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  1. Yes, but it wouldn’t be incremental and easily guessable.
  2. I misread your original question so my previous reply might be wrong about editing the theme files, but I still believe this would be quite easy. Send me a message if you’re interested in a custom solution!
  3. I think it would be possible by either creating two reactions and editing the theme files, or by creating a custom plugin (if one doesn’t exist already). Have you checked the Marketplace for such plugins?
  4. Since you’ve tested in Safari I assume you’re using macOS. Would you open Terminal and enter the following command? traceroute ddg.com Replace ddg.com with your own domain name, and paste the result here or send it to me me in a message.
  5. Have you tried a different browser? And have you made any DNS changes on your desktop, such as pointing your domain to your desktop instead of your host?
  6. Some cache files seems to be missing. Have you tried clearing the caches? To do so, go to the Support page in your AdminCP, then click on “Clear system caches”.
  7. I’m having the same issue, and I’ve traced it to this function on line 4353 in system/Content/Controller.php: protected function sendModerationAlert( array $values, \IPS\Content\Item|\IPS\Content\Comment $content ) : \IPS\core\Alerts\Alert { } More specifically, the second argument, the union types, causes issues for the editForm function in system/Plugin/Hook.php. On line 370, the editForm function loops through parameters and tries to get their types and names: $parameters[] = ( $parameter->getType() ? ( ( ( $parameter->allowsNull() ) ? '?' : '' ). '\\' . $parameter->getType()->getName() . ' ' ) : '' ) . ( $parameter->isPassedByReference() ? '&' : '' ) . '$' . $parameter->name . ( $parameter->isOptional() ? ( '=' . var_export( $parameter->getDefaultValue(), TRUE ) ) : '' ); This works with single types, but not with union types. A single type returns a ReflectionNamedType, while union types return ReflectionUnionType, and trying to call getName() on a ReflectionUnionType will not work. I assume a simple check for ReflectionUnionType inside the try block would solve the issue. As far as I can tell, this issue affects all hooks to \IPS\Content\Controller and every class extending that class. For the record, I’m using PHP 8.1.16.
  8. Runar

    Mark Topic

    Thank you for the error details, I’m working on this.
  9. Runar

    Mark Topic

    I’m not dead! I’ve read all replies made the last few days, and I’ll post a longer update later this week. But to summarize: An update to make the app compatible with the latest Invision version will be submitted for approval this weekend. Bugfixes and new features will follow later. I’m also considering open sourcing this application and my other plugins (most are already open source), allowing anyone to make their own changes, but there’s some license stuff that must be taken into consideration. For instance, it will not be possible for anyone using my code to commercialize it, meaning any changes will have to be released for free. Also, at this time I’m not considering passing the application on to any other developer.
  10. Runar

    Mark Topic

    I’m replying to your post but my reply is meant to everyone here. I’m available and I’m reading all of your posts, and the next version is in progress, but I needed to prioritize real life during the last weeks. The next version will most likely be released around Easter, I won’t promise it’ll be ready any earlier. But I haven’t forgotten about you all, so all I ask is your patience and understanding.
  11. Runar

    Mark Topic

    Thank you for the examples. Would you be able to provide a test user for me? A normal user with permissions to post topics in the Note Marketplace forum.
  12. Runar

    Mark Topic

    Could you try clearing the cache in your AdminCP, and see if the buttons appear after?
  13. No, you’ll be given the choice to make everyone accept the new policy or not, so you can easily just fix the spelling mistake. This also applies to the guidelines.
  14. Daniel found some interesting things earlier this week, so hopefully the solution is not too far away! 🙂 I’ve already mentioned this to him, but I’ll repeat it here in case someone else has the same issues: I managed to replicate the issue on a local installation, so to me it seems the issue should exist for everyone (or at least more than just me) using Elasticsearch and the Gallery. I don’t know if it affects earlier versions of Invision Community, though, as I only started using the Gallery with version 4.6.9.
  15. The issue is not yet fixed, unless you know something I don’t. Daniel has been really helpful, but as far as I know he’s still working on finding the issue and a solution. I’ll mark the solution when the issue is fixed, hopefully in not too long.
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