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  1. Ocean West

    Guest Blog: Discover Activity Streams

    and yet I still can't show me current posts that have had no replies - especially if the poster has < 5 posts.
  2. Ocean West

    Video Tip: ACP Tips and Tricks

    it would be clever if there was a way to instantly search for all the new ACP settings for each build. So that you can ensure that you had configured them all properly.
  3. Ocean West

    Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x

    how do you edit the style from square to rounded?
  4. Ocean West

    Custom Field Value Order (System wide)

    anywere you can add custom fields with a select box
  5. Ocean West

    Custom Field Value Order (System wide)

    Read the light grey text at the bottom.
  6. Something has to be done to allow adding custom fields and retain data if you change the sort order. I want add a new value between these and keep the Not Applicable at the end WITHOUT affecting existing values.
  7. Ocean West

    Saved Actions

    is it possible to have saved action's sortable - or adjust the order which they appear.
  8. Ocean West

    Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x

    it would be nice to have a tag de-dupe option - i had a forum that got consolidated and before i move contents from one forum i tag them after consolidating some posts will have duplicate tags.
  9. Ocean West

    Who Was Online

    we seem to have 2 version of this in the marketplace... and which one?
  10. Ocean West

    Grid View for Forums: cover photos

    Nothing wraps properly, and long forum names all get truncated..
  11. Ocean West

    Grid View for Forums: cover photos

    i dislike the way grid view works, truncates too much text - i'd much rather have the Our Pick style cards
  12. Ocean West

    Who Was Online

    in your theme CSS - custom.css add this .ipsWidget_inner { padding: 15px; }
  13. I would like to see that all content would allow you to include the Publish Date and Time setting (Forums / Blogs / Database / Gallery / Calendar/ Downloads) This content would be ONLY visible to it's author and not just "hidden" - except where posting permission is required then admin /mod could pre approve the embargoed content so that it can go live as specified.
  14. Ocean West

    Archive System

    Is there a way to require posts to be moderated if the age of the topic or last reply is > 1 year or something like that.
  15. This feature should also allow you to evaluate your menu from the content of a "group" so you can see how the menu will look based on group permissions.