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  1. Ok its been back all night I moved dns records over to CloudFlare and setup a firewall and blocked Russia but hits spike the second I turn off under attack mode... Any advice?
  2. I am interesting in how you implement this I couldn't get the JS to work correctly
  3. if your user provided you with the their IP you may be more successful if you block it at the server level. in IPS you can block ranges using a wild card * to block octets
  4. There was an error communicating with the notification server. {"errors":[{"code":"PUSH_TOO_MANY_EXPERIENCE_IDS","message":"All push notification messages in the same request must be for the same project; check the details field to investigate conflicting tokens.","details":{"invision-communities":["ExponentPushToken[<redacted>]","ExponentPushToken[<redacted>-CC]"],"@rikkitissier/invision-communities":["ExponentPushToken[<redacted>]","ExponentPushToken[<redacted>]"]},"isTransient":false}]} I am getting a lot of these errors...
  5. The issue I have with delete content for spammers is there are no explicit safeguards to prevent this option for members of other groups from being banned. Not that I fear it would happen out of malice or intent but rather by accident or curiosity what happened if a moderator flagged someone as spammer who is a long time member?! I would prefer that this option be only allow to work on specific groups (newbies) not blankly across all groups - It seems highly unlikely that a long term member would randomly start spamming a site, this to me indicates their account were compromised and other mitigation should be taken. Such as putting said account in timeout wiping out credentials and putting the last X number of posts in to a queue for review.
  6. For admin who has ability to view IP addresses it would be nice on the list of online users if there were the following: If IP address matches existing user some indication ( possibly XYZ user ) If IP address matches known bots indicate guest is a bot. Display country of origin flag, and add text to country. Ability to hide all bots.
  7. Ok post mortem - I am finally back to civilization after going camping and my ISP told me my server was getting thousands of hits a second on that page - he didn't see any redirects but rather direct links to that url. He thought it was some forum vulnerability - not entirely sure. He mitigated it while I was away blocking thousands of IP address both IPV4 and 6 in addition to entire countries, after awhile things returned to a normal level. I was in the process of switching to Cloudflare but didn't have a chance to implement it before I was out of internet range. He told me today that another one of his clients had an attack on a server and they were using Cloudflare, the attackers were spoofing them or such.
  8. So it appears the Email Advertisement is for site related ads or campaigns and there is no way to setup any random banner or advertisement from our affiliates / sponsors / advertisers. I would like to consider an opportunity to increase exposure, and site could increase revenue by selling them an ad placement allowing them to create a campaign upload ad and url or some promotion. When other members get typical notification email from the site ( followed content / replied content etc) they email would include a section for site sanctioned advertisers. All advertisers who have purchase this would be in random rotation as emails are distributed.
  9. many from Russia federation ISP has been blocking IP ranges and were hitting 90+ percent this page has thousands of hits /index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=terms&do=dismiss&ref=aHR0cHM6Ly9mbWZvcnVtcy5jb20v&csrfKey=57b5fbe3994e7853b63828caa0779e88 what table could I see guest access and ip's sorted by time trying to go thru the who is online and clicking links is tedous (on top of this I am going off the grid for the weekend camping )
  10. In the support dashboard I see Ads listed as Third party, why is this? It is Content no different than a Pages Database? Especially if ads are just an image and a link what would make it need to be called out - I can see if you had HTML code? perhaps that will have issue perhaps with JS?
  11. So all users who join are auto added to a "Curious" group they have hardly any permissions, but yet spammers will register and fill out their profile including phrases like "escorts" and the like. I have that phrase in my word filters to require approval before making visible.
  12. I setup a few word filters to require approval if a certain word or phrase was added to someone's About me profile field. It doesn't seem to actually work in this location.
  13. Currently a profile field type once set its always of said type. It would be so much better that once a member reaches a threshold and promoted to a different group than the type of profile fields could change from a text area to the editor.
  14. when looking at settings I saw this created a new site and got new keys. I am already on 4.6.3
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