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Hump Day: Improved search bar UI

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Happy Hump Day.

Identifying what members are frequently searching for is an important job for community managers. Built directly into the statistics panel of your ACP is a section that includes the most-searched-for keywords. Understanding what people search for helps you:

  • Improve upon those items
  • Create more content around the term(s)
  • Provide further clarity for people who search for the word or phrase in the future

Because of the importance of search, we made some major improvements!

You may have noticed Invision Community introduced an update to our Search Bar user interface. @AlexJ certainly did 😜.

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Previously, the search bar was smaller in size and included different options that could be confusing at first glance.

We've simplified the search experience. Should the user want to drill in further, they have that option on the search results page:

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Go ahead and give our new search UI a test drive. Feel free to share your findings / thoughts in the comments. 😃 🔍 


As always, here's a list of updates and fixes made to the platform in the last seven days.

4.7.1 Beta 2 is out now. Release notes here.


- Fixed a missing language string on the stats overview page.
- Fixed an issue where viewing a purchase which was activated via the interface/licenses gateway could cause an error.
- Fixed an issue where the Admin CP Forum reordering breaks when viewing subforums.
- Fixed an issue with `\IPS\File\Exception` when using PHP 8+.
- Fixed an issue where the meta live editor wouldn't save the changes on pages with very long URL.
- Fixed an issue where social logins may fail inside externally embedded blocks.
- Added a new webhook which is fired when a member registration is completed.
- Fixed an issue where the `member_edited` webhook would be called too often.
- Fixed a performance issue on AdminCP request view, by removing the title from the next/previous request links in the AdminCP.
- Added subscriptions to fraud rule filters.
- Fixed an issue where plugin index.html files may get included as CSS causing a browser rendering issue.
- Fixed an issue where a large number of profile field options can break the page layout on the member stats overview page.
- Fixed an issue where members following an item may not be following the remaining item after a merge.
- Fixed an issue where the default forum views may not be used for guests.

See you in the comments. 


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I like the new search bar, however there is a small issue with it.  It will default to searching whichever app is set as default rather than starting with everywhere.  I first noticed this when I updated to 4.7.1 as I have my default app set as Pages because my home page is a Pages page and the search was defaulting to Pages.  Now, I'm not currently using Pages for anything other than my home page, so anyone who does not notice this change and tries to search for something that is anywhere but on a Pages page, they will get a 'Not Found' message.

I had to install @Adriano Faria remove pages from search app to allow people to search the site.

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@Jordan Miller thanks for this very useful implementation!

This modification is very convenient and useful, especially because it allows you, if you want to search ONLY in the section you are in, not to have to select it from the advanced search.
There is only one thing I do not understand, such as email this option (to search ONLY in the topic or in the section where you are and then, everywhere) was only implemented for the desktop version and not for those who surf with smartphones ??
In practice, those who use the smartphone and are in a certain section always have to look for what interests you everywhere? It's strange don't you think?

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I love the new search bar however I find myself constantly searching for something and getting zero results only to find out that I was searching the current topic when I wanted to search the entire site. 

What happens constantly: I'm reading a question about XYZ. I want to search the forum for XYZ to see if there are existing topics on that subject to help that member, and I get results only from the current topic. I know I should click and choose "Everywhere" each time, but I always forget, and it takes a bit of time to change it. 

I wish there was a way to make it default to "Everywhere". 

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