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  1. The grid view will show a snippet of each blog, you can add an image as a header for each entry.
  2. I see it, and the core issue. I'm working on it.
  3. Thanks! It's a great team effort as always, but a special shout out to @Olivia Clarkwho keeps schedules on track, information flowing and generally makes sure we stay organised.
  4. This won't make it past approval now. It has to be more than a simple wrapper or web view app.
  5. We all view the world through our own filters and biases. Some communities are frustrated that we are not moving PWA forwards because their 90% Android user base could benefit. Some people hate downloading apps and use the PWA option where available. It's natural to see the world through your own eyes and assume we all think alike and all have the same experiences. The reality is that we have tens of thousands of customers who have billions of combined members, so we get a good overview of all needs and wants. I'm not against doing more with PWA in a future version, it's just that
  6. This statement is so inaccurate, Snopes just went bankrupt writing its response.
  7. Can you clarify what you mean by 'app feature' please?
  8. I've said it many times. Apple will never make PWA a first person citizen on its platform; this means complete with full service workers and notifications. They do not want a mass App Store exodus. They want that 30% in-app payment slice. https://www.theverge.com/2020/6/18/21296180/apple-hey-email-app-basecamp-rejection-response-controversy-antitrust-regulation We can definitely do more with our PWA implementation, but we decided the sensible approach was to create native apps.
  9. We haven't mentioned BBCode on the front end since v3 (perhaps early v4 days). It's not something you need to talk about. Older "power" users that are used to it can carry on and everyone else can be blissfully unaware it exists. Appreciate the kind words! Essentially it means that the features will be removed in a future version. It's not a suite of features that is widely used so it no longer justifies the development 'cost' to keep them updated and bug free.
  10. Not yet, but we're planning to update our demo system to 4.5 within the next week or so (note, this doesn't mean we're aiming for final next week!)
  11. We've been on a little journey together since we announced the first Invision Community 4.5 feature way back in November 2019. The first feature we announced was a revamped Admin Control Panel interface which created more visual space and brightened it up. Actually, we made it so bright that the first feature request was to add a dark mode (which we did). In the space of three short months, we had spoken about Club improvements, invites and referrals, RSS feed improvements, blog categories, the simple stock photo picker, search insights, security enhancements, user interface updates,
  12. Fair point, however it illustrates how hashtags are used indiscriminately and without rigour which makes grouping content difficult.
  13. Matt

    4.5.0 Beta 5

    This is a beta release of Invision Community 4.5.0. Please note: While Invision Community 4.5.0 Betas have limited technical support, we recommend testing an upgrade on a copy of your site. It is likely that any custom themes will need adjusting and any third party apps or plug-ins will need updating to be 4.5.0 compatible. The marketplace application is also not available in this beta.
  14. We have talked about hashtags a lot internally over the years. The core issue is that we're just not sure how useful they are on a forum. They work on Twitter because it's the only way to create a 'channel' of similar discussions. There is no other way to separate out conversations. So adding the tag makes it clear you're talking about that topic. Obviously, with a forum you have categories, forums and topics. Adding a hashtag would be largely superfluous. We have a tagging system for content already, and I would say that 98% of Invision Communities do not use it, and of the 2%, a sma
  15. Thanks, I'll take a look. We upgraded to 4.5 today so we're merrily tweaking and fixing what we see.
  16. I took up outside running. Partially enforced after my treadmill motor broke, and no replacement is available until July. I really love getting out for a run now, especially when it's raining!
  17. As the deadline slowly comes down, two last feature additions race towards the descending door and slide in underneath with seconds to spare. If you've never seen "Raiders of the Lost Ark", then you probably think this is a weird way to start a blog. As we wrap up development for Invision Community 4.5, we squeezed in two extra features that I want to talk about today. Per Topic Post Approval The first is a way to cool down a heated topic without locking it. Right now you can put an entire forum on post-approval. This means that moderators must review and approve all new post
  18. We're all good here. It's certainly helped that the weather has been fantastic. I couldn't imagine going through this in the depths of winter, when it's dark at 3pm and raining constantly. Let's hope there isn't a round 2! Life here in the UK is starting to feel a bit more normal. Take-aways are opening up again along with non-essential retailers soon. I find I have to pick my time to go shopping to avoid queueing outside for too long. It's definitely a pain when you want to go to 2-3 shops and realise you need to spend 10-30 mins waiting outside for each. Things are getting better, and
  19. If your brand sells a product or service, the first thing that comes to mind as a benefit to building your community is support deflection. And it's easy to see why. It's something you can quickly calculate an ROI for. Let's say every 20 hits to a public question with a solved answer from a client or team member equates to one less ticket. If a ticket costs $10 to solve on average, it's straightforward to see the value by calculating deflected tickets. Let's say your busy public support community had 20,000 hits a month; you've just saved $200,000 a month in support costs. Great! But
  20. What's your suggestion?
  21. No, they haven't. What you are seeing are conversational forums moving towards centralised services, like Facebook. Before social media, forums were the only way to bring people together. More often than not, they were based around an interest (movies, music, sports, etc) but a fair number existed purely to hang out. Those 'hang out' forums are better suited to social media. A lot of forums didn't keep up with the times and traffic dwindled over time as other people set up similar communities elsewhere. A successful community needs work to grow it, and you need wrap-around content
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