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  1. Hello again I could use a clarification on the settings of the Restrictions tab I have set the Daily Limit Notifications number to 30, but members who are far from that limit still get this: "Sorry, there is a problem You have already poked this member! Error code: NotifyThisMember" and it shows even after a day have passed it seems like only including a member group in the Same Member Limit Excluded Groups setting bypass that
  2. that was it, i thought that permission meant something else, thanks
  3. Hello again it seems like regular members have the ability to delete notifications of other members is it a bug or a feature?
  4. *edit , i had a question but figured it out already, please delete
  5. Hello thank you for an excellent app if I may suggest something, i think it can be nice to have link somewhere to the page where it shows the list of members who sent you a poke/like/thank , maybe another button on the profile page? right now the only way to get there is when you receive a notification so theres no way to get there once its cleared
  6. I too would like to see this coming back, high demand in my board too
  7. Hello Is there a way to set a specific member to be on content approval for only a certain forum ?
  8. Hello Thanks for this great plugin Question reg this note line Can I have a reminder on where that setting is exactly?
  9. Hello Is there a way to disallow guests from viewing members profile pages while still allow them site access ?
  10. I'll try , even tho i rarely get any replies there
  11. Yea I noticed that but to my opinion its still easy to not to see them when the counter disappears, would be good if the counter could stay on until you read the last new message
  12. Hello When i have a number of new private messages in my inbox and I read just one , the new messages counter already disappears, making it very easy to miss the rest of the new messages Is there a solution for this? its a very long standing issue btw
  13. It used to be a setting which got removed for some reason in one of the updates and I suggest to bring it back its not clear to a not so small amount of members that it isnt a place for very long texts and currently the only options are either to still allow that to everyone or disable the status feature to everyone completely I dont like any of them
  14. Hello Is there a setting to limit the number of allowed characters in the Status updates?
  15. Not yet, i'm still on 4.4.5, i'll update during this weekend
  16. When I try to delete a status on a member profile page it shows this : i can hide it but not delete it help please ?
  17. Thanks! somehow it didnt appear in my search result
  18. It'll be very useful to have an option which prevents members from doing so, or the very least have it have staff group excluded from the block
  19. Hello basic question If in the Award this trophy if... tab i have the User is administrator.mod options enabled, does it means that only those groups will receive it and not any of the regular members? I have a few trophies which doesnt show for members and i'm not sure why
  20. It'll be good if the members have the option to choose the time format they want and not the format we choose for everyone, such as 24 or 12 hours or just am/pm. this options is a basic setting in allot of other forum softwares, including even the discontinued one i used before switched to IPB almost 13 years ago, and i still get requests for this from my members
  21. Thats exactly what i have set up, and except for two things it doesnt seems to have any effect
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