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  1. I'll suggest also that IPS make it easier to see the ACP strings and public ones. Now u can edit all the "clubs" and yet stuff arent changed public. But, to make it easy: ACP -> Language Go to the clubs and edit the language ?
  2. How to delete "trophies" from memeber profile??
  3. Content, content, content. ☺️
  4. IPS Support are in the Commerce app. This is made with Pages Then you have to create member groups for each "ticket" database, then set the permission on who can use it - but then again, u have to make ALOT of groups for each "seller and each buyer" OR the easiest way, like here on ips, make a forum for support.
  5. A suggestion: When having categories in ACP, why not have the same on the public page? Also, maybe redesign it abit? To this, i redesigned it abit..
    Easy ticket database! Ready to be installed and used ?
  6. Not sure if they work on weekends though.
  7. @Meddysong - keep update the theme, and overwrite the files on the last step. ?
  8. Hahaha, yeah i did 1 and 2(just installed it) once i got the error(im not new to this ?) soooo i think i gonna give a small panic a try! ? Oh, also, i searched on the error if anyone else had this, but could't find any. ?
  9. I'm getting; Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'do' (T_DO) in /'''/''''/'''''''/applications/trophies/extensions/trophies/TrophyCriteria/EventsHandler.php on line 27 when i click on Add Trophy
    A clean, easy theme, fast and awesome support included!
    Super plugin ? You also get fast and awesome support! ?
  10. Im on shared server(sadly) But i appreciate the help, and thank you very much
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