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  1. David..

    Radical Tags

    That would be very welcomed! Also, is there an easy way of adding fontawesome icons to the prefixes? It seems like RT doesn’t display them properly in ACP?
  2. David..

    Radical Tags

    Yeah, found that! But AT&P also displayed it on the actual title, so it would also display on Google search results
  3. David..

    Radical Tags

    Is there no option for Radical Tags to make the tag appear in topic title in browser like AT&P?
  4. I'd be interested in buying this if we could specify the exact (or wildcard) URL where the announcement displays. @Michael.J
  5. How did you add manually?
  6. Maybe IPS is waiting for this now?
  7. You should probably message support with this. Make sure it’s not a plugin issue first.
  8. It's actually working fine on my end. I would like for this to have an option to display the widget on a specific URL!
  9. But doesn't IPS need to add support for this? Or does it work similar to v2/invisible?
  10. How did you get recaptcha v3?
  11. I recently switched to using this. Hope it gets updated for 4.6!
  12. David..

    Radical Tags

    I don't like these new Marketplace changes 😞
  13. I did submit a ticket but it was a test server so I was instructed to reinstall as I may have missed something. If it happens again after a reinstall, I’ll submit another ticket.
  14. I actually don’t recall getting this setup when upgrading on a test server. Going to retry and hopefully get the setup otherwise I’d have to reinstall every app & plugin from scratch
  15. David..

    Radical Tags

    Can we know when this is because I purchased and cannot install currently 😞
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