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  1. Runar

    Mark Topic

    I’m sorry for the delay. I’ve been quite busy with my ordinary job these last months, but I’ve got some vacation time coming up and I’ll have more time to look at your (and other) issues next week. I might need to take a look at your community, if that’s possible?
  2. I'm sorry for the delay. I’ve been quite busy with my ordinary job these last months, but I’ve got some vacation time coming up and I’ll have an update with this feature published soon, hopefully before the end of May.
  3. Runar

    Mark Topic

    This sounds strange. I’ll take a look and see if it’s a bug with the application or with your forum. I’ll let you know shortly. Please clear your cache and see if that solves anything. Also, let me know if you’ve made any custom changes to your theme files (or if you’re using a custom theme, the name of the theme), as there might be some issues there. Everyone should be able to see if a topic is marked or not (the color marker that appears in the forum and topic views), regardless of whether or not they have permission to mark the topic. If the topic marker does not show up for everyone, it’s most likely an issue with either your theme or caching. However, cases like yours are hard to debug, so would you be willing to send me a link to your forum so I can take a closer look?
  4. Runar

    Mark Topic

    I apologize for not replying sooner. Do you still experience this issue?
  5. Good idea, thanks! I'll take a look, this shouldn't take too long.
  6. This looks very similar to the great plugin Post Anonymously in Forums by @TSP. One question, though: Will this feature make it possible to tell different anonymous members apart, like the plugin does, or will all anonymous posts in a topic look the same?
  7. Do you get the same error when installing other plugins?
  8. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help! I'll see if I have a copy of 4.4.10 somewhere to test. Do you get any error messages or does nothing happen at all?
  9. Which version of Invision Community are you using? And does this happen with any other plugins you try to install? Also, could you take a look at your System Logs and Error Logs, in the ACP?
  10. WordPress is an option, yes. It depends on your requirements and plans for the future of the blog, but WordPress should work well. I agree, but for a basic blog without any significant community features there are far better options. It's like living in the city and driving a huge SUV everywhere. Yes, it works, but maybe a smaller car would be better?
  11. Runar

    Mark Topic

    For this years Black Friday Sale, and because I'm in a good mood, this plugin will be completely offered at a quite significant discount (33% off) for the duration of the sale. Get it while you can!
  12. For this years Black Friday Sale, and because I'm in a good mood, this plugin will be completely free for the duration of the sale. Get it while you can!
  13. You should always use curly brackets, even if it might be valid syntax to drop them. They improve readability and prevents syntax errors. There’s really no reason not to use them. With that being said, have you tried to print the value of the other theme setting to see what it returns?
  14. Already reported: Tips: Try the search function. It actually works! 😉
  15. This sounds interesting. Would you be able/willing to post a screenshot of how posts look with your modifications?
  16. This is the support topic for the plugin Customize New Member Badge.
  17. As mentioned earlier in the topic, there is a bug when sending private messages to members after X hours. If you set the message to send immediately after signup, nothing bad happens. If you set any delay, it will send the message to everyone. This is a bug, not a missing option. I just hope @Michael.J responds soon, as this can be quite serious.
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Customize New Member Badge This plugin will let you customize the badge displayed below the profile photos of new members when viewing a topic. You can easily change the icon, change how long a member should be considered new, or disable the badge completely. Suggestions for additional customizations are welcome! Known issues: As of version 1.0.0, there are no known issues.
  19. Runar

    Mark Topic

    What’s new in version 2.0.0: The plugin is now an application! This means a new location in the ACP (under the "Community" section), but apart from that everything should work as before. When updating, the application will automatically move all of your markers and marked topics to the new database so you won't loose anything. After the update is complete, the old plugin will be uninstalled and removed. Another change is the price. The new price — which only affects new purchases — is $15 plus a small renewal fee of $7.50/6 months. This will ensure the application is kept up to date with new versions of Invision Community, and give me room to add new features when suggested by you, my customers. The total price for one year will be around $0.08 per day, which I think is acceptable. Now, let's take a closer look at the changelog: New features Users can now choose between multiple markers when marking a topic, if multiple markers are available. Notifications will be sent to topic authors when their topics are marked and/or unmarked by anyone else. Improvements Added options to customize marker badge background color and text color. Added option to customize marker badge position (before or after topic title). Added option to show marker text in topic page titles. Added live preview of marker badge style when creating and editing markers in the ACP. Added option to prevent members from unmarking topics. Fixes Fixed marker badges displaying incorrectly (in some cases not displaying at all) in "Question" forums. Fixed a few small annoyances in the markers sections of the ACP. Improved the handling of marked topics in the database.
  20. I've been using MariaDB for years, and I've never had any issues, and I don't think I had to make any adjustments when installing Invision Community. Just to be safe, I advice you to take a closer look at the official MariaDB vs. MySQL page from MariaDB, which includes an incompatibilities list.
  21. Any comment, @Matt or @Lindy? Surely this can't be an issue limited to only a few unlucky visitors. SSL Labs marked the certificate as invalid from four different servers, and other SSL testing tools did the same. I understand that you might not be able to reproduce the security warnings, but there are clearly some issues with the certificate or your load balancing setup.
  22. If I accept the security risk (in Firefox) and continue, I no longer see the warning. Maybe everyone at IPS has already accepted the certificate? Anyways, the certificate on community.invisionpower.com is not valid. See the test results from SSL Labs: Edit: The actual test results:
  23. I don't know if this is the right place to report bugs with this community, but here goes. Links in the descriptions for the following forums point to an old domain (community.invisionpower.com), resulting in security warnings and in one case a 404 error: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/forum/320-client-lounge/ https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/forum/442-contributor-chat/ The links in questions are: http://community.invisionpower.com/forum/307-ips-customer-services/ http://community.invisionpower.com/forum/451-community-resources/ (dead) http://community.invisionpower.com/contributors/
  24. Runar

    Mark as Sold

    I'd just like to add that I'm currently working on a huge update for 4.5, hopefully to be released later this weekend or early next week.
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