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  1. I'll also add a couple: ability to email all club owners from bulk mail with a filter like gallery album owners condensed forum index view as an option, show clubs as sub forums on forum index when setting to show across community is on. merge clubs and pick owners
  2. I wish I would have seen this.... Amazon Prime Day glitch sold thousands of dollars worth of camera gear for just $94.48 Wasn't looking for cameras though...
  3. What I ended up doing is using a specific outgoing email address and then having an auto reply set up should a member reply to a notification email, basically stating that they need to reply on the site.
  4. Would be a cool time saving feature for topics and would need some sort of confirmation that it has been posted into the reply. Commerce already does this nicely with support tickets.
  5. Sparkpost is depreciating their free service which means time to move on. Was this ever made to work with Amazon SES?
  6. Actually, I see he has an update on his site that may have addressed this because I wasn't on the latest version of his app. So far so good.
  7. Just wondering because I didn't see this in the latest update description, if it was added. Also, having difficulty registering for an account on your demo board. Do you have demo credentials you can share to test?
  8. Is there any ACP reporting for how many have been sent and to who? Years ago with vbulletin we had a mod similar, a referral mod, but we showcased in a list how many people sent referrals and made a contest around it. Would be cool if there was a way to show how many by month or certain time frame have been sent and by which members.
  9. @CodingJungle please take a look at this post I made in another topic. I'm having some sort of conflict with another app affecting my site registration link
  10. Further testing it seems to not happen when I disable Babble Chat by @CodingJungle. Oddly enough if both newsletters and babble chat are enabled, my /register/ link does not work. disable one or the other and it works fine.
  11. @HeadStand I just went through a lot of troubleshooting because my registration url - mysite.com/register/ was coming up a page not found. I disabled all plugins and apps and one by one re-enabled. Got it to work again but when I re-enable your newsletter app the issue happens again. Do you have any hooks to registration in your app causing this conflict?
    Great plugin, seems to work fine on 4.4.
  12. Funny, I wanted to comment as well but decided against it. Something ironic about not spending $20 for a site that is geared around building wealth. Maybe that's how you do it, just don't spend...lol.
  13. Can't you do this within the block settings?
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