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  1. Got a message for all my IPS sites, was just coming here to see if anyone else got the same. Glad to see there is a fix coming!
  2. Would love to be able to use Google AdMob within the app for monetization.
  3. @Adriano Faria that's exactly what I was looking for. Should be part of the core in my opinion. Seems to work in 4.4.6 even though the compatibility block hasn't been updated. Nice plugin by @-AJ-
    Very useful, should be part of the core.
  4. I just switched to amazon SES this weekend. @stoo2000 any word on the app supporting Amazon SES?
  5. Not sure if its hiding on me, but is there somewhere in ACP under member view to see last login/last visit date? I find myself clicking into a user's profile to see when they last visited. Would be nice to have that under Joined Date in Member View.
  6. I had a perpetual license also, they moved away from that several years ago. Its not the same software it was back then.
  7. Looks good and am excited for a white label option.
  8. No idea, read a few threads on webmasterworld but no fixes. I'm using their responsive tags but on desktop the ads are just too big. Rather than a 728x90 it gives me a height of like 268px.
  9. Anyone using adsense notice display ads too big since they made their changes?
  10. Me neither and I don't see a way to monetize it.
  11. Would be nice to add default tags to imported RSS/Atom feeds as well as some default text (via editor) before or after the imported content.
  12. Can you guys add transaction detail in terms of open (Guest) transactions or invoices not assigned to a member in the commerce overview block? Sometimes invoices get billed to "Guests" for me, specifically regarding subscriptions, and I am interested in knowing about invoices/transactions not assigned to a member, if possible.
  13. Are you using smtp or have you incorporated it another way? Need to get off sparkpost, got a another message from them to pick a plan.
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