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  1. I had @DawPi design a plugin that does exactly this, and it also handles forum posts that have been archived. So if you have archived posts, rather than all links to those old posts being gone and no longer available from the poster's profile, there is an "Archives" tab that includes links to all archived posts. Here is how that looks: https://www.celiac.com/profile/2-scott-adams/
  2. I just got this notification from Google:
  3. So I've had a new application created by @DawPi which does the following (I've always thought that the profile page is set up wrong, especially because I have about 5,000+ articles, many by doctors and other authors, and you can't find their About Me without fishing around for it--the about me tab is nearly impossible to find in the mobile format): 1) There is an option to add "noindex, follow" meta tags on profiles where all of the poster's content has been archived; 2) If there is About Me content, there is an option to display that content above the user's Activity Stream, and NOT
  4. I just added this to my site after having several bizarre experiences with users who created an account, posted tons of things in a short time period, one of whom cut and pasted an entire article from a different site and was warned for breaking our rules against doing that due to copyright issues, then both users asked me to delete their entire account including all their posts, or they would sue me (which we don't do, but instead work to anonymize anything that would identify them). In any case, with the economy headed downward now, it would not surprise me at all of more people try to make
  5. Part 2 of this but is that their profile pages still who the correct count for their content, yet no content shows.
  6. Yes, I believe this is a bug that should be fixed, and my guess is that IPB probably doesn't see this this as a bug. I'll likely pay someone to make a plugin to fix this like I have to do with many things in this software (i.e., their 301 redirect links that are used liberally throughout their software, in their widgets, profile pages, page links, etc.). Oh, and the bug? Why then don't such profiles with no content then have a "noindex" tag like all of the other profiles with no content?
  7. This seems like a bug, but when I archived older posts on my forum the archived posts that were made by a member were removed from their member page. For example: https://www.celiac.com/profile/34654-arubawendy/ has 6 posts, all are archived. None show up on their page, but they do exist: https://www.celiac.com/forums/topic/75126-what-did-i-eat-this-time/ Why would their posts be disconnected from their profile? Is this intentional? If it is intentional, why would their profile not have a "nofollow" tag, as do other profiles with no content? I think you should still be
  8. So I created a ticket for this, and got this reply from IPB: As I've found with several IPB widgets, member pages, and other areas where 301 redirects are intentionally used in this software, it's better to fix them as they can create Google Crawl Anomalies where your content can drop from their index. It looks like I'll have to have a plugin made to fix this one as well.
  9. And did you try reloading the page when it was on /?page=2 ? I will do more testing, but I don't believe anything in .htaccess would do that.
  10. As mentioned, this is being flagged to me by a 3rd party--SEMRush, and it flags this issue hundreds of times, as I have many articles with several pages of comments. Here is a screen shot of the issues flagged by SEMRush: I have also personally verified this issue, although I cannot predict exactly when or why it happens, it is happening. I am using the latest version of Chrome in desktop when I can see this happening myself. PS - Be sure to use the page link on that page to test...going directly to the link doesn't always trigger this. Using the links on the page is how
  11. This issue exists on my site, and could be a bug. The URL redirect issue was alerted to my by SEMRush, which indicated that I have hundreds of pages on my site that are redirecting from links like this: https://www.celiac.com/articles.html/a-word-on-gluten-and-beer-r790/?page=3 To links like this: https://www.celiac.com/articles.html/a-word-on-gluten-and-beer-r790/page/3/ After exploring this issue in more detail, I have discovered that if you go to: https://www.celiac.com/articles.html/a-word-on-gluten-and-beer-r790/?page=3 the landing URL is sometimes:
  12. I think it's a good idea to be more specific, and certainly adding "sponsored" is very important to be able to do, so that google knows a link is sponsored. Now it can be "sponsored" without "nofollow" and still be fine with google. For all my forum links and comment links I decided this was best because it is more specific: "external ugc nofollow." Google indicates on that page that forums, for example, can use "ugc" to indicate that it is user generated, which is different than just nofollow, which doesn't tell you anything (it could be nofollow because it is sponsored, so now goo
  13. @DawPi has created multiple custom plugins and applications for me, and each has been done in a timely, professional manner, and at a price I can afford. Some of the plugins have been very complex, and he's done follow up work to fix any issues when they arise due to IPB upgrades.
  14. In my case I've archived 80% of my forum posts, which have now vanished from the search feature. It makes sense to be able to still find this content for those who want to. I believe that adding a check box option to "Search Archived Content" makes a lot of sense.
  15. I you archive posts and all posts by a user become archived, which is the case for this user on my forum: https://www.celiac.com/profile/41776-zoogirl/ their archived posts are missing from the "See Their Activity" view: https://www.celiac.com/profile/41776-zoogirl/content/ It says "Everything posted by zoogirl" but shows nothing. In this case only if you click on "Topics" will you see their content. https://www.celiac.com/profile/41776-zoogirl/content/?type=forums_topic&change_section=1 I believe this needs to be fixed to actually show all content when "
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