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Clicking on a page number in a lengthy thread apparently does not trigger a page view/refresh

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My apologies, I'm not sure where best to post this. One of the ad companies we use informed me recently that when someone clicks on the page number from the bread crumbs, even though a new page of content loads - it doesn't trigger a page view/refresh - and the ads that require a new page don't load. So I looked into the Google tag integration in the AdminCP and I see where it mentions something about adding code there to trigger a "page view" when loading dynamic content. I spent some time on the Google Tag page...and I'm stumped.

Is there a setting I'm overlooking? Why would clicking the breadcrumb navigation not trigger a page view/refresh? I've confirmed this to be true by clicking on a page number - and noticing some ads go away...and some don't change. I appreciate any insight you can offer - or even the right place to ask this question and look for help. Thanks 🙂



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