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  1. I was brainstorming I thought it might be possible to use the HTML logic to say : if (setting allow empty content = true) <--some html style to display: none --> {{if settings.auto_polling_enabled}} <!-- Shows if the 'auto_polling_enabled' setting is true (i.e. enabled) --> {{endif}} Update: I did a template edit and managed to get the text box to display: none with this code. It works for my purposes, but I think it would be better to use the settings logic so I don't have to update the forums in the code when I decide to use multiple forums. T
  2. Right, sorry I'm using the wrong terminology. I understand the topic needs to be "empty" - I just want to hide the box from the user so that they don't have to see it during input.
  3. Hi @HeadStand, I bought the app today. I really like it so far. I was curious if there was a way to disable the default text box if a forum is using a set and the " Allow Empty Content " check box is turned on. Perhaps there is a way to have an option to disable the text box input from showing up when a user clicks on "Star New Topic" ?
  4. Yes so I run a site that has posting services. I would like to create a shop item that the user can buy with activity credits for those services. When they buy that service, I want it to make a forum post for my staff to respond to and get the service started. When the user buys that item I would like it to make a post in a forum I choose as well as have a predefined message I can make for each item. Also, if I could then put a time restriction on that item (example. User buys Package A - Package A has a 30 day cooldown before User can repurchase) Hope this makes sense or that I've e
  5. @TheJackal84, Thanks again for helping me with the database issue. I was wondering if there was a way too add an item into the shop that , once purchased, will automatically make a post that I can predefine for that item in a specific forum notifying the community that said item was purchased?
  6. I just upgraded and didn't know an error.
  7. Hi @TheJackal84, I just bought the app and I'm trying to set a daily goal and I'm getting an SQL error UPDATE `core_groups` core_groups SET `g_icon`='monthly_2018_08/member_rank.jpeg.f76d44f65f18dd0aff9e7bc32e8cdc97.jpeg',`g_promote_exclude`=true,`g_view_board`=true,`g_dohtml`=false,`g_access_offline`=false,`g_hide_online_list`=false,`g_view_displaynamehistory`=true,`g_edit_profile`=true,`g_upload_animated_photos`=true,`g_can_msg_attach`=true,`g_post_polls`=true,`g_vote_polls`=true,`g_close_polls`=false,`g_append_edit`=false,`g_avoid_flood`=false,`g_avoid_q`=false,`g_mod_preview`=fal
  8. Is there an easy way to move the logo/user bar on the same div as the navigation? I feel like there is a lot of dead/empty space when I add a logo image.
  9. How do I utilize this feature? I'm not seeing this. edit: nevermind I was looking at the wrong forum lol
  10. Hi, thanks for the fast response. I am guessing if I buy the application - I can use it with your themes vs the one that's built in without any issues?
  11. Hi @TAMAN, I'm using this and I'm working with the slider. I noticed that it doesn't have the option to exclude the slider on different pages. I'd like the slider only to show on the index page vs "pages" which displays it on all pages. I saw this topic - but my options look much different than this topic
  12. Sure how do you want me to send the info?
  13. Hey @onlyME, I checked that task and it seems to be working fine. The thumbnails aren't being pulled like before for some odd reason..
  14. hi @onlyME thanks for the last update. The twitch streams are working now. I did notice that they aren't pulling a random thumbnail pic anymore .
  15. Totally agree. Maybe it's something you can ask @Fosters about? I've been waiting on this one as well.
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