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  1. would be nice if there was a way to get a list of bounce backs and then feed that in to a process that puts the accounts into quarantine mutes all notifications.
  2. I had a moderate pass away, and am also finding it hard to mute all communications from the site to his account.
  3. The activity stream is not very engaging when someone replies only with a glypy...
  4. That's a nice widget, but I want to view this data in the same context as a custom stream. The stream creation just needs to add the necessary logic to filter out items that have no replies. And the stream could be made default or shared. Only been asking for this since 2009
  5. I am still looking for a method to create an activity stream that is all threads by a group (or all), that has NO REPLIES.... Been wanting this for years - as its a way to make sure newbies posts don't go unanswered.
  6. i have never liked that sidebar widget there is no continuity from levels - at the least it should behave like an accordion and allow you full navigation level by level.
  7. what about users who are already registered but not logged in - they've already navigated to a forum and wrote a novel on a new topic or a reply will that content be preserved and added once they 'log in'
  8. i run a technical forum and I implore new members to provide their experience level, what platform and version they are using and what version of the software. so that it shows up in the sidebar with their post - as typically this information is missing from their post - in order to provide the user the best answer these questions are somewhat of a pre-requisite. how can we guide them thru a few required questions, in addition to the subject and post body.
  9. and yet I still can't show me current posts that have had no replies - especially if the poster has < 5 posts.
  10. it would be clever if there was a way to instantly search for all the new ACP settings for each build. So that you can ensure that you had configured them all properly.
  11. how do you edit the style from square to rounded?
  12. anywere you can add custom fields with a select box
  13. Something has to be done to allow adding custom fields and retain data if you change the sort order. I want add a new value between these and keep the Not Applicable at the end WITHOUT affecting existing values.
  14. is it possible to have saved action's sortable - or adjust the order which they appear.
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