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  1. AlexWebsites

    SparkPost Integration

    Does the suppression list work by searching or does it list it automatically? Would I need to know the email address to remove off the suppression list or is a list generated where I can just click to remove members?
  2. AlexWebsites

    SparkPost Integration

    I'm looking at this and also the other one on the market place that restores using sparkpost api as well but only that. Yours has more features, correct? I'm trying to understand if I'll use those features though. Any feedback from anyone on this app? How you use these additional features? Is this an app or plugin? I like the suppression list management, so I can remove a user if they are suppressed and not receiving emails? When are the additional features coming?
  3. AlexWebsites

    Download App Love

    I'd like to see automatically generated screenshots of pdf files or image files. Also group promotion features
  4. Unless I'm missing it, but it would be great to be able to add a group promotion rule based on how many downloads a member contributes within the downloads app. Let's say you have a member who contributes 10 files, maybe you want to then promote them to a premium group or a publisher group automatically with more group features.
  5. AlexWebsites

    How popular is Kevin James in US?

    Kevin James is funny. He's medium popularity I would say. Just watched Zookeper again and Here Comes The Boom, funny movies as well as that Chuck and Larry movie. I don't have netflix and would like to see True Memoirs of an International Assassin. My 10 year old knows who he is
  6. AlexWebsites

    (NE) Hide replies from guests

    I’d like to leave both embeded and regular links that are internal, this way guests still navigate through internal pages. External links away from the site I’d like to hide unless they are embedded like YouTube or something like that. 😁
  7. AlexWebsites

    (NE) Hide replies from guests

    Quick question on this plugin. If hiding links, is there a way to avoid hiding internal links and only hide external?
  8. AlexWebsites


    @HeadStand for clubs block, recent content isn't really working. I'd like to be able to show latest clubs created, is there an easy way to do this? There are only 2 options, recent and popular and both output the same feed.
  9. AlexWebsites


    I just installed the new version and tried to add a clubs block but am getting an error; Error: Access to undeclared static property: IPS\Member\Club::$firstCommentRequired (0) Also, when adding an image block, I'm not getting any images for some reason. Does this app need to be reinstalled when updating or is it ok to update the current installed app?
  10. AlexWebsites


    Any word on this?
  11. AlexWebsites

    Subscriptions: Show in Registration form

    So if you enable subscriptions, those that are already registered prior to this, what happens to them? Are they prompted to go into a subscription on next login?
  12. AlexWebsites

    Member Location

    This would be even better if there was a setting to show member's location (text) within the user pane inside forums posts under the user info pane
  13. AlexWebsites

    Disable Ads on Specific Pages

    Removed header ad on 4.3.4 but not footer ad.
  14. AlexWebsites

    When will you fix the fluid view ?

    I liked the fluid modal filter plugin someone developed and then pulled and is no longer available. Members like the fluid view, but the sidebar is a mess. Would be nice if there was a way to disable sidebar blocks if using fluid view or incorporate the following to be able to hide blocks and elements in fluid view only: