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  1. Upon closer inspection of the database (and my inbox) it seems the application only managed to send the welcome message to around half of my members. It stopped sending after close to 3 000 messages, likely caused my me turning off the delay and thereby disabling the task responsible for sending the messages (the welcomeAlerts task). All members were still marked as having received the message, though. However, those who signed up after the incident have not received the message, but have still been marked as having received it. To see if I could resend the message, I deleted the most rec
  2. What's new in version 1.2.0: Added Add toggle to force dark mode on login page. Make it possible to upload custom logo from plugin settings. Fixed Clear cache automatically when updating/installing the plugin.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Are you tired of the dark and monotone icons of the report panel? Do you want to live a more colorful life? Fear no more, the solution is here! This simple and completely free plugin makes it almost too easy to change the colors of the report icons, regardless of where they appear. Set your own custom colors from the settings page, and the new colorized report icons will fill your live with joy. Known issues: It might be necessary to perform a force reload of your community in your browser, or clear your browser cache, after setting or changing the custom colors. A fix will be
  4. Thank you for reporting this bug! I’m working on a new release with support for 4.5 and a few bug fixes, and I’ll make sure to fix this issue as well.
  5. For me 5 000 messages is a lot (I even chose to send them from my own account), but one million would be disastrous. In hindsight, I should have done the same, but I thought letting my new members get a feeling of the community before sending them a message would be best, and that a small delay would feel more natural than receding the message immediately after signing up. I usually do, and I’m even working on a new workflow consisting of a private git repo and Ansible, but that haven’t made it to production yet. Well, it could have been worse! Also, if I hadn’t done this,
  6. Thank you for taking your time to look into this issue. Unfortunately it’s too late for my community, but luckily my members found it funny and nice (even those with 20 years as members) so the damage isn’t that bad. I hope this issue is fixed, though, as I can’t be the only one who’d like to send a PM some X hours after a new member signs up. The good thing that’ll come from this is that from now on I’ll test all new plugins and applications on my staging server, even the simple and harmless ones like this one.
  7. Then I guess the delay functionality doesn’t account for existing members, and if installed on an old community, everyone will receive the welcome message. I’m looking forward to the next invoice from Mailgun 😄
  8. Interesting. Did you set a delay on the email or is it sent immediately?
  9. I installed this on my community earlier today, and set it to send a PM one hour after someone signs up. I came back to my community now, and apparently the plugin sent the welcome message to all existing members. All five thousand of them. Is this expected behavior? If it is, why wasn’t there a warning?
  10. Have you ever wanted a beautiful background image on the AdminCP login page, or your own logo displayed above the login form? Look no further! This plugin allows you to set customize the AdminCP login page, and set a custom background image or change the logo above the form. At the moment, the current customizations are available: Custom background image. Custom logo above the form. Board name above the form. Force dark mode on login page. Suggestions for additional customizations are welcome! Known issues: As of version 1.2.0,
  11. Looking forward to it! Are we talking weeks or months?
  12. You're absolutely right! I will find a way to show the "mark" when viewing the topic, hopefully with a customisable location.
  13. Most of the fuss comes from the fact that it's an old browser lacking support for many new web technologies being put to use. It's almost comparable to not understanding the fuss about DVDs or Blu-rays, and insisting on using VHS cassettes: It might work for you, but soon you'll not be able to purchase new cassettes (or visit your favourite websites) as the production costs exceeds the revenue.
  14. You are absolutely correct and I'm very familiar with this scenario as I was locked into using IE 11 myself until recently. I must also admit that I sometimes browse both this community and my own from my workplace. However, @Chris89 made it sound as if he uses IE 11 privately as well, and that I can't understand. Why would anyone do themselves that kind of harm? It pains me every time I have to open IE 11, and I can't imagine using it as my daily browser.
  15. Can I ask why you use IE 11, with so many options available? Or are you somehow forced to use this old and outdated browser?
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