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  1. i think at least visually the support system should be separate from the commerce (nexus) system
  2. Yea I know it's not an existing feature - and not sure if a Mod could be made to facilitate such a feature... The goal of this is something I have wanted for years - I was very hopeful that clubs would be the answer to this but clubs don't fit the bill. I really wanted a way for me to have different indexes for different affiliates - also also provide facility for them to add / or edit forums only under their category. And yet their forums will be visible in searches and activity streams. But they can refer people to their forums by their URL which is their Category, forums and sub forums, and yet the display will make it look like the regular index and categories are at the parent level. And all existing chrome applies.
  3. when looking at someone's profile and reviewing recent activity I would like to have the same checkbox that appears on forum posts that allow you check several items and hide them or delete them.
  4. under caffeinated - type in manifest to go find that setting - nada... took a while to remember where the settings were located...
  5. Is there a way to make the editor larger in the ACP for the large - its too narrow to reflect average width of site on this 27 inch monitor.
  6. i think you can perform the same thing by downloading a fresh copy of the plugin - decompress the tar file go to the file instructed make the edits - tar the file and upload as new version? Or wait for Kevin 😉
  7. So if you use a Side Bar - but it's not very long and the main body section is longer then the sidebar - and then you have additional blocks (between bottom of content and footer) that if there is a void to the left or right it dynamically stretches wide to match the width of the overall site.
  8. From the context of a Payment method it would be nice to toggle it from the store product hierarchy vs modifying that setting at each product level.
  9. https://invisioncommunity.com/buy/self-hosted/ Not sure it got missed or not but v4 minimum requirements may not be reflected here.
  10. ability to turn off the zoom image when it's not necessary.
  11. it's not ideal its all or nothing you can't have some forums open free form and others closed. So there is room for improvement.
  12. I would love to have the system delay sending notices but in cases when no moderators are on duty: Content needs moderation - email is sent out with a 'specific' url if you are the first moderator to respond via the Email Link you are taken to the actual content to be approved / disapproved. Any other moderator who received the notification and clicks the link will be taken to an interstitial page showing the action was already taken and by whom and when, and if content was approved an option to view content or go to the forums index.
  13. Would be nice to have some indicator on a long thread (pages long) where you have many people conversing that when ever the original topic author replies an indicator on their post shows they are the topic author.
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