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  1. @InvisionHQ Can we have something built-in to the App so that we can automatically award members when they reach a certain milestone? Rules App is no longer available, and I've seen that it was causing a few unwanted issues for users.
    Great app and super responsive developer!
  2. Took a long time to install, but it eventually did.
  3. A better solution would be to remove PMs that haven’t had a reply within x months/years.
  4. Most 2 Year old conversations are useless. And the backups have started increasing by a lot. Unavailable for purchase. Could we integrate it into PM Viewer?
  5. Can you also add an option to prune old messages? So we can clean the database?
  6. Dark mode would be quite useful, but IPS by default should have a white theme. It would be good if designers and themers would get some more flexibility when switching a theme from light to dark with a simple press of a button.
  7. They are undergoing an emergency maintenance to Community In the Cloud if you're hosted there.
  8. Ouch! This is a downside. We definitely need a CDN for CiC.
  9. I'm in for a mobile app for IPS. PWA is good, but they don't support notifications on iOS. -edit- PWA on iOS is pretty bad really. Maybe it can improve on future iOS versions but we can't really rely on PWAs for iOS right now.
  10. Can we also add support for devices/recently used devices?
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