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  1. I am seeing in blogs feed by RSS feed - is there a way to prevent this?
  2. if you a corporation and already have a designated agent for process serving shouldn't that be sufficient?
  3. I agree most of the blogs are fed in by RSS feeds so there is no way to feature an image..
  4. seems all products and subscriptions can select which payment gateways are accepted for purchase. However Gift Cards and Donations do not have this restriction; and all payment methods are presented as a payment option. I think this should be corrected and consistent with products and subscriptions
  5. agreed it's not a single thing here its multiple things The Flag As Spam feature needs restrictions to eliminate the need for: storing of what was hidden/deleted and where - should a restore be needed. a rolling deletion if not restored after a threshold has passed.
  6. knock on wood but the future is only open to my moderators - if by chance one when off the rails and willy nilly flagged legacy members as spammers - that would swiss cheese the site. Moderators who have as spam option should be restricted to which groups this feature works on - perhaps then i could use the "DELETE" option and not see pink post. right now i have it so that if two or more users report post as spam then it flags as spam and hides stuff that is restricted only to the newbie group - the hiding part is where it's tricky 99% of the time it is real crap but i still see it some t
  7. This feature really needs a limit as to what groups can and cannot be flagged as spammer. Usually anyone with more the 10 posts are not spammers. I use promotion feature. Curious - 0 posts Newbie - 1 - 5 Posts ( first one must be approved ) can only make so many posts in a day (flood control) Member - 6+ posts There is no way that any one who is a member with thousands of posts is a spammer, therefore this feature should have an exclusion list of groups. Also flag as spammer while using the HIDE option does not remove the naked pictures they may post in th
  8. If blog entries don't have a feature photo how can we just use the Blog's cover photo?
  9. FYI just running in to this:
  10. Received notification needed to approve post but don't see no means to do so (via app)
  11. I do not believe this is a typical white label app which can be branded. In as much you won't find your app and logo in the app store. Instead you will find a generic IPS App that has a directory of all IPS sites where users would still have to search to find and add your site.
  12. This must be a pot hole i keep stepping in 🤣
  13. Actually it was a different product; but yes i do see that now thank you. However nobody reads instructions LOL (self included) I'd love to see a tiny flag 🆕 or some label in the ACP that indicates new settings, and something hasn't been configured yet. Or even clickable links that resolve to that direct page in my ACP Perhaps as part of IPS developer program download package it should include ACP payload of keywords so that users can search the ACP for specific app settings. As this area of IPS is very new of great interest everyone I am hoping while code is still
  14. https://share.getcloudapp.com/RBuOKxpx button states inconsistent.
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