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  1. their wrong subject "Important Changes to Mandrill" the correct is "What Makes Us Rich" I agree we need a alternative
  2. click on file manager ips root = public_html folder
  3. in my opinion , to the future you must create a "TestInstall" site to try your changes before get them online
  4. i know. wait to get answer from your ticket
  5. download from client area the 4.0.1 again and open it , click on folder "system" and upload the folder "Theme" in your site or upload again some folders like "system,admin,applications" i believe one of these options can fix your problem
  6. ​very good idea , (1) that helps to protect ours files from thieves (2) believe this is posible to do it if someone dev can create the selected fields can be translatable
  7. Nice try , is very useful in my opinion in the Greek language is not enough to convert one letter but the agreement for vowels ,syllables and consonants to understand it when someone read it sometimes latin characters give "bugs" for this language (for the stated reason) and the bugs , bad SEO I hope didn't insult you I just made a reference to the Greek grammar
  8. You trying to do a clean install ?
  9. i know that , i use localhost (Xampp) and i cant import "locale" like "el_gr" i got error like " you cant import null ... etc" for this reason i wrote "greek" anyway online i'm ok , i haven't any error thanks for your comment
  10. i want to import a language pack but i have this error " 1S111/1 Column 'lang_short' cannot be null " i'm trying to set name language etc. like "<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <language name="Test Lang" locale="greek" rtl="0"> " or " <language name="Test Lang"> <app key="core" version="100017"> " the translate is 100% okey and haven't any errors (translate for IPS 4.0 RC5)
  11. nulled software vs license software there are many differences and better and safer code good start and good luck :smile:
  12. I installed it and it's okay , beautiful hook!! thank very much you Adriano :huggles:
  13. I agree Aiwa +1 this Suggestion :)
  14. revaboss


    very good 9/10 :wub: (w00t)
  15. revaboss

    (MDX) Feel Black!

    ok , thank you :wub:
  16. revaboss

    (MDX) Feel Black!

    theme based on default skin from ipboard ?
  17. revaboss

    (MDX) Feel Black!

    what were the steps you have taken to design it what code you used ? ( css , javascript ..... ) I ask for information because I want to get ideas to build a mine skin ;)
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