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  1. No - I don't use Blogs, so can't develop & test for it. However the way I have coded this application does mean I could add it in a later point. If you have a test site I can use then I can try the things out that would make it possible.
  2. Known issues with v1.1.0 (see screenshot 1) No icon on left hand side, guiding you to the application's settings No header on the application's settings Both will be fixed in a v1.1.1 release at some point (I'm not releasing an update just to resolve language string issues) but can be resolved manually now by creating the following language phrases manually: menutab__neapps (see screenshot 3) menutab__neapps_icon (see screenshot 4) Screenshot 1: Screenshot 2: Screenshot 3: Screenshot 4:
  3. You can thank the mysterious benefactor who paid for the features to be added as a custom request.
  4. v2.1.0 has been submitted for approval with the following new features: On the 'Posts' tab, a "Before & after post container" option has been added to the "Where?" setting On the 'Posts' tab, a new "Use IPS new 'Inline' message" setting has been added to allow you to utilise IPS's recently added 'Inline' indicators (see screenshot, makes more sense) when choosing to display a message before and/or after the post container
  5. Another option would be to take advantage of the ability to create custom language strings - screenshot below uses the above functionality, and 2 custom language strings called 'password_confirm_desc' and 'password_confirm_warning' to add those 2 items below the "Confirm Password" field:
  6. @James101 - how is the new version working out for you?
  7. An improvement I want to make to that plugin is to check if the email address is used by a known spammer too, so that would be an obvious improvement if included in core anyway. None of that in there - I would have to turn this to an application to accommodate that, which I can look into at a later point but it will increases the complexity and support requirements which doesn't lend itself to a free resource really. We'll see, after I have all my outstanding paid items out of the way and....gasps....confirmed that 4.6 still would need it.
  8. Ask the developer if the mentioned feature was implemented...
  9. Search the marketplace for tag applications.
  10. v1.1.0 has been submitted for approval. FIXES None NEW Annoyances can now be applied via the Moderator Control Panel (see screenshots below) A time limit (expiry) can be imposed on the annoyance of a user, if desired. ModCP: Moderator Permissions, available in ACP:
  11. And if they say "Not a bug, working as designed" then post it in the "Features & Suggestions" forum.
  12. A log of the annoyances? If so, that would be the Tracker functionality already in the application.
  13. Yes, that is how the moderation CP works in general...you give permissions.
  14. @BankFodder@James101 I've got a new v1.1.0 of this coming soon, which will add the following: Annoyances can be handled via the Moderator CP, allowing you to give your Moderators the ability to 'annoy' users without providing them with access to the ACP Option to put an expiry date/time in place for any user annoyances that you have in place. While I'm at it, do you guys have any additional features you'd like to see with this?
  15. Right...I'm going to point the same thing out here as to someone else on another resource. This is no longer a plugin, it is now an application - as of the release of v2.x So check your applicatio listing - is the application installed? And if so, what version is it?
  16. Just one point, actually....you mentioned 'plugin' a few times there. This isn't a plugin - it is an application, as of v2.x. So, check your application listing..is it installed there, and what version is it?
  17. So let me get this right... 1) you don't have it installed 2) the marketplace says you do 3) it's therefore an issue with the application/plugin, and not the marketplace, according to the support guys LOGIC-A-GO-GO it is then! If you want me to figure this out for you, then provide me with full ACP access to your site please.
  18. In available releases, no - search the ACP for 'ranks' and you'll find the relevant section along with the setting that allows users to set their own 'rank' after x number of content items. Future releases - not 100% sure but I believe I read that this functionality is being deprecated in IPS 4.6, in favour of the new Achievements functionality.
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