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  1. Within the span of a week or so, this has happened: Closed for two-weeks (still working one of those weeks for limited hours) Closed until "further notice" Closed until May 3, 2020
  2. Awesome, because since the launch of the last update, my board is loading slower and not completely. Driving me a tad bit insane.
  3. No, I don't but, honestly, we use our names as our usernames, any way, so it wouldn't matter.
  4. I always hated having to update, almost daily, and when I restored my system, it took legitimately 10 hours to update everything, lol. My first Windows computer was fine, aside from the lack of space. But, it was 2005/2006, and I was a pre-teen, so I didn't need that much space. But my second one? Yeah. I couldn't use any kind of media or log on before a certain time of day, otherwise, my system would break completely.
  5. I so do not miss having a Windows computer. I don't know how you're dealing with this constantly.
  6. Yes, you have to enable the prefixes per section, and it will disable the red highlighted text.
  7. You have to enable it in the permissions, per section (I believe) in your ACP.
  8. Thank you for the update! So happy to have this plugin functioning again!
  9. What are those? I'll have to do a Google search.
  10. That's a whole lot of gibberish to me, unfortunately. I locked myself out of the Client Area, as I have too many damn passwords to try and remember. There's simply no way to just remove "colordialog" from the selector, and allow it to let me select something new? LOL.
  11. I know I may sound dumb, but how would I go about logging a ticket, and where would I actually do that?
  12. How do I remove "colordialog" as an option? I don't even have anything installed like that on my system. And, since I can't remove it, I can't even upload a new button at this point, and it's irritating me. Is there no way to remove it?
  13. I am trying to upload the zip, however, another item is stuck there and won't let me erase it to upload the table .zip!
  14. I will have to check Ckeditor out, because I would love to see a Table option to my board!
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