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  1. The system should be smart enough to recognize feed:// or https://
  2. In addition i see no ability in ACP to query who is or count of how many are using which login service. And or if and who are ONLY using one or more social logins without a local user account. Perhaps a feature to expose this information - and also when an admin disables a particular social login all members that are affected are automatically forced a reset password and email how to create a site password?
  3. It would be really nice to have a built in Diff tool to compare database structure / tables & fields with known baseline to identify detritus so we can manually drop columns and or entire tables.
  4. It would be nice if when looking at online users IPS had a library of known IP address ranges that belong to likes of Google / AWS or any such bots and include that other then 'Guest' or at the very least include the country flag and prephas the country where the "guests" are from.
  5. When you get a notification it may be by Email and Notification center however if you navigate thru email and read it or just go to the content directly and read it the notification still remains un-read. When you read content something should update notification as read. Also if you get notifications for pending approval of content if another mod/admin has already address the action then it should update that original notification as READ and append "Matt Approved Post"
  6. I see. What happens if a user say uses FB then joins movement and quits FB not realizing they no longer have access to it and then can't sign in to their account. They would have to submit a support ticket or create a new account then have an Admin merge them? Just rambling thru the thought process to have a game plan if and when it happens.
  7. In 4.5 you can force a reset of password but there isn't an option to force reset users who happen to sign in using Twitter / FB / LinkedIn etc. It's been a while since I looked at that but if you register and sign in with these services do you not still have local credentials?
  8. When clicking create new topic and presented with list of forums - would be nice to have an toggle to open or close all categories. the light grey color of closed makes people think it's not selectable so they never open them ( self included ) Example: you would have to be a long time user to know that you can click the closed areas... Newbies can't figure this out.
  9. I have been asking for many many years... i want a way to get a list/stream of of topics with NO replies, or list of topics with NO replies from a certain group - as a tool for moderators to help newbies and or make sure posts get attention.
  10. The root Category has no means to add Grid Card images. Category (not allowed) Category (allowable) Forum (allowable) If you have tons of forums grid view is a bit much but if you have a handful of root categories - they could be a grid and outline contents with image and perhaps.
  11. 1. Categories should be allowed to add a Grid Card Image. 2. If a category has a Grid card image then it should suppress the images for the child forums card.
  12. I wish to disable the truncation of message and content when it is sent by email.
  13. is there a way yet to bulk prefix/tag all posts in a forum... I am planning to consolidate several forums but would like to tag these before i merge and delete original forum. thanks
  14. lot's of time people use CloudApp to take a quick screen share and post the link is there a way to have that appear inline?
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