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  1. You would need to check each author's independent site to see if there have been any releases. Additionally, simply because there has been no release, does not mean it is compatible. Please note this would also impact plugins as well.
  2. Thank you for reporting this. I have submitted this internally to be further investigated.
  3. As you have a custom theme and third-party applications/plugins which interact with code surrounding this, I would recommend starting by ensuring these are compatible with the release you're on.
  4. Has this happened recently on the latest release? If so, not really a good test case at the moment, I'm afraid, but please let us know the example if it happens that way in the future.
  5. The crontask is still set to use PHP 7, you'll need to change it to using PHP 8.1. Go to ACP -> System -> Advanced Configuration and copy the cron task provided there to your cron setup on your server. If you are unsure how to perform this, please contact your hosting provider.
  6. ACP > Members > Groups > edit group > Social > Reactions. Ensure there’s no limit and then repeat for each group 🙂.
  7. Not being familiar with Dovetail's integration with WordPress, it would be hard for us to say how to uninstall it. It sounds like you're just using Invision Community now and everything has been brought over to Invision Community. If that is the case, you can contact the author of the Dovetail integration and find out how to uninstall that. If there are no SSO's setup to your WordPress side or anything else that Invision Community is reaching out to WordPress for. You could ultimately remove WordPress files and database. However, as Randy mentioned, that assumes that your database is separate from your Invision Community database. If they are not, it is very manual that you'll need to determine what is a WordPress table or Invision Community. Finally, if you do decide to go the route of delete files and databases, take a final backup before doing so (maybe of your whole server). That way, if you accidentally did something wrong, you have it.
  8. There isn't a means to do this currently in the software. It would require a customization or speaking with Stripe to see if they have a way.
  9. We used this functionality in our Marketplace up until we closed it. However, looking in PayPal's docs, the functionality for Payouts does still exist.
  10. The answer would be this hasn’t been reported, no. testing that URL local to my test environment, I am unable to even reproduce the error itself. Therefore, either this is something specific to your environment or some customization of the environment. You would want to restore the environment back to stock and provide us access if the issue is still present.
  11. I’m confused what you mean. Our software runs independently of WordPress. Do you mean you have another forum software installed that is a part of WordPress?
  12. Announcements are in the Moderator CP :
  13. This would be an oversight on our end which is displaying this even though you don’t have support access. I will report that internally Im afraid, only the owner can make changes to alternate contacts.
  14. The account owner would need to set you up as an alternate contact for support. Currently, your account is not setup as such so this would indeed be correct as you are not authorized for support in our system. Please ensure that the account owner checks the box for support on the alternate contact setup in the Client Area. If they need assistance, please have them submit a ticket and we'll be happy to assist. This would be intentional so that all contact goes through our support queue. If I am sleeping, go on vacation, or heck, get hit by a bus, you don't want to be emailing me with your issue, you want to email the support inbox so the staff member on duty can triage your issue and get it into the support process.
  15. Thank you. Please be sure to reply in the email for future conversations. I have moved your ticket forward.
  16. Towards the end of the video, I see the progress bar start on the image processing, but the popup modal is abruptly closed before it can finish. Is this the system or yourself performing this action? If it is the system performing this, could you please ensure that all third party add-ons on your community are disabled and you're using an unmodified theme? Additionally, could you please ensure that any browser extensions on your browser are disabled or you're testing in a private/incognito mode so that these extension do not impact your testing.
  17. Thanks! I moved this to a ticket to further investigate the issue, please check your email inbox for the address on file for next steps.
  18. It's currently a setting if you don't wish to show it 😉
  19. If the administrator does not have access to assign other groups to an administrator, that would be correct. They should only be able to assign the administrator group which they are assigned or not be able to access. You're currently on an outdated release of our software so first, I would advise upgrading if you're seeing otherwise.
  20. I appreciate the apology. I too agree that it is extremely frustrating when something you pay for isn't working correctly. Please know, we are here to help. When dealing with web software, a good foundation is important. Why the Support Tool there is key to starting your support journey and we display all those items for quick troubleshooting. We've seen odder things happen with these core items so want to ensure they're at our minimum requirements prior to proceeding. Thank you for seeing this through and getting this done 🙂 . Unfortunately though, it seems our password is incorrect which has been provided to access your community now. Unsure if through the process something happened to our account but please update it in the client area and we'll continue our investigation. Thanks!
  21. PHP 8.2 is not supported. You will need to run 8.0 or 8.1.
  22. You're all good. This would not interfere with emails going out of your community. If you use our Invision Community mail sending feature, emails are not sent from your domain. If you use a third-party email service, you will need to keep those records in place in addition with any you add from Google. With the above in mind, MX records are for email receiving, rather than sending. We can assist you in adding those records to your DNS which is hosted here with us. Just simply submit a ticket 🙂 .
  23. Would advise switching to an unmodified theme to see if still presents itself and ensure all third party items are disabled.
  24. While I understand your frustration here, we are assisting you in getting your community in working order prior to attacking the issue at hand. It may seem irrelevant, but ignoring our support tools will just cause later issues in the investigation.
  25. Please fix the database issues: Once we have these basic items resolved, we can further investigate.
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