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  1. David..

    4.4: Turbo charging loading speeds

    God bless the IPS team. Cannot wait for 4.4 now!
  2. David..

    (DP43) PM Viewer

    ❤️ Awesome!
  3. David..

    (DP43) PM Viewer

    Hah! Yeah, Signet51's had this feature and was pretty useful! 🙂 Thank you DawPi! 🙂
  4. David..

    (DP43) PM Viewer

    Thank you for the update! Could we add an option to delete PMs directly? Like the hide button? If a PM is spam or unwanted, we have to go into the PM and remove each participant(s) which takes time. Please add a quick remove button if possible.
  5. Hey! It’s a new feature that may work and help the community gain more income. I’ve noticed a lot of users like “gifting subscriptions” on Twitch and would be cool if we had something similar on IPS.
  6. "Save this card for future purchases" is IPS' way of saying bill me automatically on renewals. 🙂 I have already updated that language string on our community to prevent confusion.
  7. It’s not a secret, it’s an option during checkout to automatically renew which you’ve kept checked or ignored.
  8. David..

    Video Tip: Preventing Spam

    Matt's voice ❤️
  9. Is there someone who can make a plugin to allow automatic content on the Facebook field?
  10. David..

    Defer parsing JS

    I don't notice any difference on ours after 4.3.3
  11. David..

    Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x

    This does support 4.3. ?
  12. David..

    Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x

    This doesn’t support 4.3.2?
  13. David..

    Group Color on User Link

    Status replies for example. I think I've noticed somewhere else too. Will look. ?
  14. David..

    Group Color on User Link

    I'm down to supporting you for this. Perhaps we can get it working on more places then. ?
  15. David..

    Highlight Topic Author

    @Pete T Small bump since you said you would check tomorrow.