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  1. I saw significant traffic increases from March to April and then after April 21st a steep decline. Below is quantcast data from two of my IPS sites on monthly uniques where you can see the decline. Almost as if the pandemic spiked traffic and now its going back to pre-pandemic levels or lower.
  2. Do you feel that the current results are not where they’ll be after the 2 week completion? I don’t know enough about algorithm updates, but see a dramatic change within the last 2 weeks or so...down.
  3. Anyone noticing organic search traffic changes with this latest google algorithm update. Most of my sites have had the best March and April ever, reaching their highest ever recorded organic traffic, which I attributed to more people online and home bound with the pandemic. However, it seems to be rightsizing back to pre-pandemic rates and going down the past week. Just curious what everyone else is seeing.
  4. How would you find it, is 4.5 available to download and test? How are you accessing the ACP on 4.5?
  5. Nice addition but if only they would go a little further to really enhance subscriptions. Just to again name a few...lol
  6. Same here. I get all the conspiracy theories and post screenshots in texts. from my own mother... I wish there was a close integration with facebook groups specifically though. Post in forum and groups simultaneously.
  7. I wonder if this is a new feature with subscriptions for a free trial period:
  8. No idea, had server management install it a while ago. Whatever default settings are, that’s what I’m using. Probably could tweak, but haven’t.
  9. I was hoping for subscription enhancements and Amazon SES API support. Glad to see upload chunking with S3 which will be helpful with the downloads app. Performance improvements are always good!
  10. This looks really good. When do you anticipate to have geographic location and how will you incorporate that? Woud be nice to have some sort of IP matching behind the scenes. Would also be great if you could get it working with
  11. Very interesting. I really hope they find a way to combine CSS into one output. Can;t wait to see the default theme.
  12. I use themes by @Ehren at ipsfocus and these links are moved under the account section on mobile I'm also using this plugin, which ads a nice touch to mobile:
  13. Media should stick to reporting without writing “clickbait” headlines and putting “spin” on things. These days you have to watch multiple news sources, left and right...to make an educated decision on what facts to pull vs opinion. I had to stop watching in some cases and only watch official government press conferences....I speak the same language and don’t need the media to “translate” it for me with their “opinions”.
  14. I'm going to hold off getting this plugin developed to see if functionality will be added to 4.5. I wasn't able to get an answer from IPS support either way, which now forces me to just wait and see I guess. On smaller things like this, it would be nice to know what's planned and what is not on a roadmap. Used to be where feature suggestions were tagged as "planned" or not, which was nice.
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