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  1. @Matt a “call to arms” most certainly does not mean what you think it means. In the USA Its a declaration to take up fire power against foreign or domestic aggressors. Aka Minute Men, “the British are coming” grab your guns it’s a “call to arms” I lead a very freely ran forum, https://www.mymilitia.com and one of the very first rules is that NO ONE can issue a “call to arms” for one thing it’s a good way to get in trouble by inducing panic and becoming a threat to the very thing you are intending to preserve. Just a heads up, i seen this title when you posted it and was waiting on someone else to point it out. This topic may get this site some unwanted attention especially in a time like now. Respectfully
  2. i could swear i used to be able to check the boxes on the side of forum view and go threw multiple pages and it would maintain the checked boxes from the previous pages. but now it deselects them, is there something wrong with my site or am i thinking of vbulletin or xenforo?
  3. my home page in pages https://www.mymilitia.com
  4. Please create a IC 4.5 Community Test Environment to allow the theme and add on devs to be able to have their applications and plug ins ready day one. we are awaiting the new version but know once it comes out we have to wait x amount of time for the great 3rd party devs to respond accordingly Open it up to them now please! @aXen | 1s2k and @Adriano Faria and @TAMAN and @onlyME These 4 guys should be hired on at Invision Community anyway, you can trust them with a CTE please consider if you agree please comment below
  5. why can i not move blog entires to blogs i don't own? This creates issues when a user asks for his blog to be moved. I take it this was an oversight?
  6. I want to show all categories, please help! @TheJackal84
    I admit i thought this would be default on the blogs app, the Blog widget with out this add on is lame. That makes this a must have!! if i had one suggestion it would be to allow a different amount of entires to show on mobile than desktop and tablets , reason is i want 5 on desk top but only 1 on cellphones, but have to turn off of cellphone because of no separate setting. Other than that this is perfect!
  7. here is one example of a place to show subscribers..
  8. There should be an emphasis on how many subscribers a blog has
  9. @Adriano Faria want to take this one on? I would like a Copy to blog option on thread tools
  10. when using an Atom/RSS feed any image on the feed should be auto set as a featured image
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