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  1. Howdy folks, is there a setting somewhere that I can turn on to notify me when someone edits an article or record in wiki mode? Thanks!
  2. TDBF, has this been authorized yet? Is it available at your own shop? Thanks
  3. Anyone know where I can find this extension?
  4. That's actually a great idea, we have a ton of images now that have an arbitrary file name as the title, it looks ugly and as mentioned above, it's un searchable. I have reminded members to name their images appropriately, but not everyone gets the message, and some just flat out don't care.
  5. Good day folks. I create custom blocks for a lot of things, temp blocks for an event I'd like to highlite for a time period, blocks for advertisers that have limited times of showing and no longer usable, blocks that at one time seemed like a good idea, and now they aren't. As I was going through my blocks and cleaning house, I found it very difficult to actually determine which one went where and if it was being used or not. It would be nice to have a small blurb in the custom block "Details" where the block is being used, or not used at all. Perhaps something like "used on acme page" or "not active" or something of the sorts. Thanks for your consideration.
  6. It could be a feature that can be turned on or off in admin? The hover preview would grab the first image (if there is one) of the article or record and some intro text from the first paragraph? I know ya all know wikipedia, if you hover over a link at their website you'll see a handsome preview popup, I really love those. Just a wish added to your long long long list of wishes from us all 🙂
  7. We already have previews on hover for our Forums. Can we extend that capability to hover article previews when an inline text link is provide for an article? For example: I really love this helpful article on Spam Prevention, it is very helpful. So, when you hover your cursor over "Spam Prevention" we'd have an article popup preview appear. Thanks for your consideration.
  8. I have a pet peeve, images uploaded to our gallery display their file name as the title. For example a member uploads their image and doesn't change the title image, so it then displays something like DSC2849.jpg instead of for example "Oak Cabinet". I have rules displayed for image uploading in each gallery, but they are apparently ignored. Is there any way to auto enforce changing the title of an image uploaded to our galleries? Our community is gallery and image heavy, visual arts. It drives me crazy that folks are lazy and just use their default image file title. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  9. I've disable everything Facebook in our community, the only that is left is the social icon directing users to our FB page. It became such a hassle, login with FB, Promote to FB, just a PITA.
  10. Daniel started to help me in the customer support email, and he stated something about the promotions appears to not be local. But I knew I only promote local, so his comment lead me to one thing after another and I tried to promote without the local promote box text, I'd delete the text but keep the box, thinking I could just have the image and caption displayed without introductory text, but it would not go through. So, I added text, just a few words, and the promotion went through, it displays. I did not delete the local promotion box, I just deleted the text from the box, and that was enough for it not to schedule and promote. Don't know if that's a bug or not.
  11. Hey Adlago, sidebar is not cached, I don't use cron, my site is set to the default "Run tasks automatically". Our community is heavy on images. This morning issue still persists. Thanks for your input Adlago. Patch applied and no change Daniel.
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