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Nathan Explosion

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My name is Dave, but @Nathan Explosion sounds better as it's brutal.


I've been working in the IT industry for 30 years now, covering a number of different areas, working for a number of different large corporates, and now working for a great little firm in the UK where I continue to make things up as I go along.


And in my spare time, I like to tinker and do a little bit of development and contribute to my beer fund - I've been working with Invision's software since 2002 all the way back in the 1.x days, and my first development work involved writing a custom converter for my site's forum software (ubb.threads) over to Invision Board all the way back then. Eventually, I got interested in plugin/application work not long after the release of v4 of Invision Community Suite.


Upon removal of the Invison Marketplace, you will be able to obtain your purchased resources from my own site (feel free to register in advance of that, and you'll be able to link resources to your account after September 15th)


Please note the following - up until the time of purchase being disabled on the Invision Marketplace:

 - My resources will continue to be obtained from here only, for new and existing active purchases/renewals.

 - Support will continue to be provided on this site, and will move to my site once purchases are disabled on September 15th.

 - If you have an expired purchase that you wish to renew before September 15th then you will need to proceed to my site to have that processed - contact me via PM on my site, and I will assist you there.

 - After September 15th, all purchases/renewals will need to be made via my site, and support will move to that site.


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    Any relationship and/or subsequent transaction established via use of the provider directory is exclusively between you and the provider. IPS will not act as an intermediary in the event of a dispute or claim.

    IPS does not provide support for modifications to the software, nor any issues that arise from same. IPS reserves the right to refuse support for communities utilizing what we determine, in our sole discretion, any modifications that hinder our ability to effectively support and/or diagnose issues with your community.

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