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  1. Hello @Pete T, Would it be possible to add an option to hide from specific devices (introduced in 4.4 release)? BTW. The same in General Statistics.
  2. Not to be pushy, but... Is there any chance to have the option in the stock?
    Looks great! Is the theme compatible with changes included in 4.4.4?
  3. @Adriano Faria I have issues with last post dates displayed on the forum/subforum index. After changing last posts dates, topics are bumped, but still old dates are displayed on the index view and clicking takes to a completely different old post. The dates get "updated" on index after merging some other post into those topics. But after splitting, topics are no longer bumped... Is this suppose to be normal?
  4. Is there a non-invasive way to modify the settings?
  5. @Adriano Faria I'm interested in purchasing this plugin. Currently I'm on 4.3.6, but soon I will upgrade to 4.4.1. Will the plugin be supported on 4.4?
  6. Hi, Please consider adding a simple admin option to choose the default Code syntax highlighting. HTML being preselected just doesn't fit to many communities and it is so unhandy to select manually something different each time the Code is inserted. Also, users are submitting content fast without even bothering to change the syntax from the menu and I have a lot of work to edit their posts. Related topics here and here.
  7. Yes, I really hope that a simple CSS solution (like in Xenforo) will be introduced without the need to alter the template.
  8. Please consider the CSS based solution for 4.4.
  9. I believe this topic fits the reported issue as well. I did not create a support ticket again, because I don't know if the ticket will be handled (bad experience with the previous ticket).
  10. I'm using a skin from Ehren and I was told to report remaining issues. In IPB 4.3.5 there are still some affected areas like: Banned page - Warning reason totally unreadeable: My Attachment page:
  11. In IPB4 it is no longer possible to select a first post and for example merge it with any other post in the same topic. There are various usage cases when "Merge member's concurrent posts" is not an option and a manual control is needed. Reported also in the support forum here.
  12. Thanks for the answer. I created a ticked (Request ID 873179) and provided a more detailed info about charset/collations. But I like to pinpoint: - Few already existing topics previously opened without "Driver error". Forum software did not complain about these already posted URLs before... - The problem is that I can't control what kind of links / from where / how users are pasting (there is always a chance to have a strange character in URL), but the whole topic or editing capability can be locked due to a single character in a particular link ...
  13. I can't edit the above post anymore. I mistyped. I have Mysql 5.6.14.
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