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  1. In the admincp it should be there as an option to enable it or not but not trigger anything else than that.... When a user decide to change the password he should have to do it through his email like the forgot password....
  2. Hello I would like to do a recommendation about the scenario that a user would like to change his password. It will be great if we can have as an option in Admincp the change password using email. So when a user goes to his control panel and he like to change his password to get an email that he must click on it to get the final prompt for the new password... Like when a user clicks to forgot my password..... Thank you
  3. Yes it will be good to know some basic info as at the end of January we didn't get anything ..... 1)It will be a Pre release or a final version? 2)Any E.T.A ? - I know the answer will be when is ready but if it is not out on March then i think is getting to long and maybe it will be better to add one by one the updates and release them, than get them all at once on an update once per year.... But that's me Other than that congrats to IPB for all that great new features !
  4. Happy birthday :-) Being a customer of you since 2007 !!!
  5. MariaDB is a drop in replacement and all your apps should work with it. IT has some advantages compared to Mysql and that's why exists as if it was exact the same with Mysql then there is no reason to have two same things :-) One nice feature is the query optimizer and a few other things that you may need to manualy adjust to see a better result. You can use Google to find more related info. As i always say just installing a softwaee can't offer much better performance using default settings....
  6. I manage also forums with a lot more traffic....At pick times we have 4.000 users online at the same time :-) More than 20.000.000 posts and database size at 80GB and users produce almost 2 GB of data daily. Most reports for IPB 4 bad performance are related to use of many addons/apps. Also it will be an issue if an addon/app is bad coded without performance in mind... Also other parameters for bad performance is if users don't use any caching like zend opcache or Memcached.... One more reason is that even users use very good software on the server they do not optimize it! There is a ton of related adjustments as for very high traffic forums users may get limited by the system OS like tcp limitations, open file limitations and so on...
  7. What about the search change from Sphinx to ?
  8. I can see that you are in love with my idea Nice ! Forums in my opinion in the way that we know them are boring and almost dead They need to be more interactive and push more data to the users (i know about activity stream)
  9. Hi Crazy idea for today ! Add voice commands search option like Cortana Windows 10 so the users can search using microphone and not by typing Thanks
  10. .htaccess offers flexibility but kill performance ! http://wiki.nginx.org/LikeApache-htaccess
  11. @Adlago It will be better if you post exacty the line that you add so other users can benefit from it That's great Revenge FNF post a nice find also about an sql query that creates a tmp table and should be fixed. In general it will be great to have optimizations most for SQL query stuff and java and ......
  12. Can you use a better cache system as Memcache?
  13. Hi Matt Do you plan to add performance improvements from here: http://community.invisionpower.com/4featureplan/ before the final version?
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