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  1. I added a blog today and set to be managed by group but after doing so there was no option to import RSS feed for the group I had to make it owned by one member.
  2. Marketplace Default Screen Shot (PDF)

    yea this...
  3. Gallery File Names

    I don't use the gallery on my site but just looking at coming features - noticed a lot of really long file names. Is there some 'logic' that can detect such names that would require poster to editing them or perhaps push the file name as meta data (visible to poster) and require user to add a descriptive filename. Or always rename the file to a standard IPS naming convention - YYYYMMDD_MEMBERID_SEQUENCENUMBER.EXTENSON
  4. I always wondered this too. Always feel a rogue mod could 'accidentally' click on that on a known member with thousands of posts - and Poof gone. there should be a setting that protects groups like the warning system does. I have all new registrants added to a default group of Curious then they get promoted to Newbie after their first post. By their 6th post they are moved to Members. Typically once members have > 5 posts its unlikely they will ever be 'marked' as spammer.
  5. Search - Include Archived Topics...

    If i turn on the archive feature it would if memory serves locks and moves post from > 5 years ago, most may be old not relevant in the technology realm increasing speed of every day users and searches - but some power users may wish to research some esoteric post.
  6. My new nice Landing Page

    second - less cognitive load
  7. Something needs to be implemented so that Select Boxes and check boxes can be re-ordered with out affecting stored values.
  8. If you have topics auto generated from a file submission it looks a bit 'spammy' from the activity tab duplicates of the same content (once in the Downloads once in the Forum) it would be a nice touch if Activity tab consolidated the auto generated topic into the Download entry... Something simple like Also submitted to <name of forum>. I would imagine site administrators would initially wish users to link directly to the new Download entry which they can then download or click support to redirect to the topic. If you enter via the support post you have to click two more times to download the underlying file.
  9. In the main search option there should be a way to include archived posts which will search the archive table. Users may wish to do historical research but would never be able to find a post from years ago if they have been archived. I would like to archive topics from along time ago but can't because i got flack when i turned it on.
  10. 4.3: Commerce Subscription Manager

    So if you had a subscription premiere level once they subscribe it could allow them to be put into a group where they could create an advertisement, as that group would be allowed to place ads. Would the ad be canceled if they cancel subscription and or downgraded?
  11. When a category is tagged with a theme override all children forums should inherit the parent's theme unless overridden.
  12. Chatbox Extender

    is it possible to allow users to dismiss hide the chat box from the sidebar
  13. 2FA Dialog No Cancel

    I click an area that required my 2FA but I decided to do it later cause the device is in the other room - therefore a "cancel/dismiss" option would be more appropriate. A general UI guidelines would require a cancel button in line not have to use the browser to back out.
  14. Banned Members shows up in activity.

    I had banned manvimodels93 and geetamodels yet they display here and a person can click on them and it shows their profile with photo when I do it i see they are banned.
  15. 4.3: Announcements

    would be nice if the announcement can span the entire width including the sidebar