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  1. Does the community app utilize google analytics already loaded in ACP? I would definitely want to see metrics along with google admob/ads integration.
  2. Try something like: body[data-pagelocation="front"][data-pageapp="downloads"][data-pagemodule="downloads"][data-pagecontroller="view"] .ipsType_richText > p:last-child { font-weight: bold; font-size: larger; }
  3. Yes, I hope it gets faster. I’m used to the web version loading quicker. The notifications are nice though.
  4. Would be nice to have a way to integrate with eBay using their API.
  5. When you create a new subscription in SNS, use https or http if you are not SSL With the bouncer app, you'll be provided with a url to the bouncer app. This is the endpoint, the actual url that processes the bounced message.
  6. I think there may be some using SES that may need support if they can't get SES/SNS working. Support for that is with Amazon, not this app dev. Sparkpost/Sendgrid you plug in an API and that's it. With SES you need to set up your sending methods and then learn how to set up SNS. This is why I mention creating notifications to an email address so you can verify you have that working. Then use the app. For anyone planing to use this app with SES, that would be my one big suggestion... get Amazon SNS working now to your email address. Learn how to create topics and subscribe to them. Read up with Amazon SES/SNS. Its not difficult. Once you have it working and you are receiving Bounce/Complaint notifications to your email, you'll know that notifications are working from Amazon SES/SNS. You will then basically switch your subscription method from email to an https (endpoint url for your site that will receive these notifications within this bouncer app). If you are using SES now, set up and test email notifications with SNS by each sending email address, not domain name. My main issue why I could not get this working was because I set up SNS to my domain name instead of the sending email addresses. I just figured that out today after messing with Amazon on and off this week. I had thought it was "catch-all" by domain name until I read online each email address has to be subscribed to a topic to send out notifications.
  7. I finally seem to have it working on my end. User error by me in terms of setting up notifications in SNS, but I can verify that SES is working and bounces are getting processed. I had to read up on how SES/SNS works. My suggestion to anyone using this in the future when its released, is to set up bounce and complaint SNS to an email notification and verify that it is sending via email/working. Then create a subscription to the app endpoint provided. Thank you @stoo2000!
  8. If you have commerce, your contact form requests can go directly into a ticketing system. I have two sites set up like that and the rest just to email. I also use this plugin by @evandixon which has been very helpful clearly describing what the contact form should and should not be used for.
    Works as described. Was able to add my amazon affiliates tag to existing amazon links. If you are an affiliate marketer, this is a must have.
  9. Installed but no idea if it’s working or not. Not too sure how to check. Set up with SNS was fairly easy.
  10. Got a message for all my IPS sites, was just coming here to see if anyone else got the same. Glad to see there is a fix coming!
  11. Would love to be able to use Google AdMob within the app for monetization.
  12. @Adriano Faria that's exactly what I was looking for. Should be part of the core in my opinion. Seems to work in 4.4.6 even though the compatibility block hasn't been updated. Nice plugin by @-AJ-
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