to do this. Many Thanks in advance
  4. Do anyone know how to disable these per forum ? They work great for reactions in some places but overall some forums i just wouldn't want them
  5. Pretty nice plugin! Will the £ sign be added in a future release ?
  6. Yep that fixed the issue! So all is well with the latest version, Thanks @Adriano Faria
  7. Correct Visit someones profile, Click see there activity, and at the bottom this is there: http://prntscr.com/e0anme The user in that gif obviously doesnt get shown the full error message so ill PM it to you.
  8. @EmpireKickass & @Adriano Faria I have just noticed simlar errors and was wondering how our users were triggering them as the URL was strange. So someone kindly did a GIF for me of what they did to trigger it: https://gyazo.com/50d0bc43ffd25ec2e36dcc724abc530d
  9. I am running the updated version and as confirmed its working fine for me along with the rules application. What version did you upgrade from ?
  10. Thankyou @Adriano Faria, Its clear we are in good hands while RAW is away
  11. Adriano thankyou for supporting this while RAW is absent. @Adriano Faria I have gone back to where I was (Version 1.0.6) and updated version by version carefully testing the awards and testing the automated awarding of them via @Kevin Carwile rules application. Every version works fine except 1.0.9, The rules application stops producing any logs in the acp and on the frontend keeps showing the below image, Infact at one point it wouldnt let me see the forums or access the ACP and this message just kept appearing. I know your not supporting this but it is something alot of busy community's use where its impossible to manually issue awards. Something in 1.0.9 must have changed as i can confirm is working fine with the rules application, I will use for now but in the future would like to upgrade espically if there are bugs and would be very greatful if you could look into what you changed and if that could of caused some issues with the rules RAW and Kevin wrote for the intergration.
  12. I ve ran into another issue when used with the rule system Myself and other members keep seeing the following mutiple times (active community) http://prntscr.com/dz3kcy This is using the bundled rules for Kevin Carwile rules application.
  13. @Adriano Faria I found the only way around this was to backup the SQL award tables, drop them, uninstall, reinstall then import the tablets (issue fixed) I notice at some point the layout has been amended into categories rather than showing all the awards on the /award page... is there anyway to revert to the old look or is this how its going to appear going forward ?
  14. Just upgraded the application to the latest version. @Adriano Faria Recieving the following error when visiting the /awards page: SELECT count(*) FROM `awards_awards` WHERE award_cat_id = IS NULL IPS\Db\Exception: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near 'IS NULL' at line 1 (1064)
  15. Hello! Awesome release! been waiting for this one for a while I found a slight typo: Don't aks for this step again on this device. Not recommended on shared computers Other than that working great so far
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