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  1. Would suggest ensuring you're on the latest release with all third party add-ons disabled and using an unmodified theme. As when I do what you just did in your video, I get redirected to the registration page. E.g. it is no longer open in a popup modal like in your screencast. Therefore, you're either running something which is causing this. Then each time I submit the registration form, hCAPTCHA loads without issue.
  2. The URL is saved in your database from before the URL change. To update it, the system is going to check if the new URL you provide is valid, if CloudFlare is blocking that check, you cannot update it as the system cannot verify it.
  3. Could you please clarify what you're doing with steps? Choosing a theme in the footer of your community, I am not seeing any errors or performance issues.
  4. This looks third party. You can check active subscriptions in ACP -> Commerce -> Subscriptions though. That allows you to see active and expired users with subscriptions. You can do the same with renewing Products.
  5. It is worth noting the last one is throwing a 404 error. All of them have an answerCount. Is there a full error that Google is providing?
  6. Would check first to see if you are an unrestricted moderator. Keep in mind you will need to click the "Manage x" where x is the content type you're viewing. Like for Gallery Images, go to the Gallery Image and then click "Manage Image" -> Add Message. This is a programming item, you can ignore this as a consumer. It is not a setting in that regard.
  7. Checked a few of those and an answerCount is provided there. Do they provide more information or the last time they went to those pages? If they can re-crawl the page, that may be all that is needed here.
  8. I take back what I said 😅, I thought this was a different feature . I need more coffee to get past this midday slump. It is indeed elsewhere and the guide is correct. Thank you, terabyte!
  9. That is correct, it is currently only offered for Forums at the moment. I will pass this along internally.
  10. Looks like this required be unrestricted at this point. It looks like this may be an oversight on the moderation side of things. I have submitted a bug for this to look at being added for a moderator permission.
  11. As you are self-hosted and you are utilizing CloudFlare, the above instructions would not apply to you. You would need to ensure that you enable "Trust IP Addresses provided by proxies" in ACP -> System -> Advanced Configuration. Otherwise, CloudFlare's IP address will be used rather than your own (or your visitors).
  12. You would need to contact CloudFlare if you are unfamiliar with how their firewall works or remove it completely for testing.
  13. While I am seeing the folder get rebuilt myself, my modified and created items do not get destroyed permanently like yourself. They get properly rebuilt. By chance, is there a write issue on specific files in that folder?
  14. Thank you. I have transferred this to a ticket, please watch your email for further correspondence.
  15. I'm afraid, I am receiving a connection timeout with the given access details.
  16. The Subscription system is seeing that you have one but is expired. Odd. I will need to escalate this to get it reviewed. Could you please ensure SFTP/FTP access details are correct on file.
  17. Are all current packages expired? A user cannot own more than one and if they do not have an upgrade path, they wouldn't be able to purchase anew. If they do not have an existing package, please let us know an example user's display name or ID that we can look at.
  18. I have transferred this to a ticket. Please watch your email for further correspondence.
  19. I do not see that they are currently missing. Please let us know next time they go missing so we can review.
  20. UI organization, they are a little separate but honestly, may just be an oversight that till now hasn't come to light. You're more than welcome to post this in our Feedback forum though.
  21. Are these items getting squared away on your server's storage? The fact that they disappearing and nothing is being actioned against them is odd.
  22. Would test with a simple resource like the image, would ignore a more complex one like a font for the time being.
  23. Are you sure it is actually appearing and not some form of cache from the browser, server, or CloudFlare?
  24. You would click the "See my activity" button on your profile and then you can sort through all your posts.
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