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  1. iAwards

    No, hopefully it gets added soon!
  2. Generate profile photos

    Yeah, the letter avatars is nice. But it can be quite resource intensive for the browser so a solution would be good. Especially now that Google will take into consideration the site speed when displaying search results.
  3. iAwards

    The hover tooltip that displays the award's name. But all good now, seems to have fixed itself after a few hours. Probably support tool helped.
  4. iAwards

    Thanks for the update! I think this latest update broke the tooltip (same as IPS one) option, it no longer appears for me. I tried running the support tool also and default theme.
  5. 4.3: AdminCP Member Profiles

    Yes! Awesome! Loving 4.3 already! <3 I’m hoping that device management will be included in REST API too Thanks for everything!
  6. Is that your sexy voice Matt?
  7. Yeah, these Club changes will be awesome. I hope that this is also fixed but not mentioned anywhere. Thank you IPS!
  8. On the 4.3 topic by Charles it reads that "Support for Google's Invisible ReCaptcha." was added which is great! I would like an option to add ReCaptcha to logins too to prevent people or automated tools from abusing the logins. The current plugin doesn't work with the login dropdown and might not even support Invisible ReCaptcha when it comes.
  9. Topic Thumbnail for IPS4.x

    If not for a public version, maybe add the code that does this inside the .xml but commented out so when I or someone else downloads, we can un-comment the code and make it work.
  10. Topic Thumbnail for IPS4.x

    No In my case, I want the new thumb pulled from the topic, because the thumb is updated so I choose "-----" because it's the easiest way to update the topic thumb after updating the topic.
  11. Topic Thumbnail for IPS4.x

    Not for me, if I choose "---------" it's like choosing the remove thumbnail option. On v2.0.1 it works fine but not on latest. I reinstalled from scratch and even ran support tool, same issue. My case is when I edit a topic.
  12. Topic Thumbnail for IPS4.x

    In previous versions if you would leave the thumbnail option to “—————“ when editing a topic and saving, it would automatically use the first image on the topic. That is no longer the case in the latest update. Why? Bug or “fix”?
  13. These are some much needed improvements. Big thanks to the IPS team!
  14. OAuth Server

    Yeah, let’s wait. Hopefully it’ll be as good as this. Thank you!