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  1. @Matt a “call to arms” most certainly does not mean what you think it means. In the USA Its a declaration to take up fire power against foreign or domestic aggressors. Aka Minute Men, “the British are coming” grab your guns it’s a “call to arms” I lead a very freely ran forum, https://www.mymilitia.com and one of the very first rules is that NO ONE can issue a “call to arms” for one thing it’s a good way to get in trouble by inducing panic and becoming a threat to the very thing you are intending to preserve. Just a heads up, i seen this title when you posted it and was wa
  2. my home page in pages https://www.mymilitia.com
  3. Please create a IC 4.5 Community Test Environment to allow the theme and add on devs to be able to have their applications and plug ins ready day one. we are awaiting the new version but know once it comes out we have to wait x amount of time for the great 3rd party devs to respond accordingly Open it up to them now please! @aXen | 1s2k and @Adriano Faria and @TAMAN and @onlyME These 4 guys should be hired on at Invision Community anyway, you can trust them with a CTE please consider if you agree please comment below
  4. why can i not move blog entires to blogs i don't own? This creates issues when a user asks for his blog to be moved. I take it this was an oversight?
  5. I want to show all categories, please help! @TheJackal84
    I admit i thought this would be default on the blogs app, the Blog widget with out this add on is lame. That makes this a must have!! if i had one suggestion it would be to allow a different amount of entires to show on mobile than desktop and tablets , reason is i want 5 on desk top but only 1 on cellphones, but have to turn off of cellphone because of no separate setting. Other than that this is perfect!
  6. My site is 4 years old, and ill admit i always thought the blogs app was dumb, i really thought that anything the blogs could do the forums could do. About 6 mths ago i started looking at them and thinking about what can they do that i am missing. We recently got a nice site donation that gave us some extra funds to play with so I went for it and got the blogs. And let me tell you THEY ARE AWESOME! you must have this add-on - @aXen | 1s2k and also an add-on that has yet to release, (not sure if he is going to release it?) that will allow you to move thr
  7. here is one example of a place to show subscribers..
  8. There should be an emphasis on how many subscribers a blog has
  9. when using an Atom/RSS feed any image on the feed should be auto set as a featured image
  10. i need to limit a number field to 3 characters and do not see how i can do this
  11. ...and that was the last time anyone ever heard from @tonyv
  12. It is real, and in the USA we are only in the onset , the next 3-4 weeks will be worst and worst before things get better, the dead will double every 4 days. Not Conspiracy, Not Biblical, Not Mother Nature Purge. We are all victims of circumstance and in the end who is left will be stronger because of it.
  13. Not at all, matter of fact everything was already destroyed once because of our corruption, if this virus sets the world back 20 years that is a good thing as we were on the fast track of repeating the past. When a Kardashian makes 1 million dollars per tweet, that is not a world i want to live in
  14. My site is a prepping, survival, apocalypse, homesteading community. Business is good. If COVID-19 sticks around for a while maybe it will snap people out of this false sense of entitlement culture we live in, put your phones down and talk to one another, hold respectful interactions.. a real gut check into what is important, a snap away from our lemmings like existence on earth. a breath of fresh air amid the chaos.
  15. 🙂 “”EDIT: No, you can’t have both. A link points to ONE place only. And what sense does it makes? You want to mark site read and then to go to a page that will have no results?!? Weird“” close! i want to see the activity page and all the entires and also have it “mark forums read” no big deal we will use it as you have it, just thinking if the count would reset to “0” after you view the activity page would be ideal situation then again the invision notifications wont clear when you view the content either you still have to click on your alerts to make them go away even i
  16. ok any way you can tell me what to add to make the mark forums read trigger, i still want the counter to go to the activity page but to also “mark forums read” too
  17. if you are taking suggestions i would like for mark site read to trigger automatically when clicking on the counter. having to mark site read seems like an unneeded extra task
  18. If anyone wants it to look like mine ....I changed the colors, adjustment mobile alignment and removed the font shading ... Edit ucc.css .ucc { display: inline-block; background: green; color: #ffffff; border-radius: 50%; padding: 5px; width: 34px; height: 34px; min-width: 25px; min-height: 25px; line-height: 26px; text-align: center; font-size: 12px; font-weight: bold; } .uccmobile { display: inline-block; background: green; color: #ffffff; border-radius: 50%; padding: 5px; width: 34px; height: 34px; min-width: 25px; min-height: 25px; line-height: 26px;
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