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  1. Hello again I could use a clarification on the settings of the Restrictions tab I have set the Daily Limit Notifications number to 30, but members who are far from that limit still get this: "Sorry, there is a problem You have already poked this member! Error code: NotifyThisMember" and it shows even after a day have passed it seems like only including a member group in the Same Member Limit Excluded Groups setting bypass that
  2. that was it, i thought that permission meant something else, thanks
  3. Hello again it seems like regular members have the ability to delete notifications of other members is it a bug or a feature?
  4. *edit , i had a question but figured it out already, please delete
  5. Hello thank you for an excellent app if I may suggest something, i think it can be nice to have link somewhere to the page where it shows the list of members who sent you a poke/like/thank , maybe another button on the profile page? right now the only way to get there is when you receive a notification so theres no way to get there once its cleared
  6. I too would like to see this coming back, high demand in my board too
  7. Hello Is there a way to set a specific member to be on content approval for only a certain forum ?
  8. Hello Thanks for this great plugin Question reg this note line Can I have a reminder on where that setting is exactly?
  9. Hello Is there a way to disallow guests from viewing members profile pages while still allow them site access ?
  10. I'll try , even tho i rarely get any replies there
  11. Yea I noticed that but to my opinion its still easy to not to see them when the counter disappears, would be good if the counter could stay on until you read the last new message
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