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Giphy stopped functioning

Go to solution Solved by Adriano Faria,

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Seems like the integrated Giphy app stopped showing Gif's , either when i search for something and even when i dont and just load its box , then it used to show some random ones but now it doesnt

Any clues why ?



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Please check that your server is still able to make external requests. It seems like something is erroring out there and thus, why you are not able to fetch any gifs in the overlay there.

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Tested locally in dev/test and also on my test and live sites...

In short...the default key used by Invision has been banned (below test image is from this site, follow up images from my testing)


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If you pop a var_dump into the giphy function in the Editor module (core\modules\front\system\editor.php) as follows:

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You get this response:

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As this isn't picked up by the error check (as it is checking $request['message'], which doesn't exist in that response) it progresses all the way through to "No results to display" as the returned information to the front-end.

Fix: switch to a custom key if you are using the default key provided by Invision.



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4 hours ago, DawPi said:

What did you do exactly? Could you share with us?

With someone else's help i took the default key and entered it in the custom key field, it worked until recently, since a few days ago that stopped working and still neither did my old custom key so i created a new one

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On 5/24/2023 at 10:48 AM, Matt said:

It looks like the key that our Giphy rep set up has now been blocked, likely because of the sale. I can reach out again but I think we'll just adjust the set-up to recommend you set up your own custom key.

Dang... thanks for sharing this with us. Before setting up our own keys, should we wait for news/response on this issue?

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13 hours ago, Randy Calvert said:

If you created a new key, there is a rate limiting unless you have had the new key approved by giphy for production use. 

Thanks for the answer

With all this i think we got to the point where its not worth anymore to bother and get this feature to work and might as well just have it removed

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