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  1. It would be good if there was some sort of conversion available for when they go away. More than likely those profiles are indexed by Google due to having content.
  2. Looks good. Will iframe embedding work for whitelisted domains if you paste the url into the body of the editor (automatically) or do you have to click the link button every time?
  3. I guess a suggestion would be when you mark as a spammer, have the IP added to the ban filters. Maybe new registration check existing member IPs who were marked as spammers. Thanks for the replies. I was asking because if it would greatly reduce db size or increase performance, I would consider. I think leaving outweighs removing unless the list is massive.
  4. Is there a benefit to deleting spammers? I always thought that leaving the data would prevent the same spammer using the same IP, email, or username from come back.
  5. I agree and leave all my sites branded. Most people know that when they visit a niche forum, it’s IPS, Xenforo, vbulletin, phpbb or other. If it would help my traffic or other to remove, I would pay to have it removed. I don’t think it does. $500 is a bit steep but it’s their hill to put out there. Xenforo is $350 so not much less. Vbulletin is $289. So everyone charges something! I don’t have an issue and want IPS to have more clients (self-hosted selfishly) so they prosper and continue on..
  6. Maybe I am missing it somewhere, but it would be beneficial to see how many users login/register via standard or other method like FB, Google, etc. I looked in statistics and don't see it.
  7. I'm lookin forward to it! There's some things you can do, like not use custom.css, separate theme css, js, etc. Here's a bare bones, default IPS theme result with no blocks, just a forum home page in fluid view. I've made no edits or additions. Bare as can be...
  8. Aside from the content and blocks that are cached, there’s some room for change around how IPS delivers CSS and JS. Need a way to combine files. On a side note, two of my sites use CSM/pages app on the front end and they load slower than my sites that use the forum on the front end. Overall page load. I have to dig in but if you have pages installed, it’s a tad bit slower page load from what I can tell. I see the same thing. I’ve implemented some lazy load around Adsense and also removed Google captcha code loading on every forum topic, which is post before register.
  9. I’m looking forward to this the most, before any new features. It’s amazing how impactful page load and Google page speed scores are on ranking and traffic. Arguably one of the most important updates for anyone making a living off of their sites these days.
  10. Thanks. It would be cool to incorporate this but have it so users need to login to view topics.
  11. I wonder sometimes how news sites get ranked and indexed behind pay walls. Completely unfair in my opinion.
  12. I imported a dump of the database into a new database to test. I removed the constants.php. The site came up. I added redis and downloaded a fresh copy of constants.php. I connected and the site went haywire again. I deleted everything in datastore and it came back up. I now connected the old database with the new constants file (redis on) and the site is up and running. We'll see how it goes. I manually moved from S3. I must have done something by running the cron to fast...
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