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  1. As @Davyc mentioned, it depends on margins. If you look at affiliate programs for instance, software and services with high margins tend to pay more, 25%+. Online retailers that sell goods tend to be from 1-7%. Really depends on the product or service.
  2. There are a lot of RSS feeds out there that have urls to videos that IPS automatically embeds, like youtube. Would be great to be able to import a video RSS feed or RSS feed from youtube and have the content automatically embedded within a post.
  3. No, use mail bouncer to do that. This is just a sending method.
  4. Exactly. Been using SES via SMTP for a while and topics that have less than 30 replies and do not get batched out, take long to post.
  5. I was just surprised myself to see I couldn't use a FA icon, and then started researching here to find that support exists for v4 only.
  6. Looks good, but check your blocks and guest message, as on my end/mobile, you have some alignment issues.
  7. Adsense pays 68% to publishers on display ads. I just moved away from an ad network on one of my sites last month because I tend to always earn more with Adsense. Depends on the niche as well.
  8. I typically change all the hearts to thumbs up for "like" on all my sites. I never understood "hearting".
  9. Really wish there was a way to closely interact with fb groups. Post new topics to groups, return comments to ips, etc.
  10. me too, haven't updated to 4.5 yet except for a test site
  11. you should be able to just use the same credentials then
  12. If wordpress is on the same domain, you should be fine but otherwise you'll need to set up your sending domain again. You are using SES via API on wordpress and woocommerce, not SMTP right?
  13. It runs in its own application and overrides any mail setting you have currently (even though they may still be selected under sending method) If you know how to set up your Amazon API credentials and SES sending domain and such, the app takes the API and region settings and just works. The hardest part for some will be setting it up correctly on the Amazon side if they are not familiar, whereas Sendgrid, Sparkpost, etc., all just give you your API credentials within their respective panels.
  14. I'm testing the app and have it working 😁
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