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  1. This would be good to show the benefit or free vs paid. Currently to get a block like this you need to create the package in commerce at $0.00. If using subscriptions, you end up having a free subscription. I would be for this as well, if it’s possible. I wish IPS had this feature built in to subscriptions.
  2. Amazon SES is very cost effective for large communities. I haven’t tried gsuite outside of small clients I’ve helped. I’m not sure what the cost would be especially if you sent a newsletter out to thousands of members. Email reputation is a huge part of deliverability, so I also use mailbouncer. The main reason I mention Amazon SES API is because posting delays seem to happen more with SMTP than an API method.
  3. Is anyone interested in getting this developed? I do see some people in these forums using Amazon SES SMTP
  4. Nice! Now we just need Amazon SES API Sending instead of SMTP!
  5. Some block ideas for logged in members, I like what’s has been done here and was thinking of doing something like this in pages.
  6. Would be nice to add this for 4.5. There is no way I see to control page elements individually between forum views.
  7. When I use a main block: With only the one background images and two buttons, I get an arrow on the right side on desktop: Tried to shut off one button to test and get an error:
  8. I always forget how to get to this url...is there a link somewhere in ACP under the app itself?
    Great addition for any community not running pages and looking for a way to have a nice customized front page. Block layout with the ability to customize a lot.
  9. I just checked one of my forum topics and the author markup looks more complete for posts/comments but not the initial topic markup. The first and subsequent posts do include the author markup. The publisher tag is under the website markup.
  10. Is there a way to prevent it from adding the copyright notice on the entire site itself if pasting and just external sites? What I've noticed is that if someone wants to link a post or topic inside another area, the automatic IPS embedding will not work because it appends the copyright notice.
  11. This is a great plugin, but would be nice if there was as a setting to remove IPS block/widget css and just have it where if you use it for advertisement code or other, you aren't using the block layout inherited elements as well. The only way currently to remove is custom block css.
  12. Especially on mobile. make it simple and fast. As far as content, I'm waiting to utilize RSS more in 4.5. Its underutilized. I'd also like to see IPS introduce a native newsletter app. You should look at this: Its coming along very nicely. I would like to see more automatic moderation options and more enhanced group promotions to work with commerce/subscriptions. Reward more users for content. I see a major challenge with FB groups. Would be very nice to see a facebook groups integration using Groups API https://developers.facebook.com/docs/groups-api/ Not sure to what extent, but maybe every new topic is posted to a facebook group and if you could shut off replies there and have them link back to the forum, more people may be drawn back from the group to post. Not even sure if its possible.
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