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  1. Will this allow you to add tags or prefixes to saved actions ? @Makoto
  2. We have alot of awards handed out to people over the last few years, talking thousands so its pretty important to us... So i will need to think about that In terms of something big coming in the next few months! Do not leave everyone hanging like that!
  3. @Fosters is there an import script for people moving away from the iAwards app over to yours ?
  4. Get well soon! and good to hear! Really looking forward to the progression of this
  5. Thankyou! Its a very important feature for us Is there an ETA on the next release ?
  6. @Makoto Is it possible to add prefixes to a saved action ? This worked with ATP but not with Radical tags or at least I haven't found it yet!
  7. Thats a shame! Hopefully in a future IPS update ? Is there a tutorial of how to do this anywhere or has anyone created a plugin yet @Matt
  8. @Alismora great idea! did you manage to do this?
  9. @All Astronauts after photo or post count would be perfect... for some reason mine appears after everything else but before a steam integration thats on here.
  10. @All Astronauts for me the date in author panel on topics is showing at the bottom, I want to move this up but cannot remember how to do this. Many Thanks in advance
  11. Do anyone know how to disable these per forum ? They work great for reactions in some places but overall some forums i just wouldn't want them
  12. Pretty nice plugin! Will the £ sign be added in a future release ?
  13. Yep that fixed the issue! So all is well with the latest version, Thanks @Adriano Faria
  14. Correct Visit someones profile, Click see there activity, and at the bottom this is there: http://prntscr.com/e0anme The user in that gif obviously doesnt get shown the full error message so ill PM it to you.
  15. @EmpireKickass & @Adriano Faria I have just noticed simlar errors and was wondering how our users were triggering them as the URL was strange. So someone kindly did a GIF for me of what they did to trigger it: https://gyazo.com/50d0bc43ffd25ec2e36dcc724abc530d
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