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  1. sadams101's post in Possible bug with quoted post link in archived posts was marked as the answer   
    Another clue to this--the issue began to be recorded in Google Search Console on 7/28/23, and in my notes for my site:
    7/21/2023 - Upgraded from Invision Community v4.7.11 to Invision Community v4.7.12.
    Something in that upgrade caused these links to break.
  2. sadams101's post in Issue with "custom" emojis after eliminating sub-domain was marked as the answer   
    So after a server reboot the issue went away. It must have been related to caching.
  3. sadams101's post in There was an error authenticating with the Marketplace was marked as the answer   
    Hi Marc, I can assure you that the block was gone when I tried to connect yesterday. It's a simple .htaccess block to my test site, and when it was removed yesterday I was unable to access marketplace, and got that error.
    Today, after clearing various caches and removing the .htaccess block I was able to connect.
    Thanks for following up!
  4. sadams101's post in ipstack Requests Running Low Warnings was marked as the answer   
    After more research, I realize this is coming from one of my custom plugins...sorry!
  5. sadams101's post in Unable to save admin settings was marked as the answer   
    I think I solved the issue of not being able to save admin settings. I saw this error on the Data Storage page when trying to save anything:
    In order to enable this setting you must make the /path/to/task/task.php file executable (i.e. chmod 0777). I have always had this chmod 0644 without issues, but after the upgrade something changed. Is 777 even secure?
    Now I am able to save admin settings.
  6. sadams101's post in 1S160/2 Error on Site Pages was marked as the answer   
    Rather than try to find the source of this issue, I've found that my site is just as fast with guest caching turned off, so I've turned it off. I've noticed other issues with guest caching, for example, my mobile banner ads regularly appear to desktop users, even though we do have the correct CSS tags that should not allow this to happen, so there are other reasons why I suspect that the caching system has issues. 
    If turning off guest caching does not fix this, I will create a new ticket...thank you!
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