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  1. What's nice about that is the users that aren't in chat see that there is someone in there. This is why I use babble chat, it has the same feature for the main menu. I may check out your chat down the road but if it doesn't have some good way to notify others that there are people in chat, its not going to work for me. Looks great though.
  2. This looks interesting. Is there a chat tab count in the main menu or some sort of notification of who's in chat or a who's in chat block?
  3. I had inquired about this over a year ago. @Boris_ plugin stores the location in a different field and differently.
    What a great catch! Thanks @Makoto 👍
    Great add-on and easy to install, thanks!
  4. No errors just not appearing. Everything I can check off appears but selecting any profile fields no longer do for some reason.
  5. I still cannot get any custom profile field to show, is anyone else having issues?
  6. For anyone moving from products to subscriptions, I've run into a mess with a ticket opened for a couple for weeks now with now Tier III Support, so a little tip. If you ran products as subscriptions and had multiple products tied to a a customer, make sure you look at this before you transfer your packages to subscriptions and make the order of the product you want to keep tied to the member, the last one you convert. I have a scenario where members signed up for FREE (product) subscription and then upgraded to Paid (product) subscription, but I never had it so the FREE product would come off their purchases or get upgraded, so they had two under their account. I transferred my paid products to the new subscriptions first and then all the free....all those members who paid for a subscription were moved into a FREE subscription (because it was the last one converted), Very messy and and have some conflicts now going on with what's active and what's not. Just wanted to share for anyone transferring products to subscriptions. Do free first (if you have a free product) and do paid last on conversion.
  7. Contact @ehren. at https://www.ipsfocus.com/custom/ He's very good at custom work. He's made and maintains 4 of my custom themes. I recall wanting to match my theme when I had moved over from vbulletin and was shocked at how close he got it...
  8. Good topic @Joel R and I am along the same lines as @JustHatched. I really don't want to be doing this down the road though and really should come up with an exit plan. 🤔 Another good topic @Joel R would be acquisitions, selling your forum, exit plans....just saying 😀
  9. Thanks that solved the template issue but I still seem to be having an issue getting any profile fields to come up.
  10. This looks very interesting. So you would set up the forum where the topic would be posted to, correct? I noticed no tags, or is there an option to use tags also?
  11. With IPS 4.4 , any hope of getting Giphy and twitter style emoji support in Babble? Would be great if babble used the same editor layout that is used across the site. Twitter style Emojis on my end don't work, if I try to put the smiley faces with sunglasses (using twitter style) I get I'm forced to go back to native emojis which aren't that nice, for it to work with babble. Can you get twitter style emojis to work? They are more modern. Giphy would make chat much more entertaining. EDIT: saw this /rand setting and entered my Giphy API but have no idea how it works.
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