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  1. I def want them in discord, not sure how zapier works...?
  2. So, we're trying to do a few things. 1. When an application is posted, it creates a forum post in a certain area, where all can see, but only the person who applied can reply. 2. How do those who have applied view their application so they can comment on it, etc. Also, do you ever plan to work with possible discord integrations so that when an application is approved or denied, it can DM that person?
  3. Hey, has anyone had issues with the images being very pixelated? I have resigned as much as I can, checked my settings but they're still very blurry. Im guessing there is something I am missing.
  4. thank you! ill get my team to look at this
  5. Hmm, is it possible then to have it to where, when someone registers on the site, they're information is also created in a MSSQL database, and turns the password they created into a MD5 Hash?
  6. Can the latest version if IPB use MSSQL or is it forced to use MySQL?
  7. Two main questions here. Is there a way to set that, when a new user is registered to the site, it also; Sends that user's name to an external database Creats a MD5 hash of the password they chose as the password assigned to that database Also, when setting up products, when an item is purchased, can we have it send that products identifier to an external database under the registered user?
  8. Hey friends, question for you. We have a custom built website, and we'd like to add it as a sort to our IP through the pages system. Would we have to manually add everything or is there a way to essentially upload the entire site as a whole?
  9. Hey guys! Got a question here. So, im using the Dreadnought theme by @TAMAN - love the theme, just 1 small issue. Where it has the site name, this text is extremely plain and basic, Id like to change that out with a picture (Text logo essentially) Now, I know I can do this with a HTML Code, as seen here: Now, the main issue is when I do this, the tab looks like this My fix request are one of either two things. Is there a way to change the name on the tab that does not call from the site's name? Or, is there a way to remove the name from the theme itself. If not, it looks like this:
  10. Im trying to create a front page setup that has a news section, and what I really want to do is have an image with a short summary link to a blog post, will I be able to do this with the Gallery ap? Also, can the gallery app create slides shows of specific images
  11. Hey everyone, I have a question concerning my site. So, we just installed the blog to use for news articles and such, and we have the feed show on the front page (www.ambitiongamers.com) but, its very plain and boring, and Ive seen communities in the past that, the front page feed had an image and then like, a summary of sorts next to it on the right - any idea how this goes about?
  12. It seems to have worked but the bg picker isnt working, ill keep trying a few things tho.
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