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  1. One user can create one topic in different sections (cross-posting). I used to make a module for 3. x, which compares the new user's message with the previous ones (the algorithm of fuzzy duplicates) and this 100% protected against cross-posting. Why hasn't IPB made this option yet?
  2. What will happen to the old points? They need to be converted or taken into account in the new ranks.
  3. The number of topics and posts on the main page is counted only from the main tables of topics and posts. But posts and topics from the archive are not taken into account - this is misleading for users. I think this is wrong and should take into account all the posts and topics available on the forum.
  4. Yes, you are right, the process went, just very slowly and I did not immediately notice :) Thanks.
  5. I turned off archiving, but the topics do not want to leave the archive. The rest of the tasks are running, so the script works. How can I get themes from the archive now?
  6. Why are there no archived topics in the search and lists of topics/posts in the user profile? Users complain that the search does not work well and they can not find some of their old messages. P.S.: I had to remove all the old topics from the archive for their participation in the search.
  7. I will fix the CSS, but I would like to make it easier from the admin panel. Thanks.
  8. The CSS style of links in messages matches the style of forum names and topics on the main page - this is very bad. Please separate these two styles!
  9. Oh, I didn't notice :) Thanks!
  10. Oh, I knew there had to be such a plugin! )) Thanks! But it seems to lack ignoring all topics from a specific user. I will write to the author. P.S.: it is very strange that this feature is not available in the stock version of IPB.
  11. Why can a user ignore messages from other users, but can't ignore their topics on the topic list pages? Such a function would be necessary.
  12. A window with an Emoji opens very slowly (3-4 seconds) when you click in the editor. The server and channel seem to be fast. What could be the problem and can I speed it up?
  13. Why is it not possible to prohibit the display of ads in individual topics? That violate Adsense rules, for example.
  14. I already found it and now I'm converting it :) Thanks!
  15. Oh, I'm stupid fool, this is correct in CSS - class="ipsEmoji" 🥺 Sorry.
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