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  1. What about an internal queue for admin/moderator tasks so that notifications are delayed or staggered based on most recent active or some other presence and removed from queue for actions that have already been managed.
  2. Here is a concept / idea... Members who wish to sell something using the store (not here but in our respective sites) They would have a place in their user page to add their own PayPal or Stripe, etc. payment API info. When the member adds their merchandise to the store they are prompted to choose their own Payment Processor. When another member makes a purchase based on the rules your store has if they sold something for $25.00 the system would compute the charge and send the commission to designated site owners account such as $3 for Site and $22 to member the end user would
  3. I have wished for this in the past but succinctly this is really needed: Before email notifications are sent they should be queued for a short period of time. If admin/mod is on site when notification arrives and they act on notification clear from email queue request for action notification ( i may get an email after i've already addressed issue) clear my notification when I took action on notification ( currently remains un-read ) clear all other admin / moderators site notifications and email queue - (why waste bandwidth and waste time )
  4. Ocean West

    Radical Tags

    I had to renew the app in the market place - I think IPS needs a better error when a payment is due durning and update.
  5. Ocean West

    Radical Tags

    I got a notice that there is an update but when i try it says something when wrong?
  6. Why is this site saying my install has a vulnerability?
  7. Right now i have a basic page and using the WYSIWYG object to make this table, all the version links will be clickable. How could i put this data in a database and display it in this fashion. I can't seem to connect the dots to make the content fit the look.
  8. Ocean West

    Radical Tags

    I am seeing in blogs feed by RSS feed - is there a way to prevent this?
  9. According to my host he was looking at the site and comparing the live to the dev site nothing seemed out of ordinary. however on the live site when FPM was enabled resulted in the error page which has hard coded 500 error and we could not find any LOGS as to why the init.php redirects to this page. I am wondering because this was a cPanel transfer from one server to another there is detritus muring things up...
  10. I am on apache and on my beta test build - fresh install of IPS it works with it turned on. on my main site when turned on it defaults to the error page. and the sites are on the same server. so the package should be the same.
  11. I remember it was turned on for my last server but now on 7.3 and when I turn it on the site shows 500 error..
  12. I agree most of the blogs are fed in by RSS feeds so there is no way to feature an image..
  13. I am curious what is the optimal way to setup Storage Settings? How many different configurations is necessary? By default everything just goes in to uploads I do not believe that the system creates a Folder for every specific area.. Is it better to manage configurations by "app" or just have it based what it is like site related content or user related content? I currently have: resources, store, emoticons, blog, pages, attachments, assets, clubs, downloads (files, fields, screenshots), calendar, social, gallery, cache, fields, profile. and when something new comes
  14. seems all products and subscriptions can select which payment gateways are accepted for purchase. However Gift Cards and Donations do not have this restriction; and all payment methods are presented as a payment option. I think this should be corrected and consistent with products and subscriptions
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