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  1. Marc, no problem! 🙃 I'll extract it from the database myself. But I can't find where they are hidden there. 🤔
  2. Of course, Marc. 🙃 It's not the same at all. I need a "search query log"
  3. This is not what is needed. 🙃 I need a search query log - /admin/?app=core&module=activitystats&controller=search&do=log
  4. Why is it not possible to upload search query statistics to csv for analysis? In any modern system, it is possible to upload to csv any data. But even in the database I can't find it, they hid it under value1, value2... Was it okay to name the fields?
  5. Yes, I've seen it, but there are no queries, only mysterious values... as I understand it, these are links to data in other tables.
  6. Which table stores the log of forum search queries? They hid it well! 🤣
  7. Will the 5th version be just a modified 4th one, or is it something completely new? 🤔 And when we see it, I thought it would be at the beginning of the year. 🙃
  8. Throttle or debounce technologies can be used. Yes, it can have a bad effect on performance. But users don't use search much. And this option can be disabled in AdminCP. My business is to offer, and it's up to you, of course 🙃
  9. Why doesn't the IPB have an auto-completion function in the search? It'll be useful.
  10. You use the strlen function to determine the length of the topic title during quick editing (by click). Therefore, the length in Russian is determined to be 2 times longer than the real one. And when fully editing mb_strlen. I created the theme a year ago, it still hasn't been fixed 🙁
  11. Thank you very much! 👍 I will read the documentation from A to Z soon.
  12. If, as an administrator, I accidentally make a mistake and cannot go through 2FA, what should I do? In which database tables should I fix what?
  13. Yes, asking "What is the name of the UK capital?" it would be strange 🤣
  14. And that's cool! I'll try it today, thanks! 👍
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