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  1. Matt's post in \IPS\Helpers\Form\Item - topic list and sorting shenanigans was marked as the answer   
    I've filed a bug report (5226) for this, thanks!
  2. Matt's post in Referrals and guest cache was marked as the answer   
    I've filed a bug report (5225) to check into this, thanks!
  3. Matt's post in IPS does not send Customer Name in Stripe transaction? was marked as the answer   
    That's a bug. Can you please submit a ticket so we can get that fixed? Thanks!
  4. Matt's post in MIME Type was marked as the answer   
    How are you building this page? Are you using the uploader to upload the video files?

    If so, check: ACP > Settings > Posting > General to make sure "Allowed File Types" is set correctly.

    If you are using Pages, check the custom field has "Upload Type" set correctly.
  5. Matt's post in Error upgrading to version 4.5 was marked as the answer   
    If you haven't already, start a support ticket and we'll take a look for you.
  6. Matt's post in ActiveRecord was marked as the answer   
    Yeah, although it would mean a lot of changes and potential bugs at this stage.
  7. Matt's post in \IPS\Helpers\Table\Custom was marked as the answer   
    Fixed in 4.1.5
  8. Matt's post in MAJOR Suggestion: reddit style . was marked as the answer   
    Or bypass the whole thing and use your Facebook or Twitter account as authentication. :)

    IPS 4 is having a major user interface revamp though to clean up a lot of these areas.
  9. Matt's post in Post Edit History - REALLY NEED THIS was marked as the answer   
    I think this is a very popular feature request and one that we should be able to accommodate in a future update. It's too late for 3.4.0 but I'll keep this in mind for 4.0.
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