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  1. Yes! This can be somewhat frustrating, because as you create the goals, they start stacking up on each other on the same page and confusing members who want to donate to a specific goal. I'd like it too if we could create one goal at a time, and have just that one goal appear on the donation page, and at the same time, preserve the goals from the past.
  2. I am thinking for login and sharing?
  3. Good day folks, I was wondering if in the future, we may consider integrating social media MeWe and Parler into IPS core? Thanks!
  4. Hello folks, this seems like such a basic function, I am using 4.5.4 and I was wondering is there anything I can do so that when a member clicks on a topic, they are taken to the first unread post since their last visit? Or is there an inline button somewhere that can be added inside of each post perhaps at the bottom of the post reading panel so when it's clicked on it shoots you to the first unread post? Thank you!
  5. Well I take it back, our login is working now, but we cannot promote or share to Twitter. Contacted CS, I'll report back a fix if one is provided.
  6. @Jamer. My Twitter everything is working now. I had to go into the old link https://apps.twitter.com/ and delete my apps, then reapply for a developer account, the apps.twitter is no longer being used by twitter, once you delete your apps, and try to create a new app, you'll be prompted to apply for a developer account. The new developer accounts are now at https://developer.twitter.com/en/apps Once you create your apps in the developer account, you should be fine. My issue was the old apps.twitter was not accepting the call back url provided in my ACP for Twitter login method. This may have to be updated in the user manual at Hope this helps
  7. Not sure if it's related but my twitter login stopped working too, I have followed the Invision instructions to the tee, but Twitter does not accept the call back url.
  8. Dear folks, is there a way to hide a donation goal? At this point, if I have a campaign, and the campaign is terminated, like our annual Christmas fund raiser, I want to hide the goal and use it again next year. Because I have a standard donation goal that is up all year long to help fund our forum community. I don't like how at this point, I see both donation goals. I'd like to hide one. Thanks for any help John
  9. Thanks guys. As far as I can tell it doesn't work on our community, I'll submit a ticket. Thanks all!
  10. Yes I found that Daniel, it is located in Post Settings, as far as I know though, while IP will serve the images from local server, the remote images are not actually downloaded and served, so if the remote image is deleted at the originating source, the image will be missing in the post or topic as well. With Mike John's application, the remote images are downloaded to the server, so that if the images are deleted at the source, they will still exist in the post or topic. I do not think IP core has that ability does it?
  11. Thank you Daniel, I cannot seem to find where this is? I searched it within the ACP and came up with Post Settings for allow remote images, but beyond that I am unable to see where I can set to store remote images. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  12. Good day folks, can anyone tell me if IP yes has the ability to store remote images? I am currently using Mike John's wonderful application: I do believe though that Mike may not be planning on continuing the version up on this. I was not sure if IP had the capacity to do this in core. Thanks for any feedback. John
  13. Good day Mike, is this application compatible with IP 4.4.x ? At this point rebuild does not seem to function on my 4.4 site. I know your version clearly states up to 4.3, but I was hoping perhaps it is also compatible with 4.4. Thanks Mike!
  14. Sorry I missed this answer batarjal, my notifications aren't coming through. I will send you a test link test account asap, thanks for reaching back out to me!
  15. Good day, does this app work anymore? I purchased it May and had good luck with it on our test site, I revisited the app as I am ready to go live with it, and it no longer works. It does not recognize any book, I have Goodreads API enabled, I had Google Books API enabled until I read the report above and I removed the API for Google but still no luck. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  16. JohnCourt

    Member Map

    Holy Cow!!!!! Awesome Martin!!!!!! Where do we donate?
  17. JohnCourt

    Member Map

    Martin, that is an awesome idea, that could work, what will it take? If there is funding involved, and if I can pay the bill, I'd like it released out to the community to go with your already free mapping app, in the spirit of Open Source. Thanks for your reply Martin.
  18. JohnCourt

    Member Map

    Dear dev, would you consider adding geolocation functions for articles? Such as an article about a town in France, is geolocated on a map, and the article title is represented by a pinpoint, when the pin is clicked on, a small box with a an article preview appears, then the user clicks on the box and is taken to the article. This could be in addition to your already awesome mapping function, and would probably have to be a paid feature as I can only imagine the dev that would have to go into that. Here is an example in our wiki that I am speaking of, click on a pin, and click on the name. https://thepatriotwoodwiki.org/Geolocated+Research+Projects
  19. Good day folks, I have been reading through the IPS manuals looking for an explanation of Reputations, Reactions, and Ratings. I am trying to figure out what actions give reputation points to a member? Is it the Reactions (like, sad, confused, happy, thanks) that give reputation points or is it the Topic rating stars? Thanks for any help.
  20. Experiencing this error in our community as well, next time it happens I'll get a screen shot and submit a ticket, it's is sporadic though so hard to catch. I do however see in my error logs this happening and it's been reported by our members. Screen shot of error log below.
  21. Genius, why did I not think of that!
  22. @A Zayed and @ehren., thank you for working with me on this, appreciate it much! Ehren, as well, always top notch service with your themes, I can't thank you enough. Cheers gents!
  23. I have members with sight challenges that like to use .odt on their desktops so they can compose in a format they can deal with visually, then copy paste the doc to our forum, then they have to manually trick it to look good. I would love to see this happen too, great suggestion!
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