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  1. Our system does not have restrictions on adding specific member groups to a user. Reversely, an administrator cannot modify their own group permissions but that does not sound like what you're stating here. Is this something custom which you have a third party addon for?
  2. Sorry that you feel that way, but you have paid for an active license, not just support. Just like everyone else who has paid for a self-hosted license, you have received those benefits which come along with being an active license holder, including the latest software releases, spam defense system, GEO IP, and other benefits. Support is included with this, but you must meet minimum requirements for support which we post here. As our standards of support policy states, we only support the latest release so if you choose to use an older release and refuse our support resolution of upgrading to the latest release which houses a fix to solve an issue, there is no further support to be had as you are choosing to go outside the bounds of our support standards. Again, our support is still present if you're having issues upgrading the core software to the latest release.
  3. I'm afraid, the solution is indeed to upgrade to the latest release as this has been resolved in the releases since yours. If it's still an issue on the latest release, we can then manually resolve it for you. However, ignoring the fix and being rather outdated is only going to continue the issue happening, among others. To put this in perspective, if the resolution for a nail in the middle of your car's tire is to patch the tire, you can't ignore that resolution and expect to keep your tire with a hole in it. Simply putting more air in the tire will just eventually have it happen again 🙂 . If you're encountering an issue with upgrading the core software, we can assist with that.
  4. Our Marketplace has been decommissioned so it would only be available if the author has their own website to sell/download it.
  5. Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention! I can confirm this should be further reviewed and I have logged an internal bug report for our development team to investigate and address as necessary, in a future maintenance release.
  6. The errors in ACP -> System -> Email Settings -> Email Error Log, are not related to email validations but rather invalid email addresses which you were attempting to send a Follow up notifications to. Our system is merely alerting you of that.
  7. Long as it sends, it sends. There would be nothing on our end prevent it.
  8. A canonical basically just says "this is the main page, index this." in cases where there may be query string, URL formats, etc... Therefore, what you see there really is correct. Invision Community actually redirects / to no slash so it would not be possible to reference the /.
  9. If you are not running it per our recommendations, you will get this. As you are running it once every 30 min, that would not be enough. You need to run the task once per minute.
  10. Deprecated does not mean removed. As it says there, at least 12 months notice will be given before support is discontinued. You will want to check your API configuration to our guide if your maps are not displaying.
  11. We do not block any emails. Emails coming out of our software contain HTML so there is nothing special there blocking your email. If you are sending to email addresses all at the same domain, it could be the receiving server is blocking it thinking it’s spam or something else.
  12. The software successfully attempted to send your bulk email. However, you will want to check the reason it failed to some recipients in ACP -> System -> Email Settings -> Email Error Logs. The email addresses you are sending to are failing to send through a hard bounce so our email system is no longer going to send to it. You will need to test with another email address.
  13. You would need to contact the authors for assistance.
  14. It would be variable depending on how you're processing your background task queue, number of content items you have, server processing power, etc... If you are running your background tasks via traffic and do not have much traffic, you can go to ACP -> System -> Dashboard -> Background Processes -> scroll down to the bottom of that window and click the "Run Manually" option.
  15. The initial items on the page (first ~25 items) are not AJAX but each subsequent load of activity is AJAX. If this is happening in one browser but not another, this sounds like a browser configuration or browser cache settings rule. If you use CloudFlare, server configuration to set caching headers, or anything else, this may be causing issues with Firefox. If you really want to find this, you will want to simplify your configuration. If you are able to separate your testing to a test site on a different server or separate configuration, that may help you. It could also even be a browser bug or oddity from Firefox (they have been having a lot lately).
  16. You will need to downgrade to 8.1 or 8.0.
  17. What version of PHP are you running? The error as mentioned on the /admin page is: syntax error, unexpected '->' (T_OBJECT_OPERATOR)
  18. You would need to investigate with your hosting provider what is happening as they should not be caching full pages or what it is that they are here that is causing this. This is not normal.
  19. Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention! I can confirm this should be further reviewed and I have logged an internal bug report for our development team to investigate and address as necessary, in a future maintenance release.
  20. Please be advised I have transferred this to our ticket system. Please watch your email for further responses.
  21. I would not be doing this. Please provide access and we can directly assist. Adding in third party libraries can cause issues if you do not know what they are or how to implement them.
  22. This would just indicate that files were applied but the upgrader needs to be ran at {baseurl}/admin/upgrade (where {baseurl} is your community's root URL)
  23. The dev will review and reply here when they have a moment. I will ping them again tomorrow as today is a holiday in the company.
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