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  1. Scrap that.... Please delete this...
  2. Requirements: Webspace

    Hi Datorum Believe it or not, as with all web based applications, very little space is needed at all. I have a wide variety of communities, and host them all ourselves, so see the entire usage, including proper server usage at all times and can say... A small forum with almost 600 members and tons of hooks/plugins, galleries, a few handfuls of applications installed, total of 85mb... A larger community with 13,000 members, image uploads enabled, galleries and arcade, blogs etc for an 8yr old community is only using 1200mb... Obviously a lot depends on how you set them up, for example, I restric member picture uploads to 800x600 in resolution and a maximum of 500kb per post... Dont be bamboozled by the endless offerings of OVERSOLD web space, the internet still needs to be fast, and file sizes still need to be kept small, so if your offered GB's of space for almost next to nothing(A few dollars/pounds), read the T&C's VERY carefully as its a safe bet its highly oversold and the T&C's will have plenty of ways to stop you actually using it...
  3. Hi All I just installed this yesterday on v3.1.4 and all it did was bring our entire website to an error 500, and so had to disable the hooks immediately. Checking the error log I see we have this now caused by MUDD2: I'm a bit concerned too that the author hasnt been back here since July to answer any questions or provide any help at all, as this is a Beta release????? Where is The Geek?
  4. Download: Top 5 statistics

    Great hook mate, but sadly I've had to uninstall it because its not honouring the private forums that only mods/admins have access to. Its showing new thread titles posted in our hidden moderator forums in the top stats! Cant have this, not even for a split second as we have hundreds online at any 15 minute period... I was using the bottom hook. You might want to update the instructions too, to say "Install "EITHER" the bottom OR the top hook, and not both, as that wasnt obvious until installing one, wiped out the other... If I uninstall the hooks, will this remove the edits it made to install them?