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  1. Martin, that is an awesome idea, that could work, what will it take? If there is funding involved, and if I can pay the bill, I'd like it released out to the community to go with your already free mapping app, in the spirit of Open Source. Thanks for your reply Martin.
  2. Dear dev, would you consider adding geolocation functions for articles? Such as an article about a town in France, is geolocated on a map, and the article title is represented by a pinpoint, when the pin is clicked on, a small box with a an article preview appears, then the user clicks on the box and is taken to the article. This could be in addition to your already awesome mapping function, and would probably have to be a paid feature as I can only imagine the dev that would have to go into that. Here is an example in our wiki that I am speaking of, click on a pin, and click on the name. https://thepatriotwoodwiki.org/Geolocated+Research+Projects
  3. Experiencing this error in our community as well, next time it happens I'll get a screen shot and submit a ticket, it's is sporadic though so hard to catch. I do however see in my error logs this happening and it's been reported by our members. Screen shot of error log below.
  4. @A Zayed and @ehren., thank you for working with me on this, appreciate it much! Ehren, as well, always top notch service with your themes, I can't thank you enough. Cheers gents!
  5. I have members with sight challenges that like to use .odt on their desktops so they can compose in a format they can deal with visually, then copy paste the doc to our forum, then they have to manually trick it to look good. I would love to see this happen too, great suggestion!
  6. IPS Version 4.3.6 Good day Zayed, it appears that our profile fields are overflowing data when clicked on. If you will go to one discussion in our forum at https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/forums/topic/24365-new-member-intro/ And click on several of the profile fields, specifically member "Woodbutcherby..." you'll see the issue we are experiencing now, I don't know what caused this or why, it may be a theme conflict? Thank you for any help! John PS, it does appear that it works fine with IPS default theme. But it conflicts with my IPS Focus Theme. hmmm.
  7. https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/ A woodworking community for folks to share and learn and mentor in the art and craft of woodworking, and we perform fundraisers for our American Veterans and their families. Thanks for looking! Awesome page plugins by @opentype, thanks sir for the wonderful plugins! And awesome themes by @ehren. of IPS Focus https://www.ipsfocus.com/
  8. Mike, Thanks for the great app, I love it. Sometimes though, something happens and I am not sure if this is on our end or the app end. I have some images that were hosted on a members photo bucket account, and after the rewriting process, when you click on the image we get an error. If you could, can you please see this topic at https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/forums/topic/12340-santa-left-a-new-old-crew-member/ And click on the images in the opening topic, and you'll see what we are seeing, any help or advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks sir!
  9. Don't know yet, know body got back with me, and I have not investigated any further.
  10. Open, Seems my SuperGrid in Record View is not working anymore, as far as the nice offset is concerned, where the body of the page content overlays onto the header image. Can you please see this link at https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/administrative_topics/who-we-are-r1/ You'll see the header sitting atop the article content instead of the content overlaying the bottom portion of the header image. Thanks for any direction on this. John
  11. Completely agree, top notch, could not imagine being involved in any other community software.
  12. I would love to see notifications when an admin or staff recognizes member content. Here are a few examples of notifications sent to a member when: Notification sent when gallery image is featured Notification sent when any content is featured Notification sent when content is rated Notification sent when content is picked by "Our Pics" I am sure there are other "ego booster" notifications that could be triggered. This would increase happiness, ego, and recognition, and return members. Also, I think it would be really neat if a topic could be pushed as a Bulk Mail from the front end. There are many instances when a really wonderful topic has been created by one of our members, or by Staff, and a quick button for use by admins would be nice to click at the topic level, and push that topic out as a bulk mailing. Thanks for the consideration. John
  13. Oh yes! This would be most awesome!
  14. Hello Fosters, can forms be used to create articles? I would like to use forms for tools and machinery reviews. A structured review, when submitted will create an article with image and fields. Thanks
  15. Hello Zayed, once installed, will past links convert in older topics and other locations throughout the community?
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