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  1. This. We cache widgets so we can't show the read/unread styling. It's been this way since 4.5 (2020).
  2. It should already clear out Redis. If it doesn't, that's a bug. Although to be clear, it "clears" the Redis cache by changing the prefix used for all Redis keys. So you will still have a lot of data in Redis just after you cleared caches, but the Redis TTL will clear them out eventually because Invision Community will no longer ready/write to those specific keys. So if you spot lots of data still in Redis after hitting "Clear Caches" then that's not a bug. If you clear caches and Redis is still returning 'old' data to Invision Community directly, that is a bug.
  3. It's in our back log. We'll get to it pretty soon though.
  4. Redis is not a cache for the database in the literal sense. We use Redis as a cache for data that is otherwise stored in the database to allow us to retrieve it quickly, but it doesn't assist queries directly like that.
  5. Just make sure all the files from /applications/forums/data/ are up to date on your server.
  6. Matt

    This is a maintenance release for Invision Community 4.6.
  7. Now this is definitely on the roadmap. It's in the core framework, so just need to update Pages to use it.
  8. I think it'd be worth submitting a support request so we can make sure there's not an issue elsewhere.
  9. There is an option when you upgrade to keep existing ranks, or use the new ranks. However, that information isn't much use to you right now. You can recreate the old system by re-setting up your old rank names and levels and disabling every achievement rule except the one for Comment/Reply and New Content Item. You won't need a recent back up, just one to show the previous names and rank levels.
  10. I see you had your questions answered. 🙂 Let me know if you need anything else.
  11. I think that's most likely the issue, so a rebuild after upgrading should fix it for you.
  12. Best submit a ticket and we can take a look.
  13. Unfortunately, this is not currently a feature.
  14. It took about a weekend to rebuild this site, so that sounds about right.
  15. There were a few bugs with the comment rule extension, which should be fixed in 4.6.4. It likely counted 1 topic as one content item and 1 post, rather than just 1 thing. So effectively 2 points per topic instead of 1 when rebuilding.
  16. Submit a ticket. Somethings gone wrong®.
  17. Manually awarded badges are not removed by a rebuild. It would also remember "7 days logged in". It depends on many factors, such as using traffic to run tasks versus cron. You could squeeze it through by running the specific task via cron every minute. Likewise, you could choose the "Run Now" option when viewing the background tasks and leave a browser window open churning through them. When you rebuild you ask the system to pick through every single data point again (comments, topics, members, reactions, etc). It's an intensive operation so it's not something you'd want to do regularly. In the future I may be able to have a rebuild specific rule option.
  18. It's something we've thought about for a later version. The ability to essentially have one badge update for milestones. We have no immediate plans for this though.
  19. Square Wheels' first look at Invision Community 4.6.
  20. I've added a bug report. We'll take care of this in an upcoming release.
  21. Matt


    This is a maintenance release for Invision Community 4.6.
  22. It uses our REST API so will work on any Invision Community.
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