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  1. AlexWebsites

    4.4: Turbo charging loading speeds

    This is great news! I was just looking for a way to speed up image loading and found this article. I was also reading up on HTTP/2 so was happy to see this support added. Not sure if I missed it but would love to see CSS and JS combined into one output file for each. Maybe test the suite through web.dev to see what else can be optimized? Since google is the big one and released this tool https://web.dev/measure
  2. AlexWebsites

    Google Updates, anyone affected?

    interesting site and is pretty much inline with my traffic ups and downs. For US domains go to https://www.sistrix.com/google-updates/
  3. AlexWebsites

    Google Updates, anyone affected?

    I appreciate the insight and can't say I feel totally lost, mostly just sharing to benefit others.....I'm not sure how much more I can learn in 10 years, constantly adjusting, updating, improving, etc., lol... I'm aware of all of your suggestions and it's on every SEO forum and blog out there. Yes, everything is changing and content and authoritativeness is key. However, it's a big recent drop fast, which one of my sites is experiencing, which also struck me as odd. There are many sites affected. Just read all the webmaster forums.
  4. AlexWebsites

    Google Updates, anyone affected?

    Glad to hear you have an upward trend because I’m not seeing that. My oldest niche community which is on SSL, using whatever possible to speed things up, and is really only using google ads is taking a beating. The other ones are down but not as much. It’s pretty amazing to lose now 40% traffic, enough to want to get out this game sometimes. Another new thing I recently noticed was my site using cloudflare’s ssl certificate rather than the one I was using with Comodo or free SSL with WHM almost about the time this started happening and I wonder if that has any affect. It does seem like thin content is now playing a role so maybe noindexing topics with no replies and profile pages with no activity would be a good idea. The problem really is that you have to guess. Google gives you no tools to tell you what’s wrong effectively. I’ve got no real warnings in webmestar tools, no duplicate content, server errors, etc. Very frustrating. Might need to think about archiving old content and reducing page count for low ranking fruit (pages)...
  5. AlexWebsites

    Google Updates, anyone affected?

    I think this has something to do with it as well as mobile usability, because I did get notifications for my sites like "New Mobile Usability issues detected" and in the email it shows: When I go to the link to fix the pages, there aren't any issues displayed. As soon as I started receiving these types of emails, I noticed my traffic starting to decline.
  6. Maybe only check boxes come up if you apply the filter per app basis. It would make it so much easier to organize content.
  7. AlexWebsites

    Forum Index data-pagecontroller for each view

    Still would love to see something like this implemented to offer more styling control. When my users have fluid view on I'd like to be able to target and remove some blocks and such with custom css but not have it affect traditional view. Unfortunately all views are the same controllers.
  8. AlexWebsites

    Widgets Extensions

    Great plugin!
  9. Great to see this feature coming! I like this idea.
  10. AlexWebsites

    Google Updates, anyone affected?

    I haven’t but one thing I will say is that lately I’m getting messages from google that show mobile usability issues within forum pages. I have to look into it more. Seems to correlate with traffic decrease.
  11. AlexWebsites

    Google Updates, anyone affected?

    I was going to pose a similar question to this community because yes, I have seen a drop in google organic traffic over the summer and now into September. Here's one of my IPS forum sites from June 1st through October 16th with the last few weeks having dropped the most noticeably. Here's another one of my IPS forum sites where the drop was earlier in July and is slowly creeping back up but yet to get back to where we were.
  12. AlexWebsites

    Babble: Real Time Chat

    What about showing the count to people "not there" in chat? If I have 3 people in chat including myself, I see the #3 in the main menu. If I leave, I should see the #2, being there are 2 people left in chat after I left...no? The point is to show people not in chat currently that there are people chatting. Maybe it's time to get a second server for NA....and offload some users and turn back on all the features. As far as who is chatting currently, is there any interaction with the local IPS installation database where you could just write something to count how many people are currently using the app and display that number? If its so server intensive to show that number in the main menu to everyone, maybe you could come up with a more local solution. I can't imagine pinging a count would be that server intensive, but who knows. For me, chat is dying and I just renewed recently against my better judgement, so I am looking to make sure my investment is worth it. I'd like nothing more than for it to be utilized more and continue. My user's biggest complaint is they don't know to go into chat because they don't see the chat count when not in chat or a block of who is chatting. Oddly enough, if I put a chat block in the sidebar, every user who logs in the site and visits that page is logged into chat and they see the bubble. EDIT, tried the EU server and still don't get that bubble to show unless you are in the chat. I switched back to NA.
  13. AlexWebsites

    Scheduled Announcement

    Never saw this reply and just thought of this again. It would be great to set an announcement to repeat and show lets say every Sunday from 8pm -9pm and automatically do it again weekly. Or set it up daily, etc. Lets say you wanted to remind the community to do something during a specific time every day or week, you could have this announcement popup. Good for when running contests, having a group discussion, chat, etc., community engagement during a specific time which repeats.
  14. AlexWebsites

    Babble: Real Time Chat

    I'm in the US though. Are you saying that the EU server has a chat tab menu number and the north america server does not?
  15. AlexWebsites

    Sign Up Link On Error Message

    Great idea/addition and thanks for making it free!