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  1. AlexWebsites's post in New notification when content is approved in 4.6 was marked as the answer   
    This issue has been confirmed by IPS through a support ticket and the good news is they are working on a fix. The workaround is to re-save the content notification setting either by logging in as the user or through the ACP. One you re-save, the email notification is sent after content is approved. I've tested and used this workaround multiple times and has worked for me. For now its an extra few steps but hopefully there will be a patch or fix soon. This is important for some of my sites as it triggers the content poster to come back.
  2. AlexWebsites's post in Odd Forum View was marked as the answer   
    Under traditional forum view when you go into a forum and view topics, the two views are condensed and expanded. What you have there is expanded view. Same here on these forums;

  3. AlexWebsites's post in Odd Caching Issue after upgrade to 4.5 was marked as the answer   
    Thanks, it does seem like a mod-pagespeed issue. I disabled to test in htaccess and styling seems to have returned
    <IfModule pagespeed_module> ModPagespeed off </IfModule> So I looked into the filters and I can only get it to work if I disable both
    <IfModule pagespeed_module> ModPagespeedDisableFilters flatten_css_imports,rewrite_css </IfModule>  
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