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  1. Tested on 4.7.15 Steps to reproduce... Create a new event with a start date of 1st February 2024, and start time 9pm and end time 10pm Save the event Result: Edit the event and set it to repeat daily Save the event Result:
  2. Keep an eye on this, as it's likely the same issue under the hood...
  3. Just to answer this - nothing is being changed; just saving the group with strict mode on will trigger the error.
  4. Yes. Or just set that field in the database to 0 for all your records, and run the task again (obviously, take a proper backup)
  5. Hmmm - actually, this looks like it could be reproducible without strict mode involved... Ignore that - it's only reproducible with strict mode enabled on mySQL For the guest group, the g_mod_post_unit evaluates to NULL in applications\core\extensions\core\GroupForm\Content.php because it's not present on the form: if( $group->g_id != \IPS\Settings::i()->guest_group ){ $form->add( new \IPS\Helpers\Form\Custom( 'g_mod_post_unit'...... ...but the Save function doesn't take that into account: /* Mod Queue */ $group->g_mod_post_unit = isset( $values['g_mod_post_unit'][2] ) ? 0 : $values['g_mod_post_unit'][0]; Not an issue if not using strict mode.
  6. Disable strict mode on your mySQL instance.
  7. I have no idea what way you have your forums structured so don't know what your filter list looks like - but if it was me that was scrolling and unticking each item then I'd get bored quickly and just go ahead and try clicking on the category header...
  8. The blurb is: Correct - it does suggest it will rebult the topic content. Your reading of the second sentence, however... It won't recreate missing topics - as far as it is concerned, as a result of a topic previously being created it now has a record of that topic's ID and the rebuild would rebuild the content IN THAT TOPIC. Let's say you change the "topic display format" for some of the database fields...run the task, it rebuilds the content in the topic that exists already. Let's say you don't have the setting enabled for a database...you have a load of records, you decided that you want to have topics too. You enable the setting, run the task, it builds the topics because none exist already. But once the task is run....you have a topic ID. Delete that topic somehow...it won't be recreated. The field that contains the topic id for a database is the "record_topicid"
  9. That user doesn't match the criteria as it is awaiting admin validation, not user email validation
  10. They want to clear the content of the core_achievements_log table down by chaning the setting that prunes it. They are concenred that it will have an effect on the badges that have been awarded to the users already. Here's my input... Awarded badges are stored in core_member_badges, so should be unaffected by changing that. However, I suspect that if you clicked the option to rebuild achievements at a later point then there may be an effect on automatically awarded badges at that time.
  11. Reproducible - the error isn't seen at the time of the deletion, but instead later when the queue task runs.
  12. Maybe they don't have the "Can sign-in as member?" permission
  13. Scroll to the "Adding a newly purchased application" section.
  14. Which of these is the order of things happening? Option 1: You ran the support tool, and actioned its suggestions and then your forums disappeared Option 2: Your forums disappeared so... You then ran the support tool, and actioned its suggestions.
  15. Cause appears to be the following: The markAsRead function in front\mixins\ips.core.table.js searches up up from the clicked link for the closest element with the class .ipsDataItem, and then adds ipsItemStatus_read and removes ipsItemStatus_unread. That's fine in the traditional view as there it is: But in grid view, there's no element with the .ipsDataItem class for it to find: Adding the ipsDataItem class to that indicated entry resolves the issue - located in front\index\forumGridItem.phtml
  16. Something I observed on another site where the grid display is the only option - just tested it on here, and same behaviour Switch to "Grid" view on the Forum index On a forum that has unread content, click the "Mark Forum as Read" icon You will observe that the strong effect on the forum title is removed, however the icon doesn't change from unread to read until a refresh is performed. Tested on desktop versions of Firefox, Edge, Chrome. I'll upload a video once someone replies to something on here.
  17. Might have something to do with the lack of ACP menu entries for it - I've always assumed that you guys had hidden it in the ACP because it was due for deprecation in v5: Can be located via the ACP search - search for 'Support' and you'll get the Commerce entries.
  18. It's not his issue. v0rt3x.dev has a certificate that is being flagged as untrusted, and it appears to be a HSTS configuration issue on that hosting.
  19. Well, considering it is the place where you configure Google authenticator to allow you to use it for 2FA and Google needs to render the QR code, yes.
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