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  1. @Fosters Hello welcome back! Unfortunately I removed the application and do not have it downloaded as I wanted to try the fix that @GTAPoliceMods kindly provided above. I was very happy to see your new update however I am unable to download this from the marketplace it says: This file is not currently available for purchase however I have already purchased it. Invision of course removed this from the marketplace meaning if you haven't got it installed at the moment there is no way downloading it.
  2. @GTAPoliceModsWould be awesome if you can and very much appreciated, Can even provide proof of purchase via PM. The issue we have is the template error in the postbit, Here's a screenshot of the error someone else posted:
  3. Still nothing from fosters hope all is well. I notice @GTAPoliceMods and @EmpireKicking are running this without issue on their websites. Are you guys on 4.5 ? Any issues ?
  4. I think it's fair to say this isn't getting sorted anytime soon which is a real shame. @Fosters can you confirm a timeframe so I can decide on other plugins.
  5. Bloody hell! Give him time only a week ago he returned and said real life is messed up! Give him time!
  6. I am also having the same issue, Was a fix found ?
  7. @Adriano Faria Thanks for finding that, I will get in touch with him via devfuse
  8. @V0RT3X666 A lot of sites have domain.com/username ... Facebook, twitter, Instagram the list goes on, I would say that is industry standard. Phpfox is another example of community software that has /username If its not possible with IPS its not possible with IPS, I will need to rethink if to proceed with my project or look at other software which of course i do not want to do as i ve used IPS for many years on another successful project and think its far superior than its competitors. I would say its not possible seeing you guys are very experienced plugin developers here, dispite IPS support saying it is possible with some customisation and sending me to these forums. My idea however and the domain wont be anywhere near as good without /username so a rethink is due. Thank you everyone for your responses.
  9. Ok.. this new project that i am working on 🙄 Normally absolutely fine, however if you seen the domain you would understand, a huge part of the appeal will be having domain.com/username, this is going to be more of a profile site and customising your own profile than a forum.
  10. That's a massive shame as it is vital for this new project. I would of rather have used invision than its competitors 😞 Oh well! thanks for your answer
  11. Anyone able to do this ? Willing to test and even pay for this, I am pretty sure it would be a popular plugin also.
  12. Good Evening. I am starting a new project where my new site will be centred around people creating and customising there profiles. I have the perfect domain for this but this will only work perfectly if i can have domain.com/username My attempts have resulted in failure so far with putting domain.com/{?} for domain.com/index.php?/app=core&module=members&controller=profile The error this gives is: The Friendly URL must be unique, the value entered will conflict with other Friendly URLs and support have pointed me to this forum to seek help. Has anyone done this with invision ? I have managed it with buddypress but well.... its not as good!
  13. Is it possible now or can it be in the future that the forum admin or member can sort in what order the trophies display in the postbit ?
  14. This is what i get when changing things, It does not save your changes. I have tried reinstalling but that does not fix it
  15. Is Patreon integration in the plans?
  16. RoleplayUK

    Radical Tags

    Will this allow you to add tags or prefixes to saved actions ? @Makoto
  17. We have alot of awards handed out to people over the last few years, talking thousands so its pretty important to us... So i will need to think about that In terms of something big coming in the next few months! Do not leave everyone hanging like that!
  18. @Fosters is there an import script for people moving away from the iAwards app over to yours ?
  19. RoleplayUK

    Radical Tags

    Get well soon! and good to hear! Really looking forward to the progression of this
  20. RoleplayUK

    Radical Tags

    Thankyou! Its a very important feature for us Is there an ETA on the next release ?
  21. RoleplayUK

    Radical Tags

    @Makoto Is it possible to add prefixes to a saved action ? This worked with ATP but not with Radical tags or at least I haven't found it yet!
  22. Thanks for your reply, one of our devs did it in seconds 😓
  23. Thats a shame! Hopefully in a future IPS update ? Is there a tutorial of how to do this anywhere or has anyone created a plugin yet @Matt
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