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  1. Does this also work when turning on the feature to have club forums part of your main forum? The only thing I do not like about that is that every club forum is separate, I'd rather have one forum category for "club forums" and list all the club forums as sub forums in traditional forum view.
  2. I don't really monitor it, it was a set and forget. I haven't had any issues on any of my sites that I'm aware of. The output for an image posted within a topic is like so: www.mysite.com/uploads/monthly_2020_09/userimage.thumb.JPG.1shdhodikowhdklshklshkldyhsklh.JPG.pagespeed.ic.JHgdgioddd.webp
  3. I'm doing it server side with mod_pagespeed. There is no native image conversion in IPS.
  4. I think topic views can be very helpful, especially for the topic starter. We have sponsors that create topics and seeing that metric is very important to them while comparing that to replies. Someone can probably create a plugin for that.
  5. I don’t really agree based on my own experiences with all my websites but can understand if you haven’t had good experiences with AWS to feel that way. Fits my needs quite well.
  6. I’m pretty surprised at that since AWS services are so widely used.
  7. I've been using it for a couple of years and I don't see any issues. Here's the thing with Amazon AWS, you need to read docs and have a general understanding how to set these services up because you'll be on your own. If you need a support staff ready to answer tech questions, stick with sendgrid or other in my opinion. AWS can be confusing but when it works it just works and is very cost effective. On another note, if it wasn't for the way IPS handles email notifications, I would be fine sticking with SMTP and SES. Its just that when a user clicks reply, that triggers the notifications a
  8. I was using sparkpost when it was free but once costs went up, I moved to SES on 4 of my forums. I'm not aware of anything that is as cost effective for 3rd party emailing. I suppose it also depends on where you are located. https://aws.amazon.com/ses/pricing/
  9. I use Amazon SES via smtp and the delay in replying to topics is what is frustrating. Would rather use their API. So bounces I handle with mail bouncer and if IPS had a default sending method to use the SES API, it would be on us to manage those bounces and our account with Amazon. Same with sendgrid, sparkpost (when it was available). I would say just incorporate the API sending method as an option, which would be very helpful. I have a topic going here:
  10. Unfortunately, building a “community” nowadays is tough as most of that type of user engagement has shifted towards Facebook and other social networks. Even with s good niche, Facebook groups gets a lot of traction because the users are already on the platform. I find the “support” type of forum, where people come to get help, is the way to go.
  11. I’m using the mobile app now and it’s a bit slow loading and searching on an iPhone 6s. Sometimes I have to click more than once to navigate around. Hope it gets “fine-tuned” There’s also this weird fixed scroll up in the editor. Have to use my thumb to drag down the text and see what I wrote...don’t like that at all. Had to hit post link multiple times and nothing. Closed down phone and reopened and was able to post. Also no edit available in app, had to jump into a browser “responsive“ on phone, which I’m on now. It’s much much faster, so I really hope the app gets faster othe
  12. Is anyone interested in having this developed? I don’t see it as part of 4.5, so we’ll need a plug-in.
  13. I'll agree it should be faster loading. Its a step in the right direction and having an app should create more user engagement. Without monetization, I'm probably not gong to use it on my forums unless I can tailor it only be used to a particular user group.
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