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  1. Has anyone updated to 4.6 with the current app? Does it work? It seems this is still not approved/updated in the marketplace.
  2. Yes this is true and a good point. I was just going by the number series but it does seem they are at 4.6.5 pretty fast. 4.6 has been out a couple of months now.
  3. How are you doing with the update? is out and that means we are half way through the 4.6 life cycle and no update to this app from 4.5.
  4. No, but probably to "hang" the topic starter for asking. Wait....that's me!
  5. that’s crazy because IPS is already on 4.6.4. By the time they approve it we’ll be halfway through the lifecycle of 4.6…lol.
  6. Thanks for sharing, I would have thought it was much quicker.
  7. Just out of curiosity because I'm not aware, after a developer submits an update to their app or plugin in the marketplace, how long does it take for IPS to approve it and for it to be live? Is it different for plugins vs apps? New vs update? I'm following two apps which are not yet available for 4.6 but the developers stated within their support topics that they submitted them last week. I'm just trying to level set my expectations and plan for upgrading some communities.
  8. Is it IPS that takes a while to approve your updated files? I'm still getting: How does it work after you submit an update?
  9. I can see the file fine, just the update hasn't hit yet. IPS must have some "vetting" process.
  10. Yeah I was hoping to see images being served webp based on the user's browser to help with image loading speed. Its nice you can upload them now though, but I don't see any functionality outside of accepting webp images. I was doing this with mod_pagespeed but ran into some theme caching issues so I disabled it.
  11. I'd like to know myself as its holding up my upgrade to 4.6 along with another app. I guess it takes a some time for IPS to approve?
  12. What's the ETA on this and can the current version be used on 4.6.4 without issue?
  13. Hi @Adriano Faria Will this be updated to 4.6?
  14. I do it via cloudflare with firewall rules.
  15. Yeah, I never really liked that design. Its set to truncate to 2 lines. The full product description is below everything in a separate section. You can hide it with
  16. Yes I'm aware of this. Not making it into 4.5 were the og:title and og:url on secondary pages. They always reference the first page.
  17. This is a must have. Just checked one of my sites and see its working... Glad to see Mr. Jones blocked, that dude won't quit!
    This is a must have and should be built into IPS. If you are using the contact us feature, install this to prevent spam.
  18. No issue, was just wondering because I mark a ticket as spam and eric jones keeps sending..lol I installed your app yesterday and one email was blocked as spam probably with IPS spam service. I just updated to remove that per the posts above, but was a nice feature. Currently for this app without IPS spam service, the email address would have to be on the IPS local ban list, correct? That's the only way to stop them? Maybe another version (paid) where you can integrate a spam check against other non IPS spam services like https://www.stopforumspam.com/usage? Just an idea.
  19. Question, if you are using the support system for contact us request via commerce: Then you mark something as spam: Does this log something and then get checked as well? Will this app recognize when these are marked as spam? Just curious.
  20. Mine too! Just installed your app, much appreciated!!!
  21. That would be very helpful, hold for moderation if contains a link for new registrations. You can already moderate all links but not isolate for new registrations only.
  22. Looking forward to it. I was hoping to see some controls over the contact us form because that’s where I get hit most. IPS spam defense for new registrations has worked very well over the years.
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