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  1. And this one for Wasabi and Cloudflare 🙂
  2. Great news for Invision customers. Invision will be bigger and better !
  3. I am not saying that Invision platform should monitor the disk space of the server. I just had an idea to warn the user that the specific Invision task will not work and will kill the server/forum on the above specific scenario. Thanks @Charles
  4. Hello I think it is very important to add a check for server free disk space and check also the files size from S3 Cloud before starting the transfering from S3 back to server. If the available free disk space on the server is not enough for the files that coming from the S3 cloud back then the server will be full and the server will die. Nothing will work with 0 free space and the user will be in a case that he will not be able to revert that task and the only solution will be to request from the data center extra hard disks to added on the server. Until then the forum will be down .... Doesn't seem hard to add that very useful info for the user when he will try to run that task and from a quick check i found: https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.disk-free-space.php For Linux hosts: $df = round(disk_free_space("/") / 1024 / 1024 / 1024); print("Free space: $df GB"); Or in your case it sounds like you're running on Windows so: $df = round(disk_free_space("C:") / 1024 / 1024 / 1024); print("Free space: $df GB"); Some related info on how to get the size of the bucket also: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3910071/check-file-size-on-s3-without-downloading https://www.cloudsavvyit.com/1755/how-to-get-the-size-of-an-amazon-s3-bucket/ https://serverfault.com/questions/84815/how-can-i-get-the-size-of-an-amazon-s3-bucket But i think that you know how to do it anyway 🙂 Thanks !!!! Please add this asap as it is very important !
  5. Backblaze announced S3 api support (beta) so it will work out of the box and it will not need any extras to make it work with Invision !
  6. A few users complaint about performance issues and some related topics about sessions issues and (if i remember correctly) @bfarber replied that there is an internal discussion about it for any possible improvements/fixes...
  7. Great job as always 💪 I am waiting most the Elastic search support for version 7. Improvements on Redis caching... Support more Cloud providers like Backblaze e.t.c Hope to get them all in the new version 😎
  8. It will be great if it's optimized according to Google pagespeed....
  9. You and Invision Team have a full WOW from me for your hard work 🙂 Invision is a great platform and very easy to use. I appreciate your efforts ! Do you have any info and be able to share about supporting more Cloud providers for our files? Thank you !
  10. Waiting for support for newer Elastic search and support for more Cloud providers (Backblaze e.t.c) to post the WOW 🙂
  11. Out of topic but Invision in my opinion should focus a bit more on scaling as forums are getting bigger and bigger every day... Hope to get native support for cloud providers that are bandwidth partners with Cloudflare: https://www.cloudflare.com/bandwidth-alliance/ For example we can use Wasabi as it is compatible with S3 but i would love to get native support for Backblaze for example.... So forums can benefit from huge amount of storage for very low price and free transfer from the Cloud storage to Cloudflare and then back to users.... Thank you
  12. The redesign looks great but please make it darker !
  13. You just need to download the .xml file and then upload it to Invision. It is very simple. No settings at all.
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