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  1. Hi, There is a plugin from @Adriano Faria but not yet updated for 4.6:
  2. Well, I can tell you guys that I had no good encounter with the support as well in the context of a similar problem: uploading a SVG favicon from ACP created no *.svg extension and on a strict server environment like mine (not allowing files with no extension) that was a deal breaker. I was persistent enough that they finally fixed that in 4.4.10. Now the same story with *.webp...
  3. To avoid such huge distance on larger screens I just set all my themes to Fluid width. At least the button is "closer" to the posts body. EDIT: I edited my post. I misunderstood that you like to move the "+" button, but you like to move the already selected posts button at the bottom.
  4. @Nathan Explosion Thanks so much for all the effort! Yeah, I want to use "No Syntax Highlighting" as the default setting.
  5. So... after two years no input? Nobody has the same issue as me?
  6. I'm flabbergasted. From a user perspective, I've been on many forums using different editors (eg. Redactor) and frankly speaking I see no significant difference! I've encountered various bugs/inconveniences on all of them and no editor stood up for me. So I vote to keep CKEditor but upgrade it to version 5 in later IPS build.
  7. I have a different issue. I'm worring about: Do you mean the global Reputation system? I have Reputation totally disabled and I'm not gonna to enable it for the sake of badges.
  8. Yes, can we please get an option to configure the default selection? The current behaviour is so annoying. Every single time I have to change "Everywhere" to a specific forum or other section I'm currently in. I do that in every IPS based forum including here and I get just exhausted.
  9. Yeah, it took me some time to realise that too. I can say that I'm not really happy with the current system of choosing the image.
  10. I know that the new request looks "different", but to be frank I see no difference from the logical point of view. I see that you need some kind of "sticky/featured" post(s) in any available means.
  11. I believe the request is a reincarnation of:
  12. It depends how you insert images in post. That will work only for attachments. Images pasted from URLs won't be taken. EDIT: For more control, there is a plugin:
  13. @kmk I use the following code in custom.css: /* Allow forum names in grid view to wrap */ .ipsApp .cForumGrid__title{ white-space: normal; }
  14. Bugs are reported via Support tickets created from Client Area. Public bug tracker is no longer available.
  15. Yes, I also suggested that long time ago:
  16. In my personal opinion that is rather for a third party plugin.
  17. vs. You can load many links in one note. You can then easily edit the note to add more than "10" or reduce the links amount.
  18. Well, I still don't get what is wrong with a public Staff Note in this context. You stick only one note with "10 questions" linked to replies, the note is visible on top on all pages. Am I missing something?
  19. For such "FAQ", I would just use already existing public Staff Notes with simple links to "useful posts".
  20. I see in the release notes that the issue will be fixed in 4.5: Fixed an issue where signature options would still show when ignoring users even with signatures disabled. Thanks a lot!
  21. You have a configuration in Account Settings:
  22. I see some of you like to have some formatting "stripped" or "limited" in the editor. I think the functionality is rather for a third-party plugin.
  23. I personally see no generic solution fitting all communities, of course except of disabling the Rich Text pasting globally or letting the users remove the formatting manually. There are a lot of scenarios when pasted text in a different color than the default color should be retained and turning the color automatically to match the default color will be unwelcome. There are also other "issues". For example, copying a text from Google Chrome automatically preserves a background. So after swapping a theme (light>dark) you will see something like:
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