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  1. (NB40) Ads After X Topics

    Could you please tell me if these two plug ins will work in 4.2.x? (NB40) Ads After X Topics (NB40) Ads After X Posts
  2. (NB40) Ads After X Topics

    Yes, they are correct...in any case, the switch to asynch worked...not sure why, but that was the cause of my recent issue. Thank you for your help!
  3. (NB40) Ads After X Topics

    Ok, interesting. Around the same time I switched to PHP 7 I also changed some of the call tags I use to call the ads (I use Revive Adserver). The Iframe call is what caused the issue: When I switched it back to asynch call tag the problem doesn't happen: Any idea why?
  4. (NB40) Ads After X Topics

    Update: Due to issues I had with the site menu and running Ajax Pagination with ads turned on, I have had it off for years. I just turned Ajax back on, and the Quote works, but I need to test for menu issues. I hope this is helpful. So your plugins used to work fine with Ajax pagination off, now they seem to require it after I switched to PHP 7.0 Very strange...this did not totally fix the issue. In any case it looks like the issue is still there, even with Ajax back on.
  5. (NB40) Ads After X Topics

    Anyway, do you still need to test?
  6. (NB40) Ads After X Topics

    They are now disabled. Be sure to re-load the page to test.
  7. (NB40) Ads After X Topics

    If you'd like me to turn off the NB40 plug ins for your testing, just let me know.
  8. (NB40) Ads After X Topics

    sure...I will leave this account for ~1/2 hour. Does the forum you just tested run PHP 7.0?
  9. (NB40) Ads After X Topics

    As mentioned, I've tested extensively, and the only way to get the quote feature in topics working again is to disable both NB40 plug ins, not one, but both. Disabling the other plug ins doesn't affect this issue. Also, it is strange that you cannot see the Quote buttons in topics, as that is not a reported issue on our forums...only its functionality is the issue: https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/118507-quote-feature-not-working/ Of course, to see that button you would need to create an account and be logged in...
  10. (NB40) Ads After X Topics

    Sorry but our company policy would not allow that. If you doubt me I'd be happy to help you see this problem first hand...you could test this in our forum: https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/ I've done extensive testing and the issue is these plug ins when running PHP 7.0. Also, if there is anything in the ACP I can check, please share it. It may help others with this issue...
  11. (NB40) Ads After X Topics

    It is breaking the ability to use the Quote feature...again, this started after I switched my forum to PHP 7.0, so it is likely a compatibility issue. I've uninstalled and re-installed the plug ins, and my Quote feature is broken unless I disable both NB40 topic and post plug ins...after they are disabled I can use the quote feature without issues.
  12. (NB40) Ads After X Topics

    There is a bug with your plug in. After I updated to PHP 7.0 running this plug in now breaks the quote feature in posts...so you can no longer click quote and have it inserted into your post automatically. Please fix this bug.
  13. Funny you mention that...I've got a ticket in now asking why compression isn't working on my site. It doesn't work on the default skin, or my custom skin, even with all plugins disabled. It does work on my article site, which is one level above it. The exact same code isn't working on the forum. Makes no sense, but again, this was working fine until one of your recent updates (I find that many of your updates break work I've done in the past to speed things up.)
  14. Your consistent ignoring of google speed recommendations drags everyone's rankings down. The only reason people have forums is to reach more people, not less people. I control my server, and do plenty to optimize it, but some of the things only you can do. I've reported them to you for years, but hit the same basic brick wall. For at least 10 years now, developing sites using google insights and tools is the norm, but unfortunately not for IPB.
  15. So now we are 2 years later and you are getting a 41%...still respectable???? https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?hl=en&utm_source=wmx&utm_campaign=wmx_otherlinks&url=http%3A%2F%2Fcommunity.invisionpower.com%2F&tab=mobile