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  1. Can't they download the .ics file for the event and import the file into their google calendar or are you looking for a connection/feed? On a different note, I've just created this feedback topic as I think an expansion on the calendar app and integration with Google API would be very helpful.
  2. Google displays events from all different websites and feeds that submit their calendar of events or have the markup in place to index them. I've struggled with finding good feeds to import into the calendar IPS APP and our members don't really use it to add events because they are too busy doing this elsewhere like facebook or not at all. If I search for lets say "music event" in google, I can get a bunch of events displayed like so: Would be great to somehow integrate or be able to use Google's Calendar API to import events into our IPS calendars like a feed. Google is indexing facebook calendars, feeds from websites, etc. You would be able to have a real robust calendar of events if you were able to somehow create a google feed or use their API to import events with lets say a certain key word or phrase. Just an idea and maybe there is already a way to do this, not sure. Looking for feedback and input. Maybe an app or plugin to do something this? I can see it being very beneficial for a community as well as to create additional pages to share, comment, etc.
  3. I don't recall but if a user visits their notification settings and un-checks to Send me news and information, the check mark for the newsletter is still on. Do they receive the newsletter still with the main setting off? It doesn't shut off the newsletter toggle. I still think having this in two different areas is misleading to users. Maybe a link under the notifications section to manage newsletters would be helpful. some don't find it right away. I find that I can shut off the IPS setting in ACP but can't under the member page do this with the newsletter(s), so I have to login as the user and visit their settings when there is a request. It's too many steps as an admin. Would be nice to have a setting under member view in ACP alongside and within the notifications settings.
  4. Good article. I'm going to have to look into the archive feature. I haven't done that but have some old topics that should probably be archived. Made me think of each of my sites and what stage they are at. @Joel R those Swedish meatballs at IKEA are the bomb!
  5. These tickets are still with support level III, over a month now. On another note, I'm now using this plugin by @A Zayed to display commerce links under account settings. I like that there is a manage subscriptions link by IPS as default under the user menu but you still need a main menu item for some of the other commerce links if you want them available. So now I'm centralizing it under the account settings section which is a better place for it in my opinion. I created a Billing & Purchases section which is all commerce links instead of having it in my main menu. Just a tip for anyone running subscriptions.
  6. This is very nice. Would be great if there was a way to have maybe a 3rd view to show sponsors each month or the prize each month, this way you could showcase your contest sponsors in a separate view showing past (with the winner) and future contests coming up. Might encourage more sponsorship.
    This is a great plugin and allows you to centralize all your commerce links or other under account settings. I removed all my main menu commerce links and put them all in manually with this plugin under account settings like the screenshot.
  7. Just curious if you were able to look at this and see if its something you think may be added in the future. If not, no worries.
  8. I've implemented this and it solves a pain point in terms of showing the subscriptions page as the first page of the registration process while still not requiring a purchase. Gives the option like products where at the bottom: Thanks @Adriano Faria
  9. The only thing missing is that menu bubble chat count, otherwise looks very good. Is the chat able to be added as a menu item with IPS ACP menu builder?
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