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  1. Maybe also release just the front page using pages app? I think that would sell 🙂
  2. Nice looking theme and like the front page. Are you planning a light version of something like this?
  3. One feature suggestion - add the url to the popup box so it can be easily copied and pasted. What happens to me is that I roll over the url to try and copy and paste it into a browser to check and it automatically engages the popup box. Maybe list it right on top?
  4. Found the issue, in the Application.php file changed: /* Delete file system logs */ if( \IPS\Settings::i()->manage_404_pruneAfterDays ) { \IPS\Db::i()->delete( 'smanage404_links', array( 'logtime < ?', \IPS\DateTime::create()->sub( new \DateInterval( 'P' . \IPS\Settings::i()->manage_404_pruneAfterDays . 'D' ) )->getTimestamp() ) ); } } to /* Delete file system logs */ if( \IPS\Settings::i()->manage_404_pruneAfterDays ) { \IPS\Db::i()->delete( 'manage404_links', array( 'logtime < ?', \IPS\DateTime::create()->sub( new \DateInterval( 'P' . \IPS\Settings::i()->manage_404_pruneAfterDays . 'D' ) )->getTimestamp() ) ); } } Task now ran successfully.
  5. I just realized my log file is 984 pages! Even after I put in redirects for all the larger 404 counts. I converted my site from vbb about 14 months ago and most are old links which must be on the internet everywhere. There is no way to delete these logs, right? I can only set the prune time, which I did to 30 days. However, when the task runs, I get an error: DELETE FROM `smanage404_links` WHERE logtime < 1544922184 Table 'ipb.smanage404_links' doesn't exist Any ideas? EDIT: I looked in the database and see a table for manage404_links and not smanage404_links.
  6. There must be a way because the "other" one in the marketplace (not as feature packed as yours) does get it to that settings page. I'll have to look at sparkpost to see if there is a way to view connection type to ensure its all working through the API I guess.
  7. Just bought this and installed. Was wondering the same because I don't see the option in email settings, its still on smtp, no option for sparkpost like sendgrid.
  8. Please consider adding a product setting that allows/disallows medium and smaller images to be uploaded after purchase, if for instance you are trying to sell only a specific size banner and only want one instance to be uploaded.
  9. So 3 ads are not showing anymore, which is great. I'm assuming it's using the main image and not the two additional for medium and smaller placements, correct? We still have a bullet point issue that comes up on the left with an image upload for ad: Please also check the alignment, seems uploaded image ads are centered and html added ads are left-aligned with preview and distribution. Upload images should probably align left as well.
  10. What's the latest on the next version? Any word on this chat bubble coming back or workaround? I need a way to notify not currently in chat members that there are people in the chat room.
  11. I tested regular coded advertisements with images hosted elsewhere and it seems fine. It seems it’s only images uploaded that output all versions with bullets as I mentioned in an earlier post. @HeadStand any fix for this or some direction on what file controls this output, since the last update didn’t fix this?
  12. Are you saying that users that go through stripe for credit cards cannot automatically be charged for their next renewal and have to manually pay an invoice?
  13. I don't see much point to listing a forum redirect in the fluid view filter, unless someone can tell me otherwise. It would be good to have an option to not show these in the block, it's pointless if they'll never show topics.
  14. So just to test and make sure, I added an image into the medium slot for the advertisement so it's like so: I am doing this is a test newsletter and only have an advertisement block added. The preview shows the one image (the main image and not the smaller or medium), so it's easy to assume its working. Then when I send the test distribution, I get: If I remove the smaller and medium images and just have one and then test the distribution, I still get triplets with bullet points... Something is very funky here and the update did not fix this issue.
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