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  1. New to 4.5. Actually I'm new to IPB in general. It seems 15 years ago I used my website address to receive emails to my Google Chrome account I don't how I did it. My IPB is www.home2000.com, still under construction. So I would use bob@home2000.com. If someone sent me email to that address it would end up in my Google Chroma email program, which is what I want. I'm not sure if there's some settings within IPB or Chrome that I have to set up. Bob
  2. On the Home page of Ignitor Blue there are 6 blue buttons. How can I code a button to go to a Category or Forms.

    Also, how can I resize the height of the block that holds the six buttons. I believe the block is called a Hero Tab.


    1. DesignzShop


      Please use the PM system for support as I mentioned before. Thank You

  3. So than my path to the test site would not be www.home2000.com, but rather www.testhome2000.com? Bob Snow
  4. I'm trying to install AppServ-x64-9.3.0.exe On my local hard drive. I was able to install successfully and it created the folder c:\AppServ\www. I know about ending my license key with "-TESTINSTALL" at the end. But that's about as far as I got. I do have a few questions. MySQL - I understand I'm to make some changes in there. MySQL DataBase - somehow ones. Create a database. Test - where am I supposed to put the name test when I'm setting up. localhose - how do I access the database once I have are properly installed. Currently all I have to do is www.home2000.com to access my website that is being hosted by my provider. Thinking That I Probably Have To Somehow Type in Something Similar to Get into My Test Set up That Is on My Hard Drive. I should mention: my Apache HTTP Server Information Server Name: localhost Administrators Email Address: amerifax@gmail.com Apache ATT Port: 80 Apache HTTPS Port: 443 Bob Snow
  5. Thank you all for your help. Special thanks to Paul E., with the very detailed description of what I need to do. But also why I'm doing it. In all my days this is the best. Bob
  6. If I decide to install on my hard drive, as mentioned above, I would be using either AppServ or WAMP. I did click on each link to see what they are all about. They both appear to be a bit complex. What exactly do they do for me. How do they affect the requirement for Apache + PHP + MySQL, being as it's installed on my hard drive. My thought is it's acting like a shell mimicking a server . I'm a 80-year-old rookie but I'm still facing the challenge. Bob
  7. I have 4./5 installed on my server right now, in the public_html directory. I also have room to install a TESTINSTALL. What I'm looking for is the file structure I would use. From what I have read elsewhere I'm under the impression that I would install in a subdirectory of, public_html. And the directory would be called: public_html/TESTINSTALL That's only a guess. Bob
  8. I'm trying to set up 4.5 on my local hard drive for testing. I moved the files into a directory, E:\ISP-Test. From here I am lost. Is there a certain file structure that I must follow for the installed files? Bob
  9. As I was purchasing sticky notes it said not compatible with 4.5. I was shown this after I had already purchased the product. What should I do? Bob Snow
  10. I am as green as they come, regarding developing a community forum. My question is when I go to the editing IgnitorBlue settings (General through Topix Plus) is there any documentation that might be helpful to me?

    1. DesignzShop


      Hi Bob, you can reach as you have been through pm for support.

      Kind regards

  11. The Hero Tab has six buttons. Can I have these buttons open a forum. I should say swapout the current forum that is being displayed with another. In the Igniter Series, Browser\Forums, 6 Buttons are displayed. Under the Hero Tab Box there is a Forum. I would like to swapout the forum that is currently displayed with another when a user selects one of the buttons.

  12. "Replay to this Topic", is kind of a space killer. Bob
  13. With the database be in any particular directory. I wouldn't have a certain name to it required by Invision Power PRG. If I knew the code that would call the database, I could possibly search for that code. Bob
  14. I have a backup of a 10 year old IPS community forum. The backup file is ips_ab4a7.7z After I expanded the backup, ips_ab4a7, the following appeared in the root directory. Folders: admin, api, applications, datastore, plugins, system, uploads Files: 404error.php, conf_global, Credits.txt, error.php, index.php, init.php, sitemap.php Will any of this allow me to view the forum in a browser. Or what must I do to see the old topics. My intention is to see the general format that I use to to display the general format and the flow of the site in general. Bob
  15. Yes, they are still the same. Thanks Bob
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