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  1. Here's an example of me manually giving a badge and/or points. Here's the dialog the moderators can use: One other thing we haven't spoken about is that you can allow your moderators to deduct points from a user when they are warned.
  2. Yes, the badges you see here will be included by default in Invision Community 4.6. There are many pages in the ACP. On the front end, viewing a member's profile shows you which badges they've earned. I'm not sure if we are going to do a "here's all the possible badges you can earn". I'm not sure of its value. We don't want to turn the community into a game. It's designed to reward good contributions and not encourage pure engagement for engagements sake to win points and badges. Yes, it does work across all apps. The profile link is also in this screenshot 😄 Not yet, but we already have this down as a future expansion idea. You can rebuild points and ranks at any time including post upgrade. It's what we did here. We had 21 million data points to look at, and it took about 5-6 hours. Reputation and points are still separate. One thing to keep in mind is that we don't want to turn a community into a game. An early rule I put in place was that we were not going to show point logic and show people how to specifically earn points, and which actions earned the most points because that will start to erode the purpose and people may decide, if you said that you earn 5 points for a post and 10 points for a gallery image, to reduce posting and start uploading random pictures just to earn points and rank up. We do not want this. The achievements system is meant to be a reward for great contributions, and not the purpose of the community. To this end, we will not be showing how you can earn points, and the rank thresholds. We do have on our list a way to give you a weekly update about how many points you earned, so you may get an email with "You earned 205 points last week, that's 20 more than the week before" for example to keep you updated on your progress. You can opt in to notifications to get a push notification / inline notification / email when you rank up or earn a new badge. You are seeing the entire system from the perspective of a user. There is a "recognise" system that allows you to manually award points and/or badges for content. Yes you can manually give points and/or badges. Yes, you can add a "location" "and" clause to specify just forums, or whatever app and set up points per thing differently.
  3. It's separate, although we want to tie it into Group Promotion (promote when user reaches N points) Kind of, you can set up a concurrent log in, it's one of the new default rules.
  4. Out of interest, why are you choosing to use a database to store images?
  5. Sorry, posting videos is forbidden in the no-fun zone. We can't be for everyone, and we accept that. We try and keep things light and fun because life can be pretty awful, and given there's a raging pandemic out there (points to window) these online spaces are an escape from that. Appreciate the honest dialog.
  6. "stifled by some dark, manipulative branding and marketing PR department" We call him Jordan, but that's also fine. His reasoning, which I agree with is that we'd prefer positive sentiment. A tiny graphic isn't the only way you can express yourself on our community, though.
  7. Do you use Username/Password log in? If so, I'd recommend switching to email/password as this will be harder to brute force.
  8. As Mr Cake says above, unfortunately there is no undo which means the arduous task of manually splitting.
  9. Matt


    We are dealing with your request via tickets, thanks. It requires the attention of a member of management, so it will take longer to process a reply.
  10. I've updated it. It might take a while for caches to see it.
  11. These are great ideas. Reputation isn’t stored in the most accessible way from a query point of view which is why these features haven’t been added yet. We would need to engineer how we store it differently but it’s something we do have in our collective minds.
  12. Invision Community has an exciting opportunity for an experienced PHP developer to join our team. Invision Power Services, Inc. is behind the leading community software platform, Invision Community. Our tailored solutions serve clients of all sizes, from smaller communities to the world’s biggest brands. We have been on the forefront of independent and white label engagement communities since 2002. The Role As a back end PHP developer, you will be working closely within a tight nimble team. You are a clear thinking problem solver and are able to demonstrate skills in creativity and innovation with the ability to meet deadlines. You thrive when given a brief and create well structured efficient code. Your role will be varied and involve bug fixing, peer reviews, helping refine a technical specification and contribute code towards new functionality for Invision Community. The position is remote, but it will require significant overlap with the EST working day. We offer a friendly relaxed environment with an established team who have a passion for what they do. There is an opportunity to learn from others and progress into more senior roles. Key Responsibilities Write well designed testable efficient code by using sound development processes Cooperate with other team members to develop new features Gather and refine specifications are requirements based on technical needs Create and maintain software documentation The most important characteristic is a willingness to learn and to take on new challenges. The role is varied and you can be working on a launch with an enterprise customer or crafting code for our latest features depending on priorities. Skills & Experience Significant experience as a PHP developer in a commercial environment Experience with MySQL. Experience with github. Experience with various web services such as OAuth, SAML, REST, etc. Experience working within a team with a strong culture. Some experience with HTML, CSS and JS. Worked on large scale applications. Confident with modern OOP standards including traits, etc. The depth of experience can vary between developers. Please apply even if some of these areas are not your strongest points. We can offer training and mentoring for the right candidate and our team is very supportive. Location Remote but must be available for a significant portion of 9-5 EST working day. Salary Dependent on experience. Please submit your salary expectations on the application form. How To Apply Please complete the application form giving us as much information as possible.
  13. We definitely want to bring this kind of functionality to Pages. It's high on our list.
  14. I've added this as a bug in our internal tracker.
  15. I've added this to our internal bug tracker.
  16. It's fairly high up the list. I'd expect to see some updates pretty soon (as in with the next few months).
  17. I get these constantly from multiple services I use. I find some comfort in them. I do not think it's a good idea to weaken this feature.
  18. You're twisting my melon, man. I think I get it. I'm not sure it'll have wide appeal, but I'm happy to consider it for when we next break Pages apart.
  19. I like the idea of the "Promises" blog. @Jordan Invision has been updating existing topics with news already.
  20. Off the top of my head, this my be challenging but I've not taken a look at the code.
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