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  1. Disappointed by this move, however, I also understand the decision to go down this route.
  2. So, it's official: it is my ISP. I downloaded a VPN to test out, and it let me back in. Something in my ISP got the site blocked. Thanks to all, especially @Runar, for the help!
  3. Seems like it's likely a setting on my system, but the thing is... I never changed my system settings from the day I got my system.
  4. I will send it once it's done loading. It's doing it's thing.
  5. I've tried in Chrome (default), Chrome Incognito and Safari. All three fail to connect to the website. I've cleared cache/cookies, my DNS cache. Gone in to see if I have firewall settings (I don't), proxy settings (I don't). From what I can see, I do not have Firewall on. The site loaded up last night then just stopped all of a sudden. Never had this issue for this long before. Sometimes it can be five minutes and that's it, and I always assumed that it was my internet going in and out.
  6. Seems to be the general consensus. Just absolutely no way of fixing it on my end. I've done everything I can think of aside from flat-out buying an all-new system (AGAIN) and praying that works. I don't understand why this is happening to me. I really do not.
  7. Hoping I do, too, but thus far it is not looking promising at all.
  8. So essentially I'm stuck without site access, then. I've done all online troubleshooting solutions and nothing is working. Ugh. Well, thanks for the assistance. I appreciate it.
  9. I don't have a firewall set up at all. I just don't get how it worked when I logged on last night and then just died out.
  10. My hosting says it's live, and it does work on mobile. Only my desktop and I have tried every single troubleshooting fix I can find.
  11. I don't know if this is the appropriate place to put this, or even something I can be helped with... but since last night, every time I go to my community, I'm given "This site can’t be reached" and they talk about proxy and firewalls, etc, of which I have zero. The site loaded around 8:45pm last night, and was off and on until 9:30pm when it went completely offline to me, and cannot reconnect. It works on mobile but not MY desktop. I've cleared my cache and browser history (big mistake as I don't remember passwords, haha). And I've done everything I can to get it up. What can/should I do? My host said it's up and loading, so... it's clearly a connection via my computer.
  12. Dang... thanks for sharing this with us. Before setting up our own keys, should we wait for news/response on this issue?
  13. Sounds good; cannot wait to update once available!
  14. I know I tried changing my setting to another one, and then returned to "Fully collapsed", and then it stopped fully collapsing, and they tried to same, as well. We'll see what the update does once approved! Crossing my fingers. 🤞🏻
  15. @Nathan Explosion Any potential help?
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