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  1. @Nathan Explosion Just so you know it is working swimmingly, and wanted to say another "thank you" to you.
  2. I am so happy that something clicked, and I know once v2.0.1 is [finally] available it'll be a fantastic fix!! I know I cannot wait to install the application, and how happy my community is going to be! 🙏🏻👍🏻
  3. Me, waiting for Invision to approve: Once again, Nathan, you are a Godsend for going back in and looking at your code! This is going to work out fantastically!
  4. Damn.... that sucks. Hope it is approved sooner rather than later. Have not been this excited in a hot minute!
  5. What is the new version? The per-user control? Because I don't need that, haha.
  6. Getting the application now, and I cannot wait. I'm super excited for the quotes to be restored to their original form, and, I know my community will, too! 🙏🏻
  7. Nathan doing the Lord's work right now!
  8. Damn. Alright, then. Disappointing to know, but, nothing that can be done about it for now. 😥
  9. I know you're busy, etc. but was wondering if there were any update, per chance?
  10. One of the best plugins ever created!
  11. Yeah, the continued guests who roam, even though my site is unavailable to them, can really slow the site down.
  12. Thank you, Jordan! I would genuinely appreciate it so much! 🙏🏻
  13. That would be awesome! Any way this could be done? Or a code work-around? Was given a javascript over-ride, but, have not done it as it is risky, and the quote issue is still a hot ticket I am asked about to try and revert back.
  14. MNOfficial

    Mind Theme

    Can you explain how? Missing this layout so much!
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