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  1. Giveaway System

    i dont think so
  2. 10 days on IPB and (not actually) hacked !!

    google trolling us 100%
  3. Wordpress-like IP.Blog

    you want something like that?
  4. 10 days on IPB and (not actually) hacked !!

    you are not hacked
  5. Has anyone used this services

    my pleasure
  6. Has anyone used this services

    its not seems "real" you need to have a active plugin to detect if your content is good/unique and seo friendly(and help you about that) And All your plugins must be updated , search engines detecting if your code/ design is good and they give you top results IPS is very seo friendly and do not trust guys who they want only your username and pass to make you "famous".
  7. Tutorials update 3.4.7 но 4.0.2

    here you are community.invisionpower.com/topic/407405-upgrade-from-ip-34x-to-ips40-updated/
  8. Check requirements

    like this?
  9. Help!

    go to "Client Area" and create a ticket for help
  10. About language system

    ​very good idea , (1) that helps to protect ours files from thieves (2) believe this is posible to do it if someone dev can create the selected fields can be translatable
  11. (RU4) URLs Transliteration

    Nice try , is very useful in my opinion in the Greek language is not enough to convert one letter but the agreement for vowels ,syllables and consonants to understand it when someone read it sometimes latin characters give "bugs" for this language (for the stated reason) and the bugs , bad SEO I hope didn't insult you I just made a reference to the Greek grammar
  12. Changing things in the language file?

    yes you can do this
  13. Content Spy

    thank you stoo2000 ( i will be buy it soon :) )