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  1. Would be nice to see a stream of content without replies.
  2. He found out he could save 15% on car insurance?!
  3. any reason to not include this in the IPS framework? I'd Imagine it would really assist theme developers. https://tailwindcss.com
  4. What would be awesome during password selection to reach out and use https://haveibeenpwned.com/API/v3 as information apart of the password strength-o-meter.
  5. is this on the roadmap? https://developer.apple.com/documentation/signinwithapplejs
  6. I get notices that a post needs approval (email / notification ) however by the time i get there another moderator has approved/denied I would like to see some clean up system task that will dismiss these notices automatically - if i log in to the site and see they are read - then i know someone took care of it already.
  7. My biggest issue with seeing HIDDEN content is it is distracting when I am not doing "site management" Sometimes I just want to enjoy the site and not be distracted by the pink - hidden content, then i go down a rabbit hole to see who hid it or if there was a reason. Moderator Admins should have a TOGGLE switch to ignore hidden content, on the front end. It's one thing to see hidden content when it has been moderated (by staff) but when user just hides their own content then its just noise. I wish there was a "DRAFT/UNPUBLISHED" feature that is in Blogs was in the forums too was similar to hidden but allows you to make a TOPIC and make it DRAFT it would require a Publish Date and then show on that date and time.
  8. There is a time limit that prevents editing posts. There needs to be a time limit that prevents DELETING posts - it seems that posts can always be deleted - this would make the site look bad if some user decided to systematically deleting all their posts -
  9. TypeError: Argument 2 passed to IPS\radtags\Table\_Tags::parseRow() must be of the type string, null given, called in /storage/fmforums/public_html/applications/radtags/sources/Table/Tags.php on line 174 (0) #0 /storage/fmforums/public_html/applications/radtags/sources/Table/Tags.php(174): IPS\radtags\Table\_Tags->parseRow('tag_text', NULL, Array) #1 /storage/fmforums/public_html/system/Helpers/Table/Table.php(484): IPS\radtags\Table\_Tags->getRows(Array) #2 /storage/fmforums/public_html/applications/radtags/modules/admin/tags/listing.php(56): IPS\Helpers\Table\_Table->__toString() #3 /storage/fmforums/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(96): IPS\radtags\modules\admin\tags\_listing->manage() #4 /storage/fmforums/public_html/applications/radtags/modules/admin/tags/listing.php(37): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #5 /storage/fmforums/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(152): IPS\radtags\modules\admin\tags\_listing->execute() #6 /storage/fmforums/public_html/admin/index.php(14): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #7 {main} installed and clicked blogs and got this error
  10. Admins can of course log in as some member to check things out particular to their account. I would like to see a feature that allows an Admin to Log in As <group> so that once in that state in you can see the site with these permissions, vs having to have a set of "test accounts" I staged a category and forum but only visible to me after a week i was wondering why there was no traffic or responses I realized that I forgot to make it visible to members.
  11. Greetings does the current version have or plan to have - similarly ability to perform bulk actions --- many times when I am consolidating multiple forums into one - I will first tag all the content where it came from and then move content in to the new forum (should for some reason we'd want to split out content again i could based on tags.)
  12. i think at least visually the support system should be separate from the commerce (nexus) system
  13. Yea I know it's not an existing feature - and not sure if a Mod could be made to facilitate such a feature... The goal of this is something I have wanted for years - I was very hopeful that clubs would be the answer to this but clubs don't fit the bill. I really wanted a way for me to have different indexes for different affiliates - also also provide facility for them to add / or edit forums only under their category. And yet their forums will be visible in searches and activity streams. But they can refer people to their forums by their URL which is their Category, forums and sub forums, and yet the display will make it look like the regular index and categories are at the parent level. And all existing chrome applies.
  14. when looking at someone's profile and reviewing recent activity I would like to have the same checkbox that appears on forum posts that allow you check several items and hide them or delete them.
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