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  1. Generate profile photos

    I agree. The size should be lowered and a compression should be done for the generated images.
  2. Amazon S3 integration is great!

    That's nice to hear. I had a hard time setting it up myself.
  3. Selling Subscriptions

    Yeah, Subscriptions need improvements. You can't even stack up on subscriptions as it stands.
  4. Just makes promoting easier. Even a field to enter the URL to an image would be better. Rather than saving the image to your PC then uploading.
  5. Would be cool if the promote feature on IPS 4.2 would automatically grab an image from the first post of the topic and use that when posting. If the user wants, they can change, modify or remove the photo.
  6. Bitcoin is gaining popularity very fast and it would be good if the IPS Commerce would support it. Either via Stripe or another integration? 1 Bitcoin is currently worth $4662 right now. This is the Bitcoin chart over the years.
  7. Is it just me or does this feel wrong? If a Club Owner has no permission outside of his/her Club, why is he/she allowed to move a topic from his/her Club into a Forum. Shouldn't it only be allowed to move inside the forums of the Club itself?
  8. They're banned, they shouldn't appear on a list with the other member names.
  9. This suggestion leads us to this: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/436785-improving-ipstooltip/
  10. Yeah, I thought so about Instagram but Tumblr & Google+ does. Perhaps instagram could work also somehow if we provide an image.
  11. Social Media Promotion is quite a powerful feature and a really useful one! However, it would be even better if it added support for Instagram, Google+ & Tumblr (and probably some others).
  12. It's quite unorganised. I think they're arranged by when they were created.
  13. When moving a topic, the Clubs option is quite all over the place. Especially if you have a lot of forums inside a Club. It would be better if they were better organised. Just like the forums tab.
  14. Would be cool if we could import & export feeds via RSS into our favorite Clubs. Currently only Forums is available.